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Chapter 18

It was like a bolt of lightning, shocking the people awake. Yes, they can still move, still lift a sword. If those wolves want to eat us, they will have to receive some broken teeth! A strong will to live rose within them and they energetically waved the weapons in their hands. 
    Another group of wolves were felled as they stared in confusion. This group of people was clearly heavily wounded, yet they were still so desperately clutching at life. 
    Lu Shiqian looked at the endless waves of wolves and knew that if this continued, they would all definitely die. Is there a solution? Hurry up and think of one, brain! 
    Forest Devil Wolves are afraid of fire! Fire!
    That’s right! Ever since Wan Feng sent out that wall of fire, the wolves have been too scared to approach him.
    Then should she cast fire magic?
    She is only an apprentice mage, capable of using only Small Fireball!
    Fu** it!
    Lu Shiqian cast Small Fireball and a fireball that was only the size of her thumbnail appeared. No wonder why it’s called small fireball.
    The fireball lightly burned a wolves’ fur, making it even fiercer. 
    The Lu family soldiers looked at this little fireball and were speechless: Eldest Young Miss, this is the moment that determines our life or death! Please don’t use something like that to decide it!
    “Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh,” another three Small Fireballs were launched. The spell is very short so it can be launched in an instant. 
    A few wolves felt fire on their fur and were taken aback. But once they found out it was just a tiny fireball, they were enraged. 
    No words came to Wan Feng seeing that pitiful scene. This kind of low-level spell just can’t be brought onto the table!     
    While everyone despaired, a glaring light drew their attention to the skies. Thousands of small fireballs descended from the night sky like a rain of fire, dazzling and brilliant!
    The wolves stared so hard their eyes went blind. They couldn’t figure out where all these fireballs came from. They only knew that if they didn’t avoid it, they would soon be a roasted wolf!
    All mayhem ensued in the pack of wolves: running and colliding without any of semblance of the previous order. The rain of fire fell and burned countless little holes here and there on them.
    The people were stunned, they couldn’t believe their eyes. What is that thing that keeps falling and falling in front of me? Are those really all Small Fireballs? 
    One Small Fireball may be really weak, but accumulating them makes it really powerful! This is her, Lu Shiqian’s, Small Fireball spell! 
    Wan Feng was dumbfounded. The spell in front of him is clearly Small Fireball, but this effect can even compare to the Fire Rain spell his teacher had mentioned to him! Heavens, that mutation! She is clearly an apprentice mage, yet she actually has that much magic power?! How much has she released by now? She still hasn’t shown any signs of fatigue!
    Lu Shiqian was very satisfied with the results. Having magic is just heaven-defying. Chant a spell once, and watch as hundreds form. Her guess was actually right: if she can also cast Fire Wall, how cool would it be? Unfortunately, she can only use these few apprentice-rank spells, ay.
    Lu Shiqian took a few steps forward; the wolves took dozens of steps backwards. 
    This person is way too terrifying! She’s like a devil from hell! The wolves all stared at her warily, eyes filled with fear. 
    Lu Shiqian casually walked another few steps forward; the wolves frantically retreated.
    “Ao…” a shout suddenly came from afar.
    The previously retreating wolves abruptly stopped and awkwardly began howling.
    Thousands of wolves howled in unison, a wondrous spectacle.
    After they finished, the wolves bowed their heads as if they were waiting for something to come.
    At this moment, a silver-haired and blue-eyed wolf with a lightning-shaped mark on its forehead appeared. It was taller than the other wolves by half a head; visibly stronger and more powerful! His appearance made the surrounding wolves all bow low and howl in praise. The wolf arrogantly stared at those 60 or so people, as if they were lower than the dust at his feet, completely undeserving of his gaze.
    Everyone sucked in a breath, especially Wan Feng, whose eyes bulged out as he stared at the wolf in front of him.
    “Wolf King, this is actually a five-star grade Wolf King!”
    As previously mentioned, a good quality beast is only one-in-a-thousand. Any magic beasts above one-star grade are extremely rare, two-star grade even rarer. But at this moment, there are thousands of one-star grade Forest Devil Wolves gathered here. Even a soul-shaking five-star grade Wolf King has appeared!
    Two-star grade and above magic beasts usually have some kind of special ability. The higher the star grade, the more abilities it has, and the stronger it is! Star grade magic beasts are adored by the heavens, the amount of magic power stored within it heaven-defying!
    This five-star grade Wolf King contemptuously stared at Lu Shiqian. She was just a three-legged cat! Even though I don’t know where she got all those fireballs from, her level is— no doubt— quite low! Hmph, humans were originally a species of sly creatures. 
    Even though humans can tame magic beasts and turn them into their own, but there is not a single magic beast willing to let a human contract with them! They all love freedom, and that being the case, which beast would willingly slave away for humanity? Humans are selfish, cruel, and hypocrites. Even their contracts are master and servant relationships and incredibly unfair. When the master dies, the magic beast will also die. But when the magic beast dies, the master will only be slightly weakened.
    The Wolf King had personally met these kinds of humans before. They killed his subjects, dug out their cores, and even kidnapped their children! How hateful!
    Especially this person! Look at what she’s done to my people! See the way she burned the proud coat of fur on my subjects? Unforgivable! 
    Lu Shiqian was also studying this Wolf King. It, is it really a wolf? It’s so beautiful! If this wolf were to travel to her world, how many girls would swoon over it? However, what is wrong with its eyes? Why is it staring at us with such hate and disdain?
    Lu Shiqian was speechless. She had been despised by a lot of people and is used to it, but even a wolf is staring at her in disdain now! How should she feel about this? 
    The Wolf King decided to fight ‘til the bitter end. It snorted and its fur bristled, standing up like little thorns. Its front claws ripped into the ground and lightning emanated from its body as it shot towards Lu Shiqian! 
    Lu Shiqian hurriedly bent her body and dodged the attack. The lightning continued forward until it struck a tree, destroying most of it. That power sure is amazing.

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