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Chapter 19

Wan Feng and the others’ eyes popped out of their sockets. This five-star grade wolf sure deserves its reputation!
    In an instant, the Wolf King flicked its claws and a few wind blades sliced over.
    “It actually has two attributes!” Wan Feng exclaimed in amazement.
    Like humans, magic beasts that have dual or triple elements are rare and even more precious! Their growth potential is also higher! Even the lowest-ranked magic beast with dual elements has sky-high prices.

    Lu Shiqian didn’t miss a beat and dodged, barely scraping by.
    Looking at this beautiful and powerful wolf, she had a desire to contract with it. But to do so, she will need to demonstrate her strength. Lu Shiqian came to a decision, a decision that made the Silver Blue team and Lu family soldiers’ eyes bulge out. 
    With light and flexible steps, she suddenly leapt up and landed onto the back of the Wolf King.
    God! This is a five-star grade Wolf King!
    But she had her own plans. If she hadn’t taken drastic measures and stayed on the ground, the Wolf King would’ve just continuously barraged her with attacks.
    The Wolf King was also stunned: it didn’t think she would be so daring. But it soon became furious, jumping up and down and shaking crazily to dislodge her. Its pride cannot be tainted! It must smash this puny little human to death!
    Everyone nervously watched Lu Shiqian, secretly cheering her on. If… but that hope was too small. If she fails, they readied themselves to fight to the death with these wolves! You must absolutely never interrupt someone while they are taming a beast, this is common sense!
    Lu Shiqian tightly clenched onto the Wolf King’s fur in a death grip. No matter how the Wolf King roughed and tumbled, she stuck on like 520 glue to its body.
    A battle between a young girl and a five-star Wolf King: if news of this battle spread, it would definitely be composed into epics and spread far and wide. Her long hair fluttered, drawing long and sharp arcs in the air. At this moment, everyone was shocked.
    So this is the Eldest Young Miss? If they had not seen it with their own eyes, who would believe this is the infamous young miss that is scorned and berated by thousands of people? Who would believe that she is the young miss that is shamed by thousands?
    One person and one wolf fought for over an hour. The wolves felt miffed, but they didn’t dare intervene. So this contest between man and beast was witnessed by a group of wolves and people.
    The Wolf King gradually tired out. Even though it is incredibly strong and flexible, it still couldn’t throw Lu Shiqian off. Instead, every time he jerked his body, silvery-white hair would be torn off in bunches making him want to cry.
    On the other hand, Lu Shiqian was also quite uncomfortable. Taming a horse can’t be compared to taming a wolf. Her bones were going to all be shattered; her palm was covered in blood, yet she refused to give up. As soon as she let go, she and all the other people would turn into the wolves’ dinner. She deeply understands this truth! At the same time, she also felt the Wolf King’s strength waning, and estimated that it’s time to tame it!
    Lu Shiqian took out the dagger Lu Xianghui had given her and pressed it against the wolf’s neck: “Submit or die!”
    She knew from the wolf’s eyes that it was very intelligent and should understand her words. If the Wolf King refuses to surrender, she would not hesitate to kill it. Even if she likes it, she can’t exactly give her enemies a chance to fight back!
    The Wolf King had experienced the persistence of this person on its back and he didn’t think she was bluffing when she threatened him. He decided to surrender. The rule of the jungle is like this: the winner is the king!
    It lowered its proud head and whimpered a few times. 




    Lu Shiqian struck the iron while it was hot and placed her hand on the Wolf King’s forehead. Magic immediately poured into the wolf’s mind; it didn’t put up any resistance.
    An intricate purple-colored array appeared at the feet of man and beast. Soon, a six-star pattern flashed beneath the wolf’s feet. It actually ranked up!
    This is the power of the “Contract Book:” both sides will receive benefits from the contract. The stronger the contractor’s strength, the more strength both sides will obtain. This is also the reason why Lu Shiqian can’t contract with magic beasts below five stars. The powerful force would make the contracted beast explode and die!
    The five-star— no, six-star— Wolf King had not recovered enough from the shock yet. It could clearly feel its body pulsing with newfound strength. Magic beasts are born with magic power, but raising it is very difficult. It had reached five stars five years ago, yet there were no signs of breaking through to six stars. But in the moment he contracted with his master, he had jumped straight to the middle of the sixth level! Woah! This time’s profits were huge! If I knew earlier, then scrap the fighting, let’s just get straight to the contract!
    Lu Shiqian also gained quite a bit of magic power. Even though it was barely a pebble to her magic sea, she was still happy. First, she had learned that the contract method to advance in rank works. Second, she finally has a magic beast! It was even the beautiful and lofty Wolf King!
    “Master!” A voice filled with joy and excitement sounded in her mind. She looked at the wolf who was staring at her with anticipation.
    “Eh? You can speak?” She was a bit surprised.
    “No, but after forming the contract, I can communicate with you, my master.” 
    Oh! Be strong! Be calm!
    “Master, this contract is amazing!” The Wolf King was still thrilled.
    “Yeah, it’s a bit better than regular contracts.” Lu Shiqian was modest and only said it was “a bit better.”
    “Master, it was my good fortune to meet you.” The Wolf King kept calling her “Master” until his mouth pretty much fell off. 
    Hmm, there seemed to be a wolf that wanted to peel off her skin and rip out her guts just moments ago. 
    Sensing its master’s thoughts, if its face could turn red, it would definitely be completely red right now. “At that time, I didn’t know there were so many benefits from contracting with Master!”
    Lu Shiqian was speechless, so that was the reason!
    The spectators were all flabbergasted by this scene. They stared intently at the strange scene unfolding in front of them: one wolf and one human gazed at each other, as if silently communicating! 
    Lu Shiqian patted the Wolf King’s head: “Let’s go greet the rest, shall we?” She had noticed that everyone’s expressions were rather weird.

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