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Chapter 20

The Wolf King nodded its head, “Master, my name is Yin.”
    “I’m called Lu Shiqian.”
    “Lu Shiqian?” Yin looked at his master, his eyes a bit weird.
    Lu Shiqian suddenly felt cold: could her bad reputation have spread to even magic beasts?
    “I had attacked a small adventure team with my subordinates once, and they had mentioned you, master…” he gave another few strange glances at Lu Shiqian.




    Even someone with pudding for a brain would understand. It definitely wasn’t something good.
    Lu Shiqian didn’t want to linger on this topic and led Yin over to greet everyone.
    Of course, this new addition to the party obviously held high status in the group. Seeing everyone’s shocked expressions, Lu Shiqian was helpless. 
    “Wah! A five-star Wolf King!”
    “It’s six-stars now!”
    “Didn’t think it would be so powerful and beautiful!”
    “It would be great if I also had one!”
    “You… don’t even think about it!”
    Yin proudly accepted the praises the men lavished upon him. He flashed and flashed again his shiny and gleaming fur.
    “Congratulations,” Wan Feng congratulated the victorious Lu Shiqian. Her performance completely stunned him. Wasn’t this exactly the kind of fearless spirit he had always been chasing? 
    “Thank you,” Lu Shiqian replied.
    The calm Lu Shiqian looked at the faraway sky. Her courage from the other world had returned to her; the freedom that she didn’t have had also been gained.
    For the first time, Lu Shiqian felt connected to this strange new world. 
    It sure is rich and colorful tonight!
    A group of wolves and a group of humans passed through a peaceful night.
    The next morning, Lu Shiqian told Yin she was returning to her old house and volunteered to escort her. He divided his subordinates into two teams, guarding the right and left flanks of the Lu family soldiers dutifully. Wolf and man, those two who were enemies just yesterday night became comrades in life and death today. 
    Big Head never thought he would receive special treatment like this; no one thought of it! Being escorted by wolves was such a magical thing. It was even more exciting than being promoted to nobility! Today, a group of one-star wolves protected me. This kind of honor had only happened in ancient legends, their descendants boasting: when my father was young, he was escorted by thousands of wolves! They knew the one who made all this possible was none other than their young miss— Lu Shiqian!
    The wolves sent the group to the edge of the forest. Yin howled in salute and all the other wolves followed in suit. The howls this time were different: it was more like a farewell. They were long and short, tinged with some sadness at parting. At this moment, the wolves had become sentimental creatures, looking nothing like the Forest Devil Wolves everyone fears!
    Yin barked, and the other wolves backed off. 
    Wan Feng led his party and walked out. He knelt with one knee on the ground: “Thank you Young Miss for saving us this time around. I, Wan Feng, am forever grateful for your assistance.” He took out a delicate crystal card and handed it to Lu Shiqian. “If Miss is in trouble, I will definitely help!”





    Wan Feng had just taken the card out when Big Head’s eyes brightened. He had some knowledge of the world and knew of the card’s extraordinary background. The other members of the Silver Blue team were also astonished. Their leader’s origin was very mysterious; they had never known he had such a valuable thing. 
    This was a purple crystal. In this world, purple signifies the right to status. On this crystal in particular, the carvings were also intricate and very beautiful.
    Lu Shiqian naturally noticed the others’ expressions but remained calm. She will just accept this card as a heartfelt gift and nothing more. 
    “I also have a shameless request: I hope that Miss will remember the name of my small Silver Blue adventurer team! One day, the name of the number one mercenary group on the Devil Dance continent will be this name!” Wan Feng firmly declared.
    The members of the Silver Blue team were not surprised at all. They believed in their leader, even if he is spouting some outrageous things.
    Wan Feng’s tone was not arrogant, but his words definitely were! Become the number one group of the Big Three on the continent, that’s not easy at all! But Lu Shiqian chose to believe him for no other reason than his unwavering confidence and shining eyes. 
    If a person isn’t confident, then there is no way he can succeed. Similarly, if a person doesn’t have a goal, he also won’t succeed. Confidence and a goal, even if he doesn’t succeed, he is worthy of respect for trying— because he had once struggled for it.
    “I will look forward to that day,” Lu Shiqian sincerely said.
    Wan Feng profoundly glanced at Lu Shiqian: he had to sear this peerless face into his memories. He didn’t want to leave her, but since she was so extraordinary, if he doesn’t have equal achievements, how could he stand by her side? It was time to go; he still had many things to do! He no longer looked back or wavered. His team drifted farther and farther away. He deeply engraved her name into his heart: Lu Shiqian.
    Sent away the wolf pack, sent away the adventurer team, Lu Shiqian finally sat down in the carriage. She waved her hand and signaled everyone to start moving.
    Yin also jumped into the carriage, he wanted some more heart-to-heart time with his new master.
    “Master, you are returning home? What is a home?”
    “Home is the haven of the heart, shielding you from wind and rain.” Lu Shiqian thought of her previous world and former friends. It seems like back then, she also didn’t have a home.
    Yin rested his head against Lu Shiqian’s leg: “I don’t understand. I only know that from today on, the place where my master is is my home!”
    With the Wolf King’s aura and smell, there were no more magic beast attacks. 
    Three days later, Lu Shiqian arrived at Anping Town of the West County.
    Anping Town is where the newest developments of the Lu family are made. The old ancestral home is also here. As the largest town in the West County, it could be considered flourishing. The citizens lived and worked in peace; the air had a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere. As a transportation hub, there was an endless stream of people every day bringing a sizeable profit to the town. 
    Thus, when Lu Shiqian and her group entered Anping, it did not raise a commotion. People had already gotten used to these occurrences.

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