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Chapter 21

After traveling a bit farther, they finally arrived at the entryway of the old Lu family home. 
    Sure enough, it was an old Lu family house. Momentous and pressuring, even though it couldn’t compare to the residence in the Imperial City, it was still one of the best in the West County.
    Big Head walked up and knocked on the door.
    Technically, their arrival time was decided upon so how come there was no welcoming party?
    Big Head knocked a few times, but the door remained closed.




    Are they being locked out of their own house? Lu Shiqian frowned and wondered.
    Big Head knocked a few more times, but still no one came to open the door. He was slightly annoyed: “Is anyone inside? The Eldest Young Miss has arrived, hurry up and open the door!”
    After shouting for a while, one person finally came and opened the door. Seeing Lu Shiqian, he said in disdain: “So the grass-bag Eldest Young Miss has arrived.”
    Hearing his words, the Lu family soldiers glared at him while Big Head grabbed his collar. “I dare you to repeat that again.”
    “You, you… let go!” That servant was the type to bully the weak and suck up to the strong. Seeing Big Head’s fierce expression, his face also rapidly changed.
    “Big Head, let go of him. Let him speak,” Lu Shiqian’s soft voice ordered; her tone slightly cold.
    “You were always a grass-bag! This is the lair where dragon lie and tigers crouch in wait, and I have the final say!” That servant had heard long ago that this young miss was easy to bully. He made up his mind to teach her a lesson today to make it easier for him to punch her around in the future!
    “Oh.” Lu Shiqian took a few steps forward. An invisible gust of wind made her clothes flutter and her face had on a fleeting smile, so beautiful it should be sinful. 
    She almost shocked the heart out of the servant.
    The Lu soldiers looked at their Eldest Young Miss with appreciation, thinking once again: she sure is beautiful!
    When the servant saw Lu Shiqian, his eyeballs almost grew straight. He had made a sly plan to pressure the young lady so that in the future, if he wants to do something, who would say he couldn’t? Even if he bullies this incompetent woman, what would she dare say? His attitude became more arrogant as he declared, “All of you here need to listen to me!” He waved his hand and twenty or so soldiers, surrounding Lu Shiqian and her group. He had taken time out daily to spend with these people, they could count as his nest of rats. 
    So this is the so-called “mean” bullying?
    Lu Shiqian coldly glared at the servant, who felt a chill through his body.
    “I myself hate the howling of an underdog the most, especially watchdogs that bark at their master!” Lu Shiqian stated. “Yin, I’m sure you also don’t like it, right?”
    Yin had since long ago been furious, after all, he was connected heart-to-heart with his master. That man dares to be impudent to his master; he definitely doesn’t want to live anymore!
    He leapt out of the carriage with a whoosh and bit that sinister servant. With a “kacha” sound, his wrist was snapped.
    That evil servant was so scared he peed his pants. He pointed at Lu Shiqian in horror and screamed: “Quickly tell this beast to let go of me! I… I’m warning you! I am personally acknowledged by the second lord…”
    “Yin, he’s threatening me. What am I going to do?” Lu Shiqian evilly laughed. 
    What else needs to be said? Yin immediately bit the neck of the servant, sending him off to the maker. 





    “Wolves are killing people, killing people!” Those twenty or thirty people immediately scattered, lest they have their necks snapped off by that wolf!
    The Lu family soldiers looked at the Eldest Young Miss’s ruthless killing and instead of fear, felt happy. Their master should be like this: capable and not afraid to get their hands stained! In fact, if their master was weak and soft-hearted, they would not be happy.
    Big Head harshly kicked the blood-stained body. Even if the young miss didn’t raise a hand, he definitely would have. He pushed open the door, bowed and welcomed, “Eldest Young Miss, if you please.”
    “Master, that person’s meat from just now wasn’t delicious at all! His blood was also stinky!” Yin regretfully said.
    “Alright, alright. I got it cheap and sold it cheaper still.” Lu Shiqian patted the wolf’s head, “Go in, this will be my home from now on!”
    She, Lu Shiqian, was never some good person. Towards these sinister servants, why waste words with them? Kill them!
    Lu Shiqian had returned to Anping Town for three days now. She had done a total of three things in these three days: one is reading over all the property deeds and accounting books regarding her residence in Anping. The second is arranging positions for those Lu family soldiers and servants; they are— after all— her loyal subjects. The third is finding old man Fu Bo, who was chased away by that wretched servant, to handle the servants.
    The Lu family is undoubtedly one of the best in Anping. Ever since the victorious homecoming of Lu Ningxiang, the entire West County had been the Lus! 
    However, they may be prosperous, but they also have a lot of expenses. The previous few generations knew nothing about handling money, and the family business became the biggest burden on the household. They couldn’t make ends meet; they even needed to pay out of their own pockets! 
    Lu Shiqian felt somewhat helpless. She was still considered something like a large property holder, but she was just the poor, local landlord! It turned out that before she came, that sinister servant would only get a few gold coins— at most!
    Also, yesterday, Lu Ningxiang had sent an urgent letter over. In the letter, she revealed that Lu Xianghui was seriously ill and she no longer time or resources to spare to Lu Shiqian. She said she hoped that Lu Shiqian will carry on the Lu family martial arts and become more self-reliant. 
    Oh? That cheeky little brat came up with the idea of faking an illness to avoid the Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun pair? Pretty good!
    However, the “self-reliance” written in the letter… doesn’t that mean they’re cutting off her financial support?
    Arriving at Anping, there were still many things she needed to do. You can’t play without money after all. 
    She is not afraid of suffering, but what about her subordinates? Even if they’re not afraid of hardship and continue to follow her… she decided that she will make them proud enough to stand tall in front of even kings and emperors. She will make those that laughed at them rip their hair out in envy.
    “Fu Bo, how much money is left in the treasury?” Lu Shiqian asked. 
    “Reporting to the Young Miss, there are less than a thousand gold coins left!” Fu Bo replied. This young lady opened his eyes during the past two days. She read through the accounting books quickly and had clear thought patterns. The problems the Lu residence was wrestling with for decades were quickly grasped by Lu Shiqian. Fu Bo was over 50 years old and had seen many different people. Even though, like the rumors had mentioned, she was incapable of martial arts, her intelligence far surpassed that of ordinary people! 

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