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Chapter 22

Lu Shiqian took out the 5,000 gold coins Zhang Jun had given her. She gave 2,000 to the old housekeeper, saying, “How long can these 2,000 gold coins sustain us for?”

               Fu Bo reported, “Three months.”

               “Okay, I will leave it to you then.” Three months should be enough time.

               “Eldest Young Miss, then three months later…?”

               Lu Shiqian gave a sly smile filled with confidence: “As for three months later, we’ll just sit here and wait for money to fall into our laps.”

               This assurance was probably something all transmigrators have.

               Enhanced intellect, business talent, this was right up her alley!

               She had already looked into it. Opening an inn in Anping cost around 200 gold coins, a restaurant around 100 gold coins. Since Anping Town is a commercial city, many people come and go, creating many business opportunities! In addition, as the owner-in-name of the West County, Lu Shiqian naturally has a right to the land. Land is gold! Lend a part of the land to farmers, collecting a fee every 6 months, and lend another part to merchants, collecting a fee every month…

               Since she said she’ll do it, she’ll do it! Early the next morning, she went to the inns and restaurants in the city with Yin and Big Head in tow.

               Yin was proud and mighty, surprising the townspeople. But when people saw this big wolf obediently follow behind an unmatched beauty, their curiosity was piqued and intrigued glances were thrown their way. Anyways, the selection of the store was simple enough. Alright, even if the person disagreed, with the threat of Yin’s low rumble, they could not help but agree.

               Lu Shiqian decided to temporarily open 3 inns and 5 restaurants.

               The name of the inn will be Yuelai. Haha, this inn name that had appeared in multiple wuxia novels has now appeared on the Devil Dance continent!

               The name of the restaurant will be the Chinese Restaurant. They will cook authentic Chinese food, a never-seen before rarity, guaranteeing that you won’t ever forget the taste once you try it! This is mostly because Lu Shiqian has always been a good cook.

               Soon, the inns and restaurants were opened. Yuelai Inn became famous for their outstanding service, good attitude, and clean beds. The Chinese Restaurant became famous throughout Anping Town for their special dishes and delicious food. The inns and restaurants advertised for each other: those that stayed at the inn would eat at the Chinese Restaurant, vice-versa.

               The business was better than Lu Shiqian expected. The inn and restaurant netted a sizeable profit in less than a month, and she no longer had to worry about money.

               She also opened a pawn shop, buying rare things and then selling them. Merchants like to sell their wares out quickly so both sides are happy. This is the first pawn shop on the Devil Dance continent. No one had ever opened one before, so on the day it opened many people came to check it out. Some came to sell while others bought.

               As a result, Anping Town became even more prosperous.

               Another month passed, and Lu Shiqian was practicing the Heavenly-Swinging sword style with Xing Chen. She sparred during the day with Yin in order to have better cooperation and didn’t forget to urge the family soldiers to practice diligently. She introduced soccer to them, so the young men could experience the blood-pumping time of youth. She occasionally managed the stores and counted the money earned.

               Today, Fu Bo was so happy wrinkles appeared all over his face. When he saw Lu Shiqian, he handed her a card.

               “What is this?” Lu Shiqian asked. The card was crystal-clear and had a unique feeling in her hand.

               “This is a Magic Crystal Card,” the old housekeeper said full of smiles, “Young Miss sure is amazing. You’ve only been here for two months, yet you’ve already received a Magic Crystal Card.”

               It turned out that this card was an extremely popular transaction card among big businessmen. It was similar to a credit card, and was only given to merchants who had more than 100,000 gold coins.

               “Quick, quickly press your finger on this spot.” Fu Bo pointed to a small circle in the lower right corner. He really admired this Young Miss now.

               Lu Shiqian saw Fu Bo’s happy expression and could not bear to refuse. She pressed her right thumb on the small circle and there was a flash of pink light. The Magic Crystal Card recorded her fingerprint so even if the card is stolen, the gold coins still can’t be taken out.

               With money, you can rest easy and without worry.

               “Fu Bo, there was something I wanted to ask you.” During the past few weeks, Lu Shiqian had walked through the entire old family house and found a door that wouldn’t be opened with any key she had. She felt it was a little weird.

               “Eldest Young Miss, please say.”

               “In the North Courtyard, there’s a room on the fourth floor I can’t open. Why?”

               Fu Bo’s face changed into a weird color. “Report to Young Miss, that room hasn’t been opened for 500 years.”

               “…Why?” Lu Shiqian curiously asked.

               “This was the order of the first generation of the Lu family,” Fu Bo truthfully admitted.

               The first generation of the family, Lu Wushuang, was a legendary figure. It is said that he had done a lot for the rising Qin Empire and established the Lu family as the top in the country.

               As a descendant of Lu Wushuang, Lu Shiqian knew a bit more about him. That man used to be a ninth rank practicioner— a Martial Saint!

               Saint! How many people have dreamed of reaching this rank? At that level, a person’s life can be extended indefinitely and will no longer age! Leaving behind the constraints of the mortal world, Martial Saint is legendary!

               Then, what did the Martial Saint Lu Wushuang leave behind in this room?

               This matter had strongly piqued Lu Shiqian’s curiousity!

               “Fu Bo, is there any way to open that door?” According to her intuition, Fu Bo must know something.

               As a matter of fact, Fu Bo does know a way to open the door. His family had loyally served the Lu family for many generations wholeheartedly. Thus, only he has the key to that door.

               Fu Bo is the 79th generation and has always been protecting this ancestral home like his ancestors had done.

               His ancestors had ordered, “If a direct descendant of the head returns to this house, then open that door!”

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