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Chapter 23

Unfortunately, in these past 500 years, no direct descendant had returned other than the young miss. 
    Now then, it is time to unravel the 500-year-long mystery! Fu Bo also wanted to know what was inside, what he and his ancestors had been guarding.
    Everything will be revealed tonight! Fu Bo made up his mind.
    The night was dark, no moon was in the sky, and the grass was filled with the chirps of crickets. 
    Lu Shiqian followed behind Fu Bo towards the fourth floor of the North Courtyard. This land was owned by the Lu family, and was uninhabited. The two walked on under the light of two dim lanterns with a feeling of apprehension. 
    This Lu powerhouse only stood on the world stage for a mere 30 years. In other words, he suddenly vanished without a trace at the age of 30! No one knows what happened to him, where he went, or why he left his beautiful wife, his young son, and his unparalleled status in the Qin Empire.  




    After he disappeared, his wife was also tight-lipped, claiming that he had died from a terrible illness. But a Martial Saint will get sick? Who will believe that?!
    But the world bought it because no one knew that he was a Martial Saint. The other reason is he indeed never appeared in this world again. 
    The disappearance of Lu Wushuang became the biggest knot in the Lu family’s heart and is also their greatest secret! In the 500 years after, no one has ever broken through the limits and reached the Martial Saint level. At most, they would go up to the seventh level! But a Seventh Rank Practitioner is already considered a master in this world. 
    And today, this greatest secret of the Lu family will be revealed to Lu Shiqian. Even she couldn’t help but feel excited.
    Fu Bo felt the sturdy stone door on the fourth floor, his emotions a mess. His trembling hands picked up the key and carefully inserted it into the keyhole. 
    This is a very strange lock. It stretched deep into the stone door, its structure extremely complicated.
    Lu Shiqian scrutinized the stone door. Even though it looked the same as the other doors, if you looked closely, you would see that its texture was finer and appeared stronger. Even more amazing is the fact that it has magic fluctuations, making it extremely stable! Lu Shiqian was certain: this stone door would probably be preserved even if it is hit by a great force. 
    The door that had not been opened for 500 years. Fu Bo couldn’t help but drop a big drop of sweat. He inserted the key into the keyhole, took out a knife and slit his index finger. The drop of blood fell on the keyhole, a dark light flashed, and Fu Bo’s face sank a bit. He carefully turned the key to the left three times and right four times.
    “Huff, huff.” The heavy stone door finally opened. 
    “Eldest Young Miss, please enter,” Fu Bo invited.
    “Let’s go in together,” Lu Shiqian said. The Fu family has guarded this secret for 500 years and she admired their loyalty. This secret, the old housekeeper had a right to know. 
    “No thank you. The ancestor said that only a direct descendant of the Lu family may enter.” Fu Bo wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He felt relieved: 500 years! If the Young Miss had not returned, then who knows how long the Fu family would have had to guard this secret? He looked at the Eldest Young Miss, feeling gratified. The Miss was the most suitable person to uncover this secret!
    Fu Bo stared at the finally-opened door complicatedly and slowly walked back down under the dim lights. 
    Lu Shiqian walked into this mysterious room. 
    The stone door silently closed behind her.
    With a bang, the room was lit up and everything was revealed. 




    Lu Shiqian did not expect this mysterious room to be like a study. A large desk was piled up with many documents. There was no trace of dust even after 500 years, as if the occupant had just left. There were six large bookshelves, many books placed on them. It seems like this room’s owner liked to study. 
    At first glance, this room appeared no different from a regular study. However, if you looked closely, you would see that the floor and walls were covered by mysterious arrays. She had no doubt that if she had forced her way in, these magic arrays would have activated. 
    She looked at the big desk and had a strange feeling. She walked over to the chair crafted with some magic beast’s pelt and sat down. 
    The moment she sat in the seat, all the lights in the room extinguished. 
    One person slowly emerged from the darkness, his body covered with a subtle light. 
    He looked about 30 years old, extremely handsome, facial features perfect. His eyebrows were like swords, and one look would reveal his determination and stubbornness. 
    “You have come, my child,” the young man said, “I am Lu Wushuang.”
    Lu Shiqian blinked a few times. So Lu Wushuang looks like this!
    “More accurately, I am an image left behind by Lu Wushuang,” the “person” said. 
    “Oh, so you aren’t the original ancestor,” Lu Shiqian said with disappointment. She had thought that this room hid an enormous secret, but it turned out to just be Lu Wushuang’s image. 
    “I may not be the original, but I can tell everything that you are thinking, child.” Lu Wushaung’s image smiled at Lu Shiqian, the feelings in his eyes very realistic. 
    “…” Real or not? Whatever the case, this image can actually hold a conversation with her! This is way too advanced! Not to mention, this image has been stored for over 500 years!
    “Child, since you have come here, you must have many questions, right?”
    Lu Shiqian nodded her head. She didn’t have fanatical reverence towards this ancient and powerful ancestor of hers. Therefore, she was surprised but could calm down quickly. 
    “I want to know what happened to you and where you went,” Lu Shiqian cut straight to the point. 
    Lu Wushaung’s image dropped his head slightly and asked, “How many years have passed according to Tian Calendar by now?”
    The Tian Calendar began in the year of the Daqin and has been used ever since the founding of the Qin Empire. 

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