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Chapter 24

“500 years in the Tian Calendar.
    “500 years have already passed…” There was a tinge of nostalgia in his voice.
    Afterwards, Lu Wushuang told Lu Shiqian everything that had happened. 
    Lu Wushuang was born into a small, aristocratic family. Unlike other children, from birth, he had an adventurous heart. Furthermore, he was also a natural talent at martial arts. With his brave heart, talent, and extremely good luck, he inevitably became a strong person. He happened upon a map at the age of 15, and according to the drawing, he crossed the Deceiving Sea and obtained a martial arts legacy on some small island. Since then, his strength soared and he quickly advanced from Rank Three Practitioner to Rank Six. He was only 19 then. Soon after, the country was thrown into turmoil and the impulsive young man wanted to obtain some meritorious deeds for himself. He followed Grand Emperor Qin, and after a little more than ten years, he rose from Wuzong to Grand Wuzong. 




    By this time, he and the Qin Emperor were like brothers and he had also married a beautiful wife. In the following year, all other countries surrendered and the Qin Empire became one of the three superpowers. And in this year, he broke through and became a Martial Saint. 
    It is reasonable to say that he was accomplished: he had a child, his martial arts had reached the peak, and he had no regrets in life. However, he was anxious, and that suspicion made him restless. 
    “I was too naïve! I thought that once I reached Martial Saint, I would be invincible; I didn’t know that the path of martial arts is endless! Reaching Martial Saint is merely the threshold, but ever since I reached that level, I was not motivated to advance my martial arts, no motivation to improve, and I was not happy,” Lu Wushuang said, “That continued until one day, several other Martial Saints found me. They were enemies sent by the Song Empire to kill me! Before that, I had even believed that I was the only Martial Saint in the world.”
    “Why would they want to kill you?” Lu Shiqian asked.
    Lu Wushuang smiled bitterly, “I had helped the Qin Empire establish their foundation, naturally making the Song Empire my enemy. Not to mention that I reached Martial Saint, of course they would send people to kill me. Martial Saints killing Martial Saints doesn’t exactly violate the rules.”
    “What rules?” Lu Shiqian questioned.
    “Martial Saints cannot raise a hand against those below their rank!” Lu Wushuang revealed. “I was seriously wounded, and I feared that I would be killed one day so I left behind this image as a warning for my descendants. Reaching Martial Saint isn’t the peak!”
    Looking at the image in front of her, even if it was just an image, she didn’t have the heart to tell it that in the past 500 years, no one had ever reached the Martial Saint level again. 
    “Then where are you right now?” Lu Shiqian asked the biggest mystery surrounding the whole thing. 
    Lu Wushuang’s face turned a bit weird, he said, “My current location is something I myself don’t know. Perhaps I am dead, and perhaps I am alive!”
    “…” Isn’t this the same as not saying anything?
    “Child, since you have come here, I will give you a gift! On the third bookshelf in the 75th book there is a drawing. Go take it out.” When Lu Wushuang spoke of the drawing, a surge of emotions seemed to rise within him. His expression was one of nostalgia, as if he were remembering something from long ago. When he looked at Lu Shiqian, his face seemed to contain expectation, “I have said all that needs to be said. Now, it is time for me to depart.”
    “Where are you going to go?” Lu Shiqian asked. Her question wasn’t directed towards Lu Wushuang but rather at this image. 
    The image stared deeply at Lu Shiqian and spoke with relief, “I am only going to the place I am supposed to be. Where I originated is naturally the place I will return to.”
    Lu Shiqian felt some sadness at this parting. Even though she knows that she is only staring at an image, it almost seems like it is a real person. So now that it’s saying that it’s leaving, it will be somewhat hard for her to accept. 




    “Then, thank you very much!” Lu Shiqian sincerely said. 
    The image lightly smiled at Lu Shiqian and disappeared, leaving behind small traces of light floating in the air.
    The lights in the room lit up.
    Lu Shiqian whispered to the place where the image disappeared, “Farewell.”
    She walked over to the third bookshelf, counted to the 75th book, and took out a book with no special features. She opened it.
    Suddenly, a fiery red figure appeared out of the book and without a word, began to attack Lu Shiqian. 
    What is that? Lu Shiqian pushed it away and Yin, sensing that its master was in danger, jumped out from the magic beast space in her body, growling at the strange creature. 
    The creature was a fox, a Fire Fox!
    Its fur was completely red, burning with flames; its eyes were even more beautiful than rubies. Two red tails danced up and down, its four little paws as white as snow. It was about 30 cm long, very small and cute. 
    However, do not be fooled by its harmless appearance.
    This fox is actually an 8 Starred magic beast!
    Even though he was facing a magic beast 2 stars higher than himself, Yin had no fear in his eyes. To him, his master’s safety is more important than anything else!
    Lu Shiqian did not expect something like this to appear from the book. The image also hadn’t said anything about a powerful magic beast!
    Once a magic beast reaches 5 stars, its lifespan will increase. Thus, it is not strange for it to survive in this study for more than 500 years. But hey, if things take a turn for the worse, she may end up buried here in this room. 
    The Fire Fox appeared tiny in front of Yin, but it is very powerful. It moved like lightning, and after a few round-trips, it made many bloody marks on Yin’s body. 
    Even though Yin was also very fast, his body was large and his movements were limited in this small study. After receiving numerous scratches from the Fire Fox, it finally got mad and spit out lightning, swiftly attacking the fox. 
    The Fire Fox was extremely clever. It curled up into a ball and avoided Yin’s sneak attacks. It then turned around and gave Yin another scratch.
    Lu Shiqian casted Elementary Healing on Yin and felt that the fox was quite strange. The Fire Fox was small, and it technically shouldn’t be able to cause much damage with its physical attacks. So why didn’t it use its fire attribute magic beast skills? 

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