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Chapter 25

With a bang, Yin’s wind blade knocked down a bookshelf, scattering the books all over the floor. It’s no wonder really. Yin’s wind blade has enough power to cut down a big tree, much less knock down a bookshelf. 
    The Fire Fox saw the bookshelf fall and let out a low growl, its two beautiful eyes filled with killing intent. It leaped violently, its small claws stretched out, and Yin couldn’t dodge in time. His neck was left with a deep, bloody gash. 
    With the falling of the bookshelf, Lu Shiqian suddenly understood why the Fire Fox wouldn’t use its fire magic. This little fox seems to hold deep affection for the master of this room, who had already disappeared long ago! 
    “Yin, come back.” Lu Shiqian pulled Yin back into the magic beast space, which is a good place to heal wounds, in a timely fashion.
    “Master, it’s too dangerous! Let me go out!” Yin worriedly called out. What would he do if something happened to his master?
    “Don’t worry, just stay inside and heal your wounds. He won’t hurt me,” Lu Shiqian soothed.




    Lu Wushuang’s image didn’t tell her that there was a Fire Fox protecting that drawing, thus, the only explanation is that the Fire Fox is not dangerous! At least for the Lu family.
    “You should be able to understand what I’m saying,” Lu Shiqian said softly.
    The Fire Fox screeched, its eyes letting out a dangerous light as if it was still angry at the collapse of the bookshelf. It leapt up, determined to teach this person who barged into its study a lesson! It charged towards Lu Shiqian.
    Lu Shiqian lifted her hand and blocked, deep cuts appeared and bright red blood flowed down.
    The Fire Fox sniffed the smell of blood in the air, and its anger suddenly disappeared completely. It jumped into Lu Shiqian’s arms and carefully licked her wounds.
    “Master, what’s wrong with it? It suddenly turned as docile as a small bird,” Yin confusedly asked.
    Lu Shiqian petted the fox’s head, smiled and responded, “It’s not only a small docile bird, it may also be your comrade in the future.”
     Yin recalled the fierce look on the Fire Fox and his voice shook as he said, “No way…”
    The blood that had been spilled probably made the Fire Fox remember Lu Wushuang. Lu Shiqian suddenly understood why the image didn’t tell her about it earlier: it’s not dangerous. The most dangerous thing that could’ve happened was being scratched by it, that’s all.
    “Are you willing to be one of my magic beasts?” Lu Shiqian asked. This little guy looked so pitiful, lonely, and afraid, causing her heart to tighten.
    The Fire Fox nodded its head. 
    The beautiful purple contract array glowed beneath their feet, a strong force entering their bodies. Accordingly, a nine-sided star appeared at the foot of the Fire Fox. 
    So powerful! Before, the contract with Yin was like this; the contract with the Fire Fox was even more so! Under the effects of the contract, Yin even advanced an entire star rank!
    Even so, when this power poured into Lu Shiqian’s magical sea, it couldn’t raise a single wave. How tragic! If this is the case, how long will it take to fill up those 100 magic seas?
    “I… advanced?” The Fire Fox’s voice was quiet as it sounded in Lu Shiqian’s mind.
    “Hmph! You were just as fierce as a tiger and now your suddenly so docile!” Yin grudgingly exclaimed, “Hmph! Now you should know the benefits of contracting with Master!” This sentence was to boast.
    “You big, bad wolf! How could you be so unreasonable? You were obviously the one who threatened me first!” the Fire Fox countered. Except, its small and quiet voice just made it sound spoiled and whiny.
    “I threatened you first? You were the one who suddenly decided to leap out of the book, shocking us out of our boots!” Yin’s voice went up an octave and rushed out of the magic beast space, staring down the Fire Fox.




    “Hmph! Ugly rude wolf! Since you can’t outspeak me you want to fight? Well, either way, you still won’t be able to beat me!” The Fire Fox is speaking the truth. After all, it is a nine-star magic beast! As long as it didn’t go anywhere excessively dangerous, it could roam freely across the continent! Rubbing its head against its Master’s head, it said, “Master, he’s bullying me.”
    As soon as it said those words, Yin stared incredulously at the fox! How could this little bastard lie without batting an eye? Since when did it bully that little bastard? It was he himself being bullied the whole time! He wants to teach this nonsensical bastard a lesson, but once it realized its strength was not enough to beat this sly fox he could only secretly comfort himself. Hmph! This big-hearted wolf won’t bully those weaker than him!
    “Master,” the fox licked Lu Shiqian’s face intimately and endearingly said, “I really like Master.”
    Yin snorted, “Bullshit!”
    “Master, did you know? In these past five hundred years before you arrived, Hong Jin was very lonely every single day and very sad every single day. Uncle Lu told me to stay here and wait for master, but why did I have to wait for so long?” The Fire Fox appeared to be wronged as it lightly pawed her hand.
    Upon hearing this, Yin turned around to look at the Fire Fox and gradually lowered his head.
    Lu Shiqian smiled and patted the fox’s small head, “Don’t worry, you will have a lot of friends in the future. You’ll never be lonely again.”
    “Really?” Hong Jin opened its beautiful eyes up wide, confirming, “Really, Master?”
    “En, truly.” Lu Shiqian nodded and replied.
    “Che, just got here yet already playing the teacher’s pet.” Yin shook his head, but his eyes were filled with warmth and laughter. 
    Lu SHiqian picked up the drawing that had fallen to the floor, which was made from the skin of a rhinoceros. It would last for a long time and could resist both fire and water. There was a rough sketch of an island somewhere in the Deceiving Sea on it. 
    She was speechless. According to this rough drawing, the fact that Lu Wushuang managed to find this island was remarkable! Since he could find it, it must mean that his luck was heaven defying!
    She threw the drawing into her interspatial bracelet and walked out of the study with Hong Jin and Yin.
    The stone door closed behind her. She didn’t know what day or year she would next open it, perhaps she would never open it again!

(DL Scanlations)

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