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Chapter 26

We’ll just let it remain a mystery…
    “Woah! Everything’s changed so much since the last time I was here! I, Hong Jin, used to play here when I was small. I still remember that there used to be a big tree over there and beautiful flowers were blooming over there…” The little Fire Fox was restless, its small claws pointing here and there.
    It’s true, 500 years is enough time for many things to change. Nowadays, the North Courtyard is abandoned, wild grass growing all over the place!
    Lu Shiqian had been busy making money and practicing martial arts the past few months and didn’t particularly take note of these things. Tomorrow she will go find some people to fix the place up: plant a few trees and flowers here and there…
    “Master, please don’t leave me.” Hong Jin suddenly started feeling sad again. It recalled how lonely it was in that study, no one to keep it company so it just slept the years away.
    “I won’t.” Lu Shiqian pitied the insecure little guy. “Hong Jin, who was it that told you to stay in that study back then?” Considering how lively it is, asking it to stay in that place was too wrong.




    “Uncle Lu Wushuang was the one who told me to wait there for Master. Uncle said that I have room for improvement, so he told me to help Master and protect that picture at the same time.” Hong Jin licked his Master’s hand. Ehh, Master’s hand is so soft and white.
    “You’re way too obedient! Your Master told you to do this so you do it?” Yin disdainfully said. Yin is the King of the Wolves and it is not instinctive for him to behave in this way. Of course, if Master wants him to do something, he would do it immediately.
    “Hmph! Bastard wolf, stupid wolf, Uncle saved my life before!”
    Seeing that the two adorable cuties were about to start fighting again, Lu Shiqian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These two are so childish.
    She thought about what Lu Wushuang’s image had said: Martial Saint, Song Empire…
    If they don’t come provoking her then all is well. If do though, then even if he is the King of Heaven, they will still have to leave a layer of skin behind!
    As for revenge and the like, Lu Shiqian is not interested in these things at the moment. Even the biggest victim is not interested in revenge so why should she— a transmigrator from the 21st century?
    While she was thinking, the sky suddenly lit up like fireworks. The brilliant lights, especially on this dark night, were particularly eye-catching!
    “Eldest Young Miss! There’s trouble! There are a few Rank 5 Practitioners fighting in our town!” Big Head hurriedly reported, his face full of sweat. In addition, there was a tinge of fear.
    On the largest street of Anping Town, the two teams were divided so that one was on each side. There were four people fighting: mage vs. mage, practitioners vs. practitioners. The others stood on the sides of the road, neither joining the fray nor retreating.
    The Mage is actually a Rank 5 Archmage, such a person is normally respected by all and hard to come by. In this largest town in the West County, the most advanced mage is merely Rank 3. And now, there were two mages fighting to the death in Anping Town: fire dragons flew around setting fire to the houses; the earth shifted, burying the streets in rubble!
    The Practitioners were also naturally Rank 5 Martial Masters, these people are normally high and lofty. Now you can see them throwing punches back and forth at each other: I kick you and you punch back, only their shadows could be seen. People fell onto the roofs like bombs, creating craters wherever they fall. There was a kick followed by a shrill scream, then the person who fell onto the wide street smashed a huge hole in the pavement.
    When experts battle, it is common for cities to be destroyed.
    But when did the peaceful and quiet Anping Town citizens ever see a battle like this? People screamed and ran for their lives, simultaneously trying to defend themselves from the falling stones, fireballs… chaos in general!
    Lu Shiqian, followed by Big Head and her entourage, arrived to witness this chaotic scene!
    Big Head’s fist was clenched tightly. Ever since he came to Anping Town with the young miss, he had considered this place to be his home. So now that he’s seeing his home being destroyed by a bunch of random strangers, how could he not be angry? The others were also seething, but alas, they weren’t powerful enough! All of their power can’t even compare to a single toe of those strangers!




    Lu Shiqian looked at the four people fighting: two mages and two practitioners. The four were all around 40 years old and their clothes were all well-made. In addition, all the spectators were also around Rank 3 with a few that were Rank 2 among them. Honestly, this kind of group is undoubtedly very powerful!
    Using her perceptions about wind and speed, Lu Shiqian’s speed has reached a level that ordinary people can’t hope to match. She didn’t say a word and rushed into the fray, grabbing a young man. She put a dagger against his neck and threatened, “Stop immediately or else I will kill him.” She said it calmly: if the four continued to fight, then she won’t hesitate to plunge the dagger into his neck.
    Her voice wasn’t loud but the four naturally heard her. Two of them immediately stopped and seeing who the hostage was couldn’t help but cry out, “Li’er…”
    Big Head looked at Lu Shiqian with admiration. The other side had four Rank 5 combatants yet the Eldest Young Miss still had the guts to put a knife against someone’s throat. OP, totally OP!!!
    Of the two groups fighting, one party wore green clothes while the other wore gray. Lu Shiqian had caught a person from the green clothes party.
    Yes, she had immediately suspected that this person was the most important person in the green clothes party and she was not wrong!
    The two wearing green clothes carefully looked at the woman who had taken the child hostage. Her actions were wicked, her appearance beautiful, and they knew who she was at a glance.
    “Lu Shiqian? The Lu family’s spendthrift? That incompetent woman?” one of them disdainfully called out. She knows about the Lu family’s biggest joke. Lu family, pfft!
    Lu Shiqian? The other party also looked at the woman holding the dagger with contempt. Hmph, she’s pretty good at pretending but in the end, no matter how much she pretends, she’s still an incompetent woman!
    These two parties were from the Qin Empire’s second and third most powerful families, the Changkong family and the Chong Le family! These two families have never been pleased with the Lu family since they believe their respective family should be the best. It was only because Lu Jiaba married the Qin Emperor that allowed them to change from a sparrow to a phoenix, to become the number one family. They can’t exactly provoke the Qin family so this time’s battle was not in some scarce location, but rather in the county run by the Lu family. It was done intentionally to provoke the Lu family. 
    The Rank 5 Mage was Changkong Nan from the Changkong family. When he saw that his son was in the hands of Lu Shiqian however, he was no longer anxious. “You sure are bold, Lu Shiqian! You even dare to capture my, Changkong Nan’s eldest son! Hurry up and let go of him!”

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