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Chapter 27

“So it’s the infamous incompetent woman of the Lu family!” Chong Le family Chong Le He snidely commented. This matter didn’t really involve him so he could just leisurely sit back and watch the forest burn down. If the number one family and number two family fight, naturally, it would be beneficial to them, the number three family! Although, this incompetent woman can’t really stir up much when all’s said and done.
    If she were the original Lu Shiqian, she would’ve immediately thrown away her dagger at the harsh rebuke of the Changkong family and demeaning words of the Chong Le family. But that’s not who she is now. Just who is the current Lu Shiqian? She’s one of the top members of the Dragon Group! What has she not seen before? As for threats… even if you took a cannon and threat to blow her up, she wouldn’t frown for a moment!
    On the other hand, when Big Head and the others heard the words of the two families, they gnashed their teeth in fury.
    “You’re so long-winded!” Lu Shiqian sent the knife a centimeter into the young man’s neck who screamed out in pain.
    Everyone sucked in a breath. She actually dared to do it! This is actually the only son of Changkong Nan! The only!
    Changkong Nan anxiously shouted, “Li’er!” He condensed some magic and prepared to throw a Fire Dragon towards Lu Shiqian.




    “Don’t speak and don’t move. For every time you speak, this dagger will move 1 fraction deeper. Every time you move, the dagger will move 2 fractions deeper.” Lu Shiqian coldly said. Hmph, you better be ready for the consequences if you want to stir up trouble in Anping Town!
    “Don’t… don’t… don’t you dare!” Changkong Nan panicked and shouted. He hated her with a passion in his heart: I was actually threatened by the most useless woman in the entire Qin Empire! What a loss of face! How shameful! When I get the chance, I’m going to rip this woman apart into a thousand pieces!
    “Everyone move back and get (your sorry asses) out of Anping Town!” Lu Shiqian coldly demanded. (TL: Sorry, I just couldn’t resist…)
    Big Head wanted to scream out in praise: look at her charisma, look at her pressure; this is their Eldest Young Miss!
    “Brother Changkong, we don’t have to retreat.” Chong Le He was not directly involved in the conflict between the Lu family and Changkong family. Let them fight, I’ll just watch from the sidelines.
    Chong Le He this old coot! You were also involved in destroying the town and yet you want to just stand up, brush yourself a bit, and walk off scot-free? Lu Shiqian steadied her dagger and called: “Yin!”
    With a flash of light, a might silver wolf appeared!
Yin was burned hard by Hong Jin and just happened to need some form of relief. He had been stuck in the magic beast space listening to these humans that don’t know what’s good for them calling his wonderful master, “incompetent woman, incompetent woman.” PEI! If Master is an incompetent woman, then what am I? An incompetent wolf?
There was a beautiful arc as Yin leaped up and launched a couple of wind blades.
    A few people couldn’t dodge fast enough and were cut deeply by the blades.
    “Six-star magic beast?!” Chong Le He and Changkong Yu were dumbfounded. This is actually a six-star magic beast?
    Simultaneously, the one captured by Lu Shiqian-- Changkong Li-- couldn’t help but scream out in fear, “Father, quickly do as she says! She’ll actually kill me otherwise!” He could feel the knife edging deeper and deeper into his flesh. Scary, too scary!!!
    Changkong Nan and Chong Le He exchanged a few looks: they couldn’t help but wonder if this really was the incompetent woman in the rumors. Wasn’t she unable to contract with even the lowest-ranked magic beasts? How could she suddenly have a six-star Wolf King with her then? Unless...they thought of a possibility and that is that the Lu family was always pretending! Playing the clown in front of the world! However, even though Lu Shiqian had magic fluctuations emanating off her, she was only at the Apprentice Mage rank… Just what the heck is going on here?
    “Stand down!” Changkong Nan furiously and indignantly yelled out. In the Empire, the Lu family is number one. On the lands and rivers, the Lu family lord over it all. To top it all off, the incompetent woman of the Lu family is now threatening his beloved son with a knife! How could he not be indignant? How could he not be resentful?!
And then there’s that mighty and proud silver wolf! That’s actually a six-star magic beast! Something that you can see from afar but never covet after! If he could kill that woman and get this wolf, then everything would be worth it.




At most, this incompetent woman is an Apprentice Mage. Having this six-star magic beast follow her is too much of a waste! He himself is a Rank Five Mage, yet he only has a two-star magic beast! Thinking about this point suddenly brought out a wave of murder intent.
Similarly, Chong Le He was also entertaining these ideas. Even though six-star magic beasts are dangerous, they also shake people’s hearts!
    “We will also retreat!” Chong Le He concurred.
    Yin followed behind Lu Shiqian step for step as they secretly communicated with each other.
    “Master, the way those scum are looking at me irks me!”
    “I also know what they want to do.”
    “Then please be careful, Master!”
    “En, relax!” Lu Shiqian accidentally revealed an evil smile causing Yin’s-- who could share thoughts with his master-- heart to tremble. 
    Ah! Master is truly a demoness!
    Fortunately… this demoness is his Master!
    The group retreated out of Anping Town to the sides of a mountain, a place that people rarely come to.
    “You should let go of Li’er now, right?” Changkong Nan gritted out through his teeth. He had secretly gathered magic to form a Fire Dragon in his hand, and the second that incompetent woman lets go of his son will be her time of death!
    Furthermore, Changkong Qi, at the behest of his older brother, was also ready to act. The second that incompetent woman lets go of Li’er, he’ll snatch him away to safety.
    “Let go? Oh, sure!” Lu Shiqian said with a smile on her face. She lifted up her hand and the knife fell.
    Bright blood splattered through the air. Changkong Li didn’t have time to even scream before his life suddenly ended.
    This sudden happening dumbfounded everyone present. This woman… she actually dared! She’s actually this presumptuous!
    “Whoops, sorry! My hand slipped!” Lu Shiqian innocently said.
    Her hand “accidently” slipped and so a person died?!
    My ass! “My hand slipped?!” She killed someone and actually had the guts to brush it off like that?!
    The Changkong family members were so mad they could’ve exploded. At the least, they are still the Qin Empire’s second most influential family, who among them wasn’t prideful? Now they saw the only blood-related descendant of the Patriarch being killed with a sorry excuse for a reason. Who amongst them didn’t want to chop Lu Shiqian into a thousand pieces?

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