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Chapter 28

Changkong Nan was the most infuriated of all of them. He was so mad his face was turning purple; his body shook from rage. Killing others is one thing while someone else killing his son is another thing! He had originally brought his son out for practice and planned to pass the position as Patriarch to him after 100 years. And yet… the Changkong Nan family only had one successor born for each generation, only one!
    His heart broke as he roared with incomparable anger, “Lu Shiqian! Give my son’s life back to me!!!” He gnashed his teeth in fury as a fire red dragon opened its maw as it charged towards Lu Shiqian. 
    You think I have your son’s life after taking it? Lu Shiqian smoothly avoided the surprise attack, her hair fluttering in the air playfully.
    “Brother Chong Le, if you help me kill this woman my family’s treasured heirloom will be yours!” Changkong Nan said to Chong Le He, who was merely observing the battle.
    This “treasured heirloom” is a silver-grade staff embedded with intermediate gems and has two attributes. This staff is extremely precious! As previously mentioned (in Chapter 3, to be precise), equipment is divided into average equipment, bronze equipment, silver equipment, gold equipment, spirit equipment, and godly equipment. Equipment with more than one attribute become rarer as the grade goes up.




    Chong Le He didn’t hesitate for a moment before plunging into the battle with his little brother.
    The current situation is as follows: four Rank Five mages vs. one Apprentice Mage. Oh, the power disparity!
    “Eldest Young Miss, we are here to help you!” Big Head ripped out his knife and prepared to charge into battle.
    Lu Shiqian felt moved from the display of loyalty, but wouldn’t they just get skewered if they entered the battle?
    “Don’t come over! Watch the other people for me, don’t let them run away,” Lu Shiqian ordered.
    Even though Big Head was reluctant, he had no choice but to follow her orders. Orders must be carried out dutifully, especially at crucial times. The Eldest Young Miss will be able to hold off the two big fishes from the other two families. They had also trained hard and improved by leaps and bounds. 
    Changkong Qi and Chong Le Jiang were practitioners so the two were at the front, responsible for direct combat with Lu Shiqian. Changkong Nan and Chong Le He were mages, responsible for calculated and sneak attacks.
    The idea was thought out well, it just comes down to whether Lu Shiqian will play to their expectations or not.
    “This is between the green-clothes party and me, aren’t you afraid that they make take this chance to stab you in the back?” Lu Shiqian provoked while simultaneously dodging their attacks. 
    Chong Le He hesitated: he is a suspicious person, if things really end up the way that incompetent woman says, it will all be wasted effort on their part.
    “Brother Chong Le, don’t listen to the ramblings of this incompetent woman!” Changkong Nan hurriedly placated. But it truly is amazing. Just a short sentence caused a huge rift between them. This kind of ability is incredible even without sufficient martial prowess! If he allows this woman to grow and mature, she will definitely cause an unprecedented disaster to befall the Changkong family! He must kill her now! “I do not go back on my words. After we kill this incompetent woman, I will definitely hand our treasured staff to you!” As he said those words, a red Fire Dragon began to charge towards Lu Shiqian.
    Chong Le He was about five or six feet away from Changkong Nan. Even though this guy promised to give them the staff, he absolutely cannot be trusted! He should remain vigilant for now. He made an Earth Prison to try and trap Lu Shiqian. 
    Lu Shiqian knew she couldn’t avoid the attacks and yelled, “Hong Jin, it’s your turn now!” 
    Hong Jin rushed out of the magic beast space. He opened his mouth and sucked the entire dragon into his mouth. He aimed at the Earth Prison trapping Lu Shiqian and breathed out, smashing the earth walls into pieces. Even the two warriors had to avoid the attack!
    Nine-stars magic beast! Every move is earth shattering. Truly three birds with one stone!
    “Nine… nine-star magic beast?!” The Patriarch was stunned. First a six-star Wolf King and now a nine-star Fire Fox! Oh, please stop shocking these old bones!
    How could this incompetent woman’s luck be this good? Doesn’t she know that any magic beast above five-stars is like reaching for the stars? Furthermore, isn’t a person only allowed to contract with one magic beast? Why does there seem to be no roof?! I can manage to accept it if it’s just one magic beast above five stars, but heavens! This good girl here isn’t afraid of shocking people to death and even brought out a nine-star magic beast! And it’s even a fire type!




    Taking advantage of the crowd’s shock, Yin appeared in front of Changkong Jiang and smashed him into the ground with a paw. 
    Hong Jin was even more exaggerated. He made a rain of fire and shot towards four people.
    No wonder why Hong Jin is a Fire Fox. That fire rain was made quickly and efficiently, forcing the four back.
    “Master, do you want to join together?” Hong Jin secretly asked.
    “En. We magic beasts can join together with our owner to become armor or weapons, or we could join our souls for our master to use our special skills.” Hong Jin explained.
    “Oh!” Lu Shiqian was slightly curious, “Then let me try it! Yin, become my armor! Hong Jin, join souls with me!”
    “Yes, Master!” Yin replied in a low voice.
    “Yes, Master!” Hong Jin replied in his squeaky voice.
    A beautiful magic array to join together appeared beneath Lu Shiqian’s feet, a warm current also rose through her body.
    A beautiful silver armor wrapped around her body, her perfect figure stunning the crowd. Her lustrous black hair turned a fiery red and a three-arched pattern appeared on her forehead. These things only served to emphasize her otherworldliness. Hair dancing in the wind, peerless appearance, akin to a goddess descending, beautiful without peer!
    Everyone’s minds went blank as they stared.
    “Heavens!” Big Head ruthlessly pinched his face. He couldn’t feel the pain, but he knew this wasn’t a dream!
    All of the Lu family soldiers stared at their Young Miss, unable to control the waves in their hearts. Their Eldest Young Miss is actually such a peerless person!
    “Master, their brains all went blank from looking at you!” Hong Jin laughed amusedly, “Master, you really are too beautiful!”
    “Che, you suck-up!” Even though Yin said that, he felt prideful in his heart. My Master is way too exceptional!
    “You big, stupid wolf! What the wa would you know! Master is the pinnacle in everyone’s eyes. The pinnacle, do you understand, you elm head!!” Hong Jin retorted.
    Lu Shiqian shook her head. Yin’s armor form fit her very well; she could move each joint with no problems. There was also barely any weight! She fell in love with this new experience.

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