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Chapter 4

Fifth husband Yuan Jun led Lu Xianghui away. Yuan Jun is an obedient and mellow person, he never offends anyone. 
    Lu Ningxiang has three daughters and two sons, they are: Lu Shiqian, the eldest daughter; Lu Caiyun, the second daughter; Lu Caixia, the third daughter; Lu Yunxiang, the fourth son; and Lu Xianghui, the fifth son.
    Among these five children, Lu Shiqian is an idiot, Lu Caiyun is narrow-minded, Lu Caixia is too weak, Lu Yunxiang is secretive, only Lu Xianghui, even at his young age, seems to contain much talent. He carries the hope of the Lu family but he is only close to Lu Shiqian, making everyone worry about his future. 
    In particular, Lu Shiqian, when she was young, was a very lovable child: cute, obedient, and sensible. At the time, Lu Ningxiang had decided to pass the position as head of family on to her eldest daughter. Who would’ve thought that after contracting a major illness, her entire person would change? She became a blithering idiot, doing outrageous things and becoming the laughingstock of the world. She became the reverse book: teaching what not-to-be for children.
    My heart is wrenching! The more Lu Ningxiang thought about it, the angrier she became. She suddenly smashed the teacup in her hand.
    “Take me to that unfilial daughter of mine! I want to see just how sick she is!”
    Xu Jun his daughter smiled at each other revealing signs of plotting between the two. 
    “Ningxiang, don’t get so angry just yet,” Zhang Jun placated. He loves his daughter a lot, so much so that he wishes that she wasn’t born in such a big family. That way, even if she is somewhat confused, she could still be pardoned.
    “Reporting to Matriarch, Eldest Miss, Eldest Miss she… is not in her room!” the messenger was secretly cursing, Missy, even if you want your lowly servant to die, this isn’t the right time to do it! I really can’t survive the look on the Matriarch’s face right now!
    “Hmph! That girl doesn’t know what’s good for her! I’ll be waiting right here for her to return!” Lu Ningxiang is irate.
    Speaking of the Lu family’s eldest daughter, there is no person in the Qin Empire that hasn’t heard of her or doesn’t know about her. Especially in the aristocrat circles, she is the topic the nobles like to talk and make fun of after meals. 
    This woman is just an empty skin bag with no substance in her brain!
    Her incompetence can be proven by a few things:
    Her martial arts: when she was 11 years old, the Lu family Matriarch personally taught her martial arts. But who knew she would be so incompetent that she would feel dizzy as soon as the sun shone on her and shake uncontrollably whenever she saddles a horse? It is just too painful to watch. At the time, because the Lu family Matriarch was unable to teach her, they decided to invite one of Qin Empire’s first-class practitioners to teach her one-on-one. Merely two days later, he returned all the money he received from the Lu family back to them while saying that he would rather give up on all riches than teach the Lu family’s eldest daughter. The existence of the Lu family’s eldest daughter is a disgrace to all martial arts!
    When the Matriarch saw that her eldest daughter was bad at martial arts, she decided to get her to learn magic. Even though learning magic requires high talent, however, as a descendant from a well-known family, knowing at least one defensive technique is a must. The Lu family thus invited one of the most prestigious mages, Master Sun, to teach her. Who knew that the eldest daughter’s spiritual power would be so weak? So weak that she even had trouble sensing the elements around her? The old mage declared that she even if she studied magic for 100 years, she wouldn’t be able to surpass those that only learned for 1 year! Her talent is just too low! Very low!
    Both are no good, but she can at least be a beast tamer, right? Whether it’s a practitioner or a mage, both can sign a contract with a beast. But then it was proven that with her pitiful amount of magic power, she can’t even sign a contract with the lowest ranked beast!
    If you say that the first three things that happened were up to the heavens, which is excusable, then what happened next is fully caused by herself; and the ridicule and shame that came with it is fully justified.
    After Lu Ningxiang left for the battlefield, Lu Shiqian became lawless: she chased away the teacher teaching her knowledge and manners while insulting him, scolded and hit her siblings, and her reputation crashed to the ground. 
    Furthermore, outside, she was known as a wanton woman.
    It is said that if she finds a man to be handsome, she’ll forcefully take him away causing countless pretty men to lock themselves in their homes lest they be snatched away by her. 
    The older she grew, the lower her reputation sank. 
    Still showing her face around town, she doesn’t seem to know what’s good for her! What a shameless and stupid broad!
    Three months ago, her eye was caught by the respected Yu family’s son. That son has great looks, almost like he is a celestial being, and is smart. Bright and elegant, how is there any way that he’ll like the Lu family’s grass bag? (TL: grass bag/bag of grass means useless) However, she still shamelessly followed him day after day! The Yu family son is the child of a second-rank noble and his marriage had been predetermined with the Grand Chancellor’s daughter. The Yu family son is intelligent and handsome and is definitely destined to be an important person in the future!
    So, at some poetry recital, the Yu family son thoroughly humiliated Lu Shiqian. His words were sharp and venomous, garnering everyone’s support! After this rough awakening, Lu Shiqian finally took a hint and hid at home afraid to come out. 
    But her infamy continued to spread far and wide.
    People couldn’t help think that if they were the Lu family’s eldest daughter, they wouldn’t be so incompetent and untalented. Ah, what a waste, what a waste. 
    But is this really the case?
    Lu Shiqian smiled coldly. 
    But this Lu Shiqian is not really Lu Shiqian, this is the Luan Hualian that had transmigrated over to this world and she has already been here for a week. 
    From the remnants of Lu Shiqian’s memories, she was able to find out the type of world she is in and the current time period. She also managed to figure out the validity of the rumors about her person. The rumors floating around outside are not true at all, but the pitiful Lu Shiqian did not have the ability to defend herself against these accusations. 
    It took a week for Luan Hualian to fully dissect and piece together Lu Shiqian’s memories. Now, the weak, timid, and kind Lu Shiqian has gone. The only thing that remained is the transmigrated Luan Hualian, who has the spirit of a dragon and a firm heart! A strong heart is the key to building the world!
    “Since I have taken over your body, then let me use name and live on! Let me take on all your unfinished business and regrets, and I will finish them all for you! That way, I won’t owe you anything!” Lu Shiqian, who is really Luan Hualian, silently swore to herself. 
    After the transmigration, the outer appearance of Lu Shiqian had not changed except for a faint scar on her wrist. At first, she didn’t pay much attention to it because she was being onslaught by the memories of the original and information about her current world. 
    Now that she had some time, she took the chance to scrutinize the shallow mark.
    With a little attention, her mind suddenly opened up into a wide space. Every direction she looked in seemed to stretch on infinitely. This… why does this space resemble my interspatial bracelet? Lu Shiqian wondered.

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