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Chapter 34

“Your mama’s magic beast said to me that you’re too ugly to be worthy of me!” Lu Shiqian mocked; her face revealing traces of laughter.
    She was just saying the truth but apparently the group couldn’t accept it. They surrounded her with the intent of attacking.
    “Looks like your big brother here needs to teach you a lesson!” That bald guy walked slowly towards Lu Shiqian. With her amount of magic power, she’s at most an Apprentice Mage. Isn’t she just asking for him to teach her a lesson? But in his arrogance, he missed Lu Shiqian’s eyes which were full of killing intent.
    The ignored Wei Mo suddenly stepped in front of Lu Shiqian, “You group of adult men, how could you bully a young lady like that?”
    At first, the young man who stole their snake saw his delicate appearance and didn’t pay much attention to him. Now that he saw his handsome looks, he instantly disliked him. Of course, if Wei Mo can be likened to a god of heaven, then they are like shit on the ground. “Which hole did you crawl out of? If you don’t scram soon, don’t blame me for giving you a beating!”
    “No!” Wei Mo stubbornly protected Lu Shiqian. In his opinion, Lu Shiqian is someone who needs his protection.
    Lu Shiqian looked at this man who unhesitantly shielded her, her heart felt like it was being tickled by a feather. Back in the Lu family house when Lu Xianghui protected her, she also felt this way. This feeling… is it called feeling moved?
    The bald man saw the peerless boy standing in front of Lu Shiqian and had a sinister thought that couldn’t be spoken aloud. He ordered, “Brothers, give this bastard a beating first!” Yes, break his leg!
    Wei Mo doesn’t like to fight, in fact, he seriously dislikes it. However, if they want to harm him…




    He made a sign with his hands, his robe fluttered and he murmured, “Flood.”
    A huge column of water shot towards them, the few-meters high wall knocking them senseless!
    “You mother*****?!” the bald guy raved, “Why didn’t you tell me he’s a f*cking mage?!”
    “Big Bro, don’t blame me! He looks so unremarkable! I also didn’t know that he was a mage!”
    Lu Shiqian watched the people floating around in the water and let out a sigh. Wei Mo, Wei Mo, you’re way too kind. If it were me, I would’ve taken those guys’ worthless lives on the first move.
    The group that was washed away slowly climbed back up. The insects took this moment to bite them. They focused all their hatred onto Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo: “I’ll remember this you bastards! I’m from Raging Fire! I’ll definitely get you good next time!”
    There are three major mercenary groups on the Devil Dance Continent: Canglong, Crimson Wolf, and Raging Fire. Raging Fire was ranked third and even though they couldn’t match the other two, they were still quite powerful. Their members were received well wherever they went.
    This bald guy was the only son of a general of Raging Fire and was extremely arrogant due to his status as a young master. Most people would just open one eye and close the other towards his habits of taking things and kidnapping women. So since when did he ever suffer such humiliation? He decided to go back and report them to his father. Next time they meet… heh heh.
    “You’re not allowed to hurt A’Qian!” Wei Mo firmly stated, “I will protect her!”
    Yes, ever since they met, he had an intense urge to protect her. After meeting her, the answer to his diligent studies in magic finally became clear.
    Lu Shiqian watched the group disappear into the forest. She thought: looks like Raging Fire came into the picture. Just what in the world merits the attention of the second and third most powerful families in the Qin Empire and even the third ranked mercenary group? She was not scared of their revenge. After all, in terms of experts behind them, she’s confident that if she says they’re number two, no one would dare call themselves number one! In addition, on this treasure hunt, a few people dying here and there is perfectly normal!
    She prevented Yin and Hong Jin from chasing after them. They are her trump cards after all. If they’re going to make an appearance, they better come in with a big splash!
    Those pieces of crap aren’t worthy enough!
    “Master, you’re so sly~” Hong Jin rubbed his small face against Lu Shiqian’s hand, “I like that plan!”
    “This is not sly, it’s called smart!” Yin laughed, “I also like this idea. Calling dibs on that bald guy!” That bastard actually dared to be unhappy with Master? Hmph! I’ll make his ass bloom!
    One person and two beasts laughed together sinisterly.
    Wei Mo didn’t know what they were scheming. He didn’t even know that the one he wanted to protect was so powerful she didn’t need protecting!
    But with his personality, even if he knew about it, he would still adamantly protect her.
    It’s also because of this that Lu Shiqian could accept him protecting her. Her past was extremely lacking in warmth so even these little things made her feel gratified.
    “Let’s hurry! I can’t wait to find out what that thing everyone is fighting for looks like!” Lu Shiqian took the lead and walked forward.




    She looked like she was flying, her steps light on the ground with a ruby-red Fire Fox resting on her shoulder.
    This image was forever ingrained in the little mage’s mind.
    There is a large clearing in the Silent Forest that was divided into many areas. One area for the three biggest mercenary groups, one for a few prominent families, one for rogue adventurers, and one for the regional guard. But no one knows what kind of person is inside that purple tent. Obviously, before the treasure appears people wouldn’t unnecessarily provoke the others in the area so it was relatively safe. Treasure always goes to the most fortunate, so what’s the use of fighting now?
    “Big Brother, I see that woman.” Wang Si from the Li San group said and pointed to a girl resting against a tree. 
    “Heh heh, you refused to walk the path to heaven yourself!” Wang Si rubbed his bald head and laughed.
    It’s true: this is the Raging Fire group that ran away with their tails tucked between their legs after Wei Mo gave them a beating. After being humiliated like that, Wang Si indignantly complained to his father Wang Jun. He turned black into white and claimed that Lu Shiqian stole his things! Wang Jun had always been a protective father and dearly loved his son. When he heard Wang Si’s words, he was infuriated! He is a general and holds a high position. Isn’t a slap on his son’s face the same as slapping his face? He couldn’t forgive that and instantly found 20 people to go find trouble for Lu Shiqian. 

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