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Chapter 35

Lu Shiqian was sitting with her eyes closed against the tree. She was practicing the Star Heritage with Xing Chen at the moment when she suddenly felt a strong murder intent directed towards her. Sure enough, she opened her eyes and discovered 20 or so big men surrounding her.
    These people were all wearing a flame patterned armband.
    Lu Shiqian scanned the group and saw a few familiar faces. She suddenly understood what had happened: these people are here to find trouble with me! Her gaze was clear and there were no obvious undulations in her expression. It was as if she just chose to ignore the people standing right in front of her!
    Wang Jun is obviously a lot smarter than his son. When he saw the elegant and beautiful woman in front of him, he instantly knew that she was no regular person. And then there was that handsome youth next to her, making him suddenly feel inferior. Usually, towards these types of people, he would just quickly take care of them. But when he saw those two blatantly ignore him, he recalled what his son told him and grew angry. He is a general after all, which junior had ever been so rude to him? 
    “So you’re the one that stole my son’s magic beast?” Wang Jun tested the waters and tried to intimidate them a little.
    Lu Shiqian’s gaze skipped right over Wang Jun and stared into empty space! This old coot is definitely here for trouble!
    “Father, do you see that?” Wang Si pointed at Lu Shiqian, “This b*tch is looking for death! To be so arrogant in front of Father!” Father is a Rank 4 practitioner, ya know?
    One of his subordinates joined in, “This b*tch sure is tired of living!”
    Others, especially the ones who were beaten along with Wang Si that day, yelled, “And that bastard too! He’s supposed to be a guy yet he looks like a girl!”




    In the Qin Empire— nay, on the entirety of the Devil Dance Continent— the strong is respected. To say that a man is like a woman is indirectly calling him useless. This was a very provoking phrase!
    The surrounding crowd snickered.
    Wei Mo’s head dropped, he had been born this way and was ridiculed, despised, and even abandoned by his parents for it! He didn’t care how others look or feel about him. He only cared about how Lu Shiqian felt about him, but he was too scared to raise his head, afraid to see disgust in her eyes.
    “Where did you group of stinkbugs crawl out from? Your fart smells disgusting!” Lu Shiqian mocked. She looked at the group like they really were insects! She noticed Wei Mo’s face and flew into a rage. It’s fine if you are here to find trouble for me, but why bring him into it too? Hmph, then let me teach you what a poisonous tongue truly is! 
    Lu Shiqian’s phrase truly was poisonous: to call the general of Raging Fire a stinkbug! Unprecedented! The surrounding crowd watching the show could only hold back their laughter to preserve some face for Wang Jun.
    The racket also reached two other people. One of them was the young master in the purple tent; the other was the young master of Canglong. These two watched the show amusedly.
    “Stinkbug? You called me a stinkbug?!” Wang Jun was irate. He had never been insulted like this before in his entire life!
    Lu Shiqian played with her hair and offhandedly said, “Not only are you stinkbugs, you are also blind stinkbugs! To say that Wei Mo’s peerless beauty is like that of a girl, unbelievable!”
    Wei Mo heard Lu Shiqian compliment his looks and lifted his head. He gave her a grateful smile that was like sunshine, blinding everyone present!
    Someone immediately agreed with Lu Shiqian’s statement. Saying that Wei Mo looked like a girl, they are not only stinkbugs but blind stinkbugs!
    As the crowd began to notice Wei Mo, someone even found out that he was a Rank 7 High Mage! They were so surprised their eyes popped out of their heads!
    “Heavens! He’s a Rank 7 High Mage!”
    “Incredible! At such a young age?!”
    The surrounding crowd all turned their eyes to Wei Mo. The strong is respected! Furthermore, he’s this strong at such a young age! His future is limitless! Moreover, he is also the strongest one among the treasure seekers this time around. There are a lot of obstacles along the way, and they may even need to ask him for assistance!
     The crowd looked with stunned eyes at Wei Mo and Lu Shiqian. They then gave contemptuous glances at Wang Jun and his group. To call a Rank 7 mage a woman, f*ck you and your stinkbug eyes!
     Wang Jun was now in a tight spot. Usually, he would never under any circumstances annoy a Rank 7 High Mage. He glared at his son: this is all your fault! Alright, even if they can’t afford to annoy this High Mage, that b*tch also went too overboard! She’s obviously only a puny Apprentice mage yet she dared to insult him! If it weren’t for this woman, they wouldn’t have been turned into such a joke!




    “Stop talking nonsense! Whoever decides it’s okay to steal from others in this forest deserves a beating!” Wang Jun decided to vent all his anger onto Lu Shiqian.
    There are many rules regarding hunting for magic beast cores and if you steal from another you can be punished!
    “What a joke! Me, steal from that imbecile?” Lu Shiqian sighed, “To turn black into white and blame the other party for stealing when it was obviously you who did so! You didn’t teach him well enough!”
    She threw out the two-star magic core and said, “Take a look then. Do you really think that imbecile can hunt a two-star rattlesnake by himself?
    To have his son called imbecile over and over again wasn’t a good feeling… even if it was true!
    His son also found it quite triggering, even though he knows that his father feels the same way about him! Wang Jun’s face sank, “You puny little Apprentice Mage, you should stop being so arrogant in front general me. So what if he can’t kill that snake, are you saying that you can?”
    Wang Si also yelled, “I challenge you to a duel!”
    There is a rule on the Devil Dance Continent that allows two people with irreconcilable differences to have a showdown. They can fight fairly and let their strength do the talking!
    Although there were no problems with his words… to have a Rank 1 mage and a Rank 3 practitioner duel? Isn’t this very unfair? Everyone present couldn’t help but despise Wang Si for his lack of morals. He’s just outright bullying an Apprentice Mage!
    “How about this? I’ll apologize to the general of Raging Fire on this young lady’s behalf and even give you this 4-star magic beast core as compensation. There should also be no need for a duel anymore right?” A handsome man wearing a magic beast leather cloak walked out from within the crowd. He is the young master of Canglong Mercenary Group. He was impressed by Lu Shiqian’s courage when facing opponents far stronger than her and wanted to be friends. 

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