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Chapter 36

Naturally, a 4-star core is worth more than a 2-star core. But Raging Fire wasn’t willing to transact with Canglong. They are constantly fighting in the dark but they leave some face for each other during the day.
    Lu Shiqian looked at Bifeng, acknowledging his gesture of kindness. She smiled and said, “Thank you, Young Master Bifeng, for your kind gesture. But if you help me here that would be proof that I stole their things.” She nobly declared, “As a person, you should always live uprightly and without shame! I accept your challenge! I will prove that I am stronger than you and that I am not guilty!”
    This sentence was very eloquent, and the men felt a resonance with the words. Yes, humans should live uprightly and without shame! 
    Bifeng’s heart shook and he turned to look at Lu Shiqian. This woman is not only beautiful but also has guts! Rare, very rare!
    The surrounding crowd cleared away to make some space for their duel. Some of them even decided to call a stop to the match if Wang Si tried to harm her.
    And the heavily protected 13-14 year old noble boy outside of the crowd also paid close attention.
    Wei Mo was even more nervous as he looked at Lu Shiqian, but he clenched his hands and cheered her on. He decided to cast a Rank 2 Water Ring spell on her if things didn’t look good.
    Wang Si was calculating in his mind: I must make this woman lose at least a hand! We’ll see if you can be so arrogant then! At the very start of the match, he made a ruthless move!
    Lu Shiqian understood, so did the surrounding crowd. This piece of sh*t actually made such a sinister move! 
    No longer polite, using some force, she swung him over her shoulder in one beautiful motion. Lu Shiqian harshly countered Wang Si’s heavy hand!
    Kacha. There was suddenly a shrill scream from the arena: Wang Si’s right arm was broken! 




    Only a few seconds… everyone was dumbfounded by this sudden turn of events.
    An Apprentice Mage actually broke a Rank 3 Practitioner’s arm? Seriously? After recovering from their shock, the surrounding crowd couldn’t help but admire Lu Shiqian’s ruthlessness.
    Lu Shiqian completely ignored Wang Si, who was still screaming on the floor, and walked straight to Wang Jun. Her natural confidence made even this Rank 4 Practitioner tremble in fear.
    “I’ll gift this sentence to you: the child’s bad upraising is reflected on the father. Remember that well,” Lu Shiqian wagged his finger and said. Her attitude could only be called overbearing!
    Disregarding Wang Jun nerve-stiffening anger, she returned to her tree and sat down.
    Bifeng looked at Lu Shiqian amusedly. That woman really dared to say anything she likes and do anything she wants!
    Wei Mo stared at the woman in front of his eyes. She really resembles a cat when she closes her eyes! Lazy and elegant, but when she opens her eyes she turns into a leopard: mighty and proud!
    Lu Shiqian earned the admiration of many and the bastard who decided to strike with a heavy hand was punished. The Canglong Mercenary Group even specially prepared two tents for Wei Mo and herself.
    Time passed quickly and night fell once again.
    “Hey woman, I’m telling you to wake up!” A voice resounded in her ear.
    Lu Shiqian opened her eyes and, still half-asleep, saw a figure.
    Wei Mo? Doesn’t seem like him.
    She immediately snapped out of her slumber and saw a cloud of white hair fluttering in front of her. His peach-blossom eyes emitted a fierce glow, mouth curled up in a faint smile. The beautiful man stepped on a stool and acted extremely arrogantly.
    “Usually your body looks flat as a board, but it’s actually a little better looking at it now!” The handsome man stared at Lu Shiqian’s chest and mocked. Her chest looks a little bigger under those thin sheets! 
    Lu Shiqian was confused: who is this person? He looks just like Wei Mo but his personality is the complete opposite!
    “Who are you?” Lu Shiqian honestly asked.
    “Woman, you’ve forgotten about me this quickly? Even after all those days we’ve been together for?” The beautiful man smirked and suddenly leaned in towards Lu Shiqian.
    “Wei Mo?”
    No way!
    “Woman, you better look more carefully.” The handsome man winked devilishly. “How could I possibly be that weak and incompetent soft egg?”
    Lu Shiqian calmed down. This man is definitely not Wei Mo. After all, Wei Mo has black hair and black eyes while this man has silver hair and red eyes. Since it’s not him, she’ll no longer be polite. She quickly grabbed her dagger and thrust it towards the man’s chest.
    “Oro, you don’t like me badmouthing that kid?” A dangerous glint flashed through his red eyes, but it quickly passed and was replaced by an arrogant smile. “But he really is just a soft egg, an incompetent bastard!”




    Lu Shiqian coldly snorted and said, “Incompetent? That kid is a whole lot braver than you think! I don’t care who you are, but I’ll give you a beating if you keep badmouthing him!”
    The silver-haired man’s eyes shook. This unexpected turn of events surprised him but he quickly sneered, “Is that so? Would you still think that way if he’s an evil person? Would you still protect him even if he’s a monster?”
    “Bullshit! There’re no such things as monsters in this world! Even if there are, it doesn’t matter to me!” Luo Shiqian declared. This man’s pretty good! But who is he really? He looks just like Wei Mo!
    The handsome man stepped back a few steps. This woman… that kid didn’t choose wrong.
    “Hmph, you say some good things!” Or else I would’ve killed you long ago! The beautiful man had planned to kill Lu Shiqian if she had said anything remotely bad about Wei Mo, but it seems like it was unnecessary.
    Lu Shiqian glanced at him and asked, “Who are you? Where did Wei Mo go?” Could he be Wei Mo’s brother? No way!
    The beautiful silver-haired man declared, “I am Wei Mo!” He had always disdained the name he shared with that brat, but today it actually felt quite good to call himself that!
    This answer that literally returned full circle back to Lu Shiqian’s first thought came as a shock to her, “You’re Wei Mo?” How did Wei Mo become like this? Is this really that bashful and naïve youth? He’s even more overbearing than her! Wait, wait. If this is the real Wei Mo, then where is the other Wei Mo? “Where is the other Wei Mo?” Lu Shiqian coldly asked.
    “Woman, you’re annoying!” This silver-haired man only came to confirm her true feelings, not to be interrogated by her!

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