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Chapter 5

There were countless gems of different colors and varieties piled inside the space. There were especially many Godly-level equipment, and after moving her consciousness forward, she saw many high star-grade pets. 
    Did I end up bringing all my in-game equipment and pets over to this world when I transmigrated? This is just a bit too amazing, right? Lu Shiqian was overjoyed; she extended her consciousness towards one piece of Godly equipment. 
    Zi! A strong current of electricity zapped her, causing her chest pain and shortness of breath. Does this mean I can’t take it? This is too depressing! Lu Shiqian refused to give up and once again extended her consciousness towards the equipment. Zi! The sound sounded once again and the current caused her soul to shake. 
    “I won’t believe it!” Lu Shiqian grumbled. She tried ten or more times and realized she can’t even take out the lowest level equipment, much less Godly-level equipment! 
    She then tried to take out a gem, and even though there was no incursion, the gem couldn’t be taken out in any way! This is like playing a computer game where the character won’t move no matter how hard or how many times you click it! Aggravating!
    Lu Shiqian thought, “Even though I can’t retrieve equipment or gems, I can at least summon a pet, right?” This led to a dilemma where she recognized the pets but the pets didn’t recognize her… 
    “Is it because my level is too low?” Lu Shiqian asked herself. Compared to her in-game character, which was at the level cap of 160, her body now may only be at level 0. Naturally, at level 0, she won’t be able to equip those equipment or summon her pets. 
    This was like owning a mountain of riches yet being unable to retrieve a single gold coin from it!
    Her consciousness suddenly noticed several books in a random nook. These three books were called “Astounding the Heavens,” “Contract Book,” and “Million***,” (TL: the stars were originally there) and were able to be taken out. 
    Lu Shiqian was just about to inspect them when someone shouted, “Eldest Miss, so you were here! Let’s go back quickly!”
    The one that called to her was a pageboy or miscellaneous worker. In his heart, he resents the Eldest Miss. The Eldest Miss is too irresponsible: she actually decided to go missing on the day of the General’s victory homecoming. It was originally a happy day, and the lower servants were hoping that the General would reward them for their hard work. But with Eldest Miss causing some trouble, their reward suddenly dissipated, and they may even be fired now! How could he not be angry? Furthermore, this Eldest Miss is easily bullied and unable to compete with the Second Miss’s pointed tongue. Thus, his tone was laced with contempt and anger as he exclaimed, “Miss, what are you still playing around here for? The sky is turning upside down back home!”
    “Huh?” Lu Shiqian calmly turned around, glared at the footman, and his voice immediately fell to the floor. 
    There seemed to be a hammer weighing his heart down the second her gaze fell on him. This Miss is very different from the old one; not even generals have that look in their eyes.
    Lu Shiqian straightened her clothes and ordered: “Lead the way.” 
    It’s not like she did not know about the General’s return. It was just that her this morning, her thoughts were in disarray so she went outside for some fresh air. Thinking about the original her, Lu Shiqian really loved her mother. Whenever someone slights her mother, her heart will start pounding. 
    “Alright, just like you wished, your mother, who is also my mother now, is here so stop acting up,” Lu Shiqian said as she clutched at her heart. 
    The footman leading the way heard her words and his feelings of despise rose once again. The look earlier was just him seeing things.
    The Lu family house was very serious: there were neither lanterns nor festivities celebrating the General’s victorious return, nor were there any officials there to congratulate her. Instead, all the personnel and people in the Lu family were gathered together to stand orderly awaiting the arrival of one person: the incompetent Lu Shiqian! 
    Lu Shiqian crossed across the courtyards under the cold gazes of the people gathered. The Lu family has many people, so she received quite a few chilling looks. But did she care? The corners of her lips broke into a wide smile. The one she was going to see was her mother, the Matriarch, the legendary female general!
    The door to the front hall slowly opened, revealing a full house of Lu family members. The first thing she saw was the Matriarch, Lu Ningxiang. Her face was like stone— not a single expression could be seen. It was as serene as the calm before the storm. 
    Lu Shiqian raised her foot and walked in; her expression was also calm. 
    Xu Jun and his daughter, Lu Caiyun, were filled with glee. Even though Lu Shiqian’s status in the family was already very low and posed no threat to them, but the worse off an enemy is, the better for them, right?
    Zhang Jun anxiously looked at the mother and child. They are both dear to him and he does not wish for any harm to befall either of them.
    Lu Ningxiang felt slightly confused when she looked at her incompetent daughter. This daughter is way too calm right now. It is as if that look, even if standing in the middle of thousands and thousands of troops, would not waver. However, she knows that her daughter is timid and useless and hearing more and more of her scandals caused her to become heated. Suddenly, all reason flew out of her mind as she slammed the table and exclaimed: “You hussy, why haven’t you kneeled already?!” 
    Lu Shiqian calmly replied: “I don’t know what I did wrong.” 
    Yes, this is her mother. Her facial features were very heroic and her complexion was dark from the long years of battle. Even though her body was thin, it was filled with power. She was wearing a long robe that she seemed to have just changed into. Her eyes were sharp… yes, this is her— Lu Shiqian’s mother! In the other world, Lu Shiqian had once cared for her mother. But once, while they were crossing the street, her mother was killed by a truck while protecting her. The two worlds of affection caused Lu Shiqian’s eyes to moisten. However, she cannot admit that she is wrong. If she does, she would really be wrong! And the departed Lu Shiqian would be too pitiful!  
    “I did not do anything wrong!” Lu Shiqian stated.
    “You tramp! You still dare to not admit to your wrongdoings?” Lu Ningxiang’s face turned purple from anger. If someone did something wrong but is willing to admit his or her mistake, then there is still a chance to correct it. But Lu Shiqian refused to admit that she was wrong, almost killing Lu Ningxiang from anger. 
    “Qian’er, just say that you’re wrong,” Zhang Jun pleaded. On one side, he saw his wife shooting pillars of flames and on the other side, he saw his daughter polish her neck and prepare to fight until the end. He anxiously held onto Lu Shiqian’s hand, merely an inch away from begging her.
    “No, Father, you must believe me. I really did not do anything wrong!” Lu Shiqian clasped his hand in hers. 
    Lu Caiyun insincerely persuaded: “Big Sister, you should just admit that you’re wrong. The things that you’ve done aren’t unknown to our Mother!” Deny it, deny it, it seems that you have some backbone today, but you have angered Mother and your death is set in stone!

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