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Chapter 42

“Me too!” Yin also exclaimed. This kind of rapid speed leveling is thoroughly addicting!
    The Crystal Scorpion lifted his claws in surprise and said in disbelief, “I ranked up… I actually ranked up!” He had thought that he would be oppressed horribly after contracting. Who would’ve known that he would receive such a great surprise?
    “That’s right, dumbo!” Yin proudly announced, “Now you know the benefits of contracting with my family’s Master, huh!”
    The Crystal Scorpion was surprised, “Who… are you?”
    “Did you go stupid from shock? Alright, I’ll introduce myself then. My name is Yin, I’m the boss around here. Just follow me in the future,” Yin said.
    Hong Jin scoffed, “Stupid wolf, since when did you become the boss? Watch out for my claws!” 
    “You’re bullying me again!” Yin dejectedly cried.
    The newcomer scorpion immediately joined the fight for the position of boss, “Whoever’s claws are the hardest will be the boss. If you disagree… let’s throw down!”
    “…” The things known as ‘not believing in a front door’ and ‘back window on fire,’ Hong Jin and Yin finally understood.
    The Crystal Scorpion is called Shui Se (Color of Water). His magic beast skills are a toxic spray and detoxification of poisons. When he heard that contracting with Master could make you advance a rank, he immediately regretted his earlier actions. If he knew earlier, he would’ve begged Master to contract with him. After finding out that the more magic beasts Master contracts with, the faster they rank up and more benefits they gain, the Crystal Scorpion began to plot how to create a magic beast army for his master… It has to be said, meeting such a great master is the luck of a lifetime. The scorpion decided that he must repay his master!
    Wei Mo took back his red dragon and raised his eyebrows at Lu Shiqian, “Woman, from what I can see, you already have two magic beasts right? 
    You’re a little too abnormal, don’t you think? She had just contracted with the Crystal Scorpion and may be the person with the most contracts on the entire continent right now!
    Lu Shiqian chuckled, a bit embarrassed. She took out the Devil Fruit and handed it to Wei Mo, “Here, take this.” After all, she had promised to help him get it.
    Wei Mo waved his hand, his beautiful peach-blossom eyes nonchalant, “That old coot who just won’t kick the bucket won’t care that much. You can have it.” Hmph, that old geezer is always scheming against me so why should I help him get a Devil Fruit? I’m not that obedient!




    Lu Shiqian knew his temper and didn’t waste words with him. She retracted her hand.
    “You guys better leave that thing behind.” Suddenly, a clear male voice rang out as a sedan was lowered in front of them.
    Unknowingly, they had also been surrounded from all four sides by an army of martial artists.
    Oh, is this a threat? Lu Shiqian’s mouth curled up in a smirk. I wonder what these people are going to do.
    Seeing that they had been surrounded, Bifeng’s heart felt strangely anxious. He thought it was strange. After all, they had just met recently. Taking a glance at the army, even though they didn’t have a military symbol, it was obvious that they were some major force of some noble! Facing people of higher statuses, he felt that it was necessary to remind her to not face this group directly at the least.
    The purple sedan was set down with extremely careful movements. The people holding the sedan seemed to be afraid of disturbing the person inside so their movements were gentle. To be honest, in this canyon, the roads are rather rough and sitting in a sedan was a rather ridiculous thing. Though they also couldn’t tell who was inside.
    “I wonder if Miss is willing to give me that Devil Fruit,” the pleasant voice transmitted out once again. Although it was not arrogant, it carried an oppressive feeling.
    Lu Shiqian was relaxed as she said, “I’m not willing. So what?” 
    Trying to threaten her? Sorry! I don’t eat that sh*t! Even though this Devil Fruit can raise someone’s rank by one, it only applies to normal practitioners and mages. As for Lu Shiqian with her 100 magic seas, it doesn’t really have that much of an effect. If that person had asked nicely, she might’ve been willing to give it away but instead, he openly threatened her! Sorry! I’m not playing this game with you!
    The Devil Fruit is a treasure and there are quite a few who lust after it. This is also the reason why the Changkong and Chong Le family broke their backs trying to obtain it. If you eat it, you can advance from Rank 5 to Rank 6! It replaces over 50 years of effort! So never in his deepest calculations would he think that Lu Shiqian held no importance to it at all!
    “I will buy it for a million gold coins.” He seemed to realize he was being rejected and tactfully spoke. He said a million gold coins as if he were just saying a million bronze coins!
    Generally, the average family usually spends around 50 silver coins a month. One gold coin is worth 100 silver coins. Basically, one gold coin can support the typical family for 2 months! Even though the Devil Fruit is definitely a treasure and would definitely be higher in the black market, this teenager’s price isn’t low at all. Of course, with such a treasure, few people could be as nonchalant about it as Lu Shiqian. But the teenager doesn’t know about that.
    Lu Shiqian lightly smiled, “I’m not lacking in money.”
    “The audacity!” A young, robust man in front of the sedan called out. Although Lu Shiqian’s attitude wasn’t provoking, it was quite overbearing. Since when did the soldiers ever meet someone who spoke like this to their young master? Who hasn’t acted lowly and respectfully in front of their master?
    Wei Mo saw someone swearing at Lu Shiqian and became unhappy. Originally, he planned on maintaining pleasantries but with this shout, he lifted his foot and kicked the person 2 meters away. “Your mom is bold, so what?!” It has to be said, with his change in personality, his attacks were also much more ruthless.




    However, this move also enraged the army. They drew their swords and glared at the two.
    Bi Feng cursed from the side, why is this silver-haired bastard so reckless?! “Miss Lu, you should just sell that Devil Fruit to the esteemed young master.” He wasn’t afraid of those soldiers, but he didn’t like to invite unnecessary trouble. Strong people would inevitably be attracted to the Devil Fruit like flies when it belongs to an Apprentice Mage. It may even lead to robbery and death! Besides, that thing doesn’t have that great of an effect on an Apprentice Mage. Instead, selling it to that young master seems to be the best course of action!

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