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Chapter 43

Lu Shiqian wasn’t a blockhead. She knew that Bifeng was thinking of her so she smiled at him. But as a transmigrator, not to mention her personality that doesn’t fear the heavens or the earth, she can’t stand that youth’s attitude. If you don’t like it, then just ignore it.
    It’s just that handling those soldiers will be rather troublesome. She also doesn’t want to create unnecessary trouble.
    She quickly merged with Yin and charged forward at top speed into the sedan. She held a dagger to the boy’s throat: “Be obedient, don’t move.”
    “Protect the young master!” The soldiers flew into a frenzy, they never thought in their wildest dreams that she would be this bold! Using force just because she said she would.
    Surprise flashed across the youth’s eyes which then turned into a slight smile. Fascinating!




    The youth looked about 14 to 15 years old, a red shawl draped over his white clothes. His facial features were delicate with a mystifying air. His brown eyes half-closed, unknown what he was thinking.
    Even though he was being threatened by Lu Sihqian, he was not panicked. Lying down leisurely, he played with a piece of jade in his hand. 
    Lu Shiqian became wary: this guy is too calm!
    “Driver, give us a ride.” Lu Shiqian lifted up the youth, placing her dagger against his neck, and dragged him out of the sedan.
    “Let go of the young master!”
    “Quickly let go of him!”
    The soldiers’ hearts were about to fly out of their chests with worry. S-s-she’s… so bold! How dare she place a knife against young master’s throat!
    Bifeng saw Lu Shiqian’s courage once again and couldn’t help but sigh. Being with her is tempering the strength of his heart!
    Wei Mo’s silver hair fluttered in the wind. He thought: I expected no less from the woman that I, Wei Mo, took a liking to! However, that pretty boy is a little too much of a pretty boy, isn’t he?
    This pretty boy is actually the fifth prince of the Qin Empire: Qin Xingluo! He shares the same mother as Qin Feiran of the National Guard. He is very popular and was crowned as the successor at a young age! However, just this doesn’t warrant that many benefits. The true reason his status in the Qin Empire is second only to the monarch is because he is a genius! For the planning board, his strategic mind is unparalleled! His military tactics are superb, and he is good at managing the government. For strength, he entered the battlefield alongside Lu Ningxiang and accomplished many feats. He came to be known as the God of War!
    Therefore, this future emperor, this prince, this God of War was being threatened by someone. How could this not frighten his subjects out of their wits?
    Lu Shiqian of course doesn’t know his identity, but even if she did, there’s an 80% chance she would’ve taken this route anyways. She shoved Qin Xingluo once and said, “Order your men back by 50 meters!” 
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes carried a mischievous tint as if he were playing with silk. He joked, “Lu Shiqian— Miss Lu— I never knew Miss Lu was so heroic.”
    After seeing Lu Shiqian two days ago, he ordered his subjects to collect all the information they could on her. She was born in a powerful family and is Lu Ningxiang’s eldest daughter. Other than this bit that could be said to others, everything else in the entire two books of information described her incompetence, inability, lustful nature… so on so forth. It really made him open his eyes!
    “You’re okay!” Lu Shiqian remarked, “Order your people back now! If you keep disobeying me, I’m going to get angry!”
    Qin Xingluo’s exquisite face revealed a playful smile, “If your esteemed mother finds out about how you threatened me, Miss Lu’s colorful life will have another added addition to it!”
    The two spoke politely, but electricity flickered through the air.
    Facing Qin Xingluo’s threat, Lu Shiqian smiled a little. Lifting her foot, she gave the person who had never been mistreated his entire life a ruthless kick, leaving a footprint on his untainted white clothes. 
    The soldiers’ eyes went wide with fear. God, must you play with our heart so? Their high, noble God of War actually got his ass kicked in front of their eyes! Oi, is Prince Xingluo going to have their heads for this after they go back?
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes changed and he finally ordered, “You guys fall back by 50 meters!”
    The soldiers instantly retreated by 50 meters, falling back faster than running. Jokingly, their prince was pretty scary just now. Besides, if they don’t follow their prince’s orders to a T, they will probably meet a terrible end. They felt some sympathy for Lu Shiqian. No one who had ever enraged the God of War had ever met a good end. God bless her!




    Lu Shiqian smiled and praised, “Pretty good, you’re very good at evaluating the situation. Let’s go, without your help I won’t be able to get out of this forest. I’ll have to trouble you.”
    She looked towards Bifeng and conveyed her goodbye.
    “Master, what do you plan to do with him later?” Yin asked from the magic beast space.
    “I’m wondering that too, but I will listen to Master!” Hong Jin couldn’t stay cooped up in the magic beast space and jumped out, rubbing his face against Lu Shiqian.
    Hong Jin’s star rating made Qin Xingluo’s eyes go darker.
    “Do I even need to say? Find some obscure spot and ca ca. Neither humans nor beasts will find out.”
    Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but find these few charming!
    As for this Qin Xingluo, he’s quite troublesome. We’ll just drop him off in some small town. I trust that his men will find him soon.
    The three people walked on through the forest, it was already 10 pm by the time they got out.
    They stayed for a few days in the forest. The smell of rot assaulted their noses, grass and trees surrounded them as far as the eye could see— so sick of it! Lu Shiqian looked at the faraway sky feeling refreshed.
    Close to the Silent Forest was a small town known as Yue Xin. There are many adventurers coming and going. It was full of vitality.
    After staying for a few days in the forest, the thing Lu Shiqian wanted to do the most was take a shower.
    They found a small inn and took two rooms: one for Lu Shiqian and one for Wei Mo. As for Qin Xingluo, Lu Shiqian decided to let him go!
    “I’m sorry, this young master was being held hostage by you so I’m penniless now. Do you want me to sleep on the streets and die in some strange nook or cranny?” The trek through the forest left many stains on his pure white clothes. But he was very nonchalant about it, giving others the impression that no matter what he’s wearing, he would look good in it. Even if it was dirty, white rags! He sat in the rundown inn, acting as if it were some luxurious palace. He smiled as he looked at Lu Shiqian, his eyes radiating brilliance.

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