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Chapter 44

Lu Shiqian’s eyebrows arched up, and she fished out 10 gold coins from her purse which she handed to Qin Xingluo. “Go find some place yourself! I don’t have space here for your royal highness!”
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes lowered, his thick eyelashes forming a fan-shaped shadow. When he raised his head again, his eyes were filled with tears of sorrow. He sobbed and said, “Wifey, are you going to abandon me?” 
    That statement made Lu Shiqian do a 180: w-w-wifey…? She can’t recall marrying anyone before so since when did she get this cheap husband? Alright, this guy seems okay. As long I don’t suffer a loss, it’s okay.
    This little beauty always appears as if nothing in the world can ruffle her feathers. However, tears hung precariously from his eyes, conveying how helpless he was. There were many adventurers in this inn and they are usually straightforward people, so seeing Qin Xingluo’s delicate beauty; listening to his pitiful words; then seeing Lu Shiqian’s stone face made them all reach the conclusion that this girl took advantage of this young master and is now ruthlessly kicking him away.




    “Wifey, if you… if you really want Young Master Wei, I won’t bother you any longer. For real! Just please don’t chase me away!” Qin Xingluo pointed to Wei Mo and cried.
    The adventurers in the inn all glared at Lu Shiqian angrily: this woman is too much! Such cruelness! They looked at Wei Mo and reaffirmed their opinion.
    Lu Shiqian arched an eyebrow: wow, this kid’s pretty good at acting! Looking at that expression, at that pitiful look on his face, really makes you sympathize with him. If she was not Lu Shiqian and instead some random passerby, there’s an 80% chance she would’ve believed him. His acting is just too good!
    Wei Mo listened to Qin Xingluo invert black and white and got so heated he lifted him up by his collar. He angrily said, “If you keep spouting nonsense, your grandpa will smash your head open!” He doesn’t like seeing other people threatening her, but he hates seeing this nuisance calling her ‘wifey’ even more! So irritating!
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes were like thorns, he spoke in a low voice that could only be heard by those immediately around him: “Listen up, if you dare to lay a hand on me, I’ll destroy that woman’s home. Don’t doubt that I have the ability to!”
    Home? That woman’s home? What is a home? Is it that thing he was driven out of when he was a child? Or was it those eyes filled with hatred that wished he would kick the bucket already? Eyes that wished a terrible death upon him? Or was it that fearful expression? What is a home? Home is what? Is it necessary to have a home? Wei Mo’s heart turned around and around and finally released his grip on Qin Xingluo. His heart felt like it was smashed by a boulder and he slowly retreated behind Lu Shiqian. 
    He’s still not strong enough! If he was as strong as that old-coot-that-won’t-die, no one would be able to threaten him using that woman. He would also be able to claim that woman for himself… and take her under his wing! He has to get even stronger!
    Lu Shiqian saw Wei Mo’s conflicted expression and concernedly asked, “What did that guy say to you?”
    Wei Mo didn’t dare meet her eyes and refused to say anything. For the first time in his life, he felt like he had failed. He failed as a man! He failed to protect her and her… home.
    Wei Mo refused to respond and Lu Shiqian angrily asked Qin Xingluo, “What the heck did you say to him?” What could possibly make such an arrogant man reveal such a self-blaming expression? Did that guy threaten him using her?
    “I just asked big bro to be accommodating and not cast me aside!” Qin Xingluo pitifully lowered his head. He’s incredibly astute and is impeccable at seeing through someone’s heart. Wei Mo obviously wants to protect her so how could he not know her position in his heart? As long as he threatens her, he can control him in the palm of his hand. It turns out that he was right! Hmph, that Devil Fruit is about to be mine! As for Lu Shiqian… after getting the fruit, there are countless ways of taking care of her.
    A pointed smile carrying intense coldness on her face indicated the depth of her anger. She’s angry, very angry! She is a very cold person and had never cared about the life or death of other people. But for those she acknowledged, she can’t forgive the slightest injury to them! If they are hurt, she’ll pay them back 10 times for it!
    She grabbed Qin Xingluo and smiled, “Pretty boy, it’s exactly as you said. How could I possibly abandon you? I will care for you very well.” You want the Devil Fruit? Okay! I just refuse to hand it over, what are you going to do about it?!
    The curtains also fell on the soap opera in the room.




    Lying in bed, Lu Shiqian pondered how to get Wei Mo to reveal what Qin Xingluo said to him. Qin Xingluo is very sly, he definitely said something unforgivable!
    No more hesitating! She knocked on the door to Wei Mo’s room.
    “A’Qian? Do you need something?” The one who opened the door was actually the black-haired Wei Mo.
    “Eh…?” Lu Shiqian was stunned speechless. The things she can say to the silver-haired Wei Mo may not be able to be said to the black-haired one.
    Wei Mo’s face turned red, eyes like flowers that had just bloomed in spring: “A’Qian, I feel like I haven’t seen you for a long time.” His face turned even redder after saying that.
    Lu Shiqian was struck dumb. Alright, she’ll admit that it’s hard to adjust to these two very different personalities. However, she quickly changed her attitude and said with a smile, “I also feel like I haven’t seen you in a while so I wanted to see you. I’m going to head back now.”
    “En,” Wei Mo quietly replied with a red face. He wanted to talk to her more, but when he sees her, his heart starts pounding like crazy and he can’t say a single word. He wanted to look at her longer, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud. He watched Lu Shiqian leave recalling memories that made him blush furiously. He could still remember that time when he was poisoned, how her lips felt on his body, that electric feeling that shook his body…
    Okay! I will talk to Wei Mo next time— the silver-haired Wei Mo! 
    She pushed open the door and stepped in.
    There were crashing sounds as something stood up in the room. His slender body carried drops of water that fell through the air in a beautiful arc.
    The man in the tub had jade-like white skin, a slender yet powerful waist, a muscular chest, and an attractive collar bone under his perfect jaw.
    Lu Shiqian almost had a nosebleed and she quickly apologized, “Sorry, sorry, wrong room!”
    She exited the room and looked at the room number— it was right. 

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