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Chapter 45

Yeah, she did tell the servants to bring her a hot tub, but she didn’t tell them to bring a handsome man with it! (TL: In ancient times, they took baths with this wooden barrel and needed to boil the water beforehand. I know in some animes/manga, they control the heat of the water underneath the tub.)
    Pushing the door open, she boldly walked in and plopped down next to the table. She picked up the kettle and chugged some water. She then asked the beautiful man, “What are you trying to pull?”
    My god, this is too shocking! Life is really full of surprises!
    Qin Xingluo had already wrapped a towel around his waist, the water on his body not dried yet. The water dripped down his chest into that forbidden zone extremely temptingly!
    Lu Shiqian, that slut, once saw a slightly hot guy on the streets and snatched him. She had also tangled with young master Yu Qingchen countless times… The information he got said so and he’d also confirmed it with Yu Qingchen!
    Qin Xingluo slowly walked closer step by step. His eyes were like water, his breath fresh. “Wifey, allow me to serve you.” His clear voice was low-pitched, making him seem even more like a seductive devil. I’ll make her lose her reason and have her hand over the Devil Fruit obediently! He was confident in this plan. However, there are a million ways to get the Devil Fruit, why choose this specific one? For the first time in his life, he didn’t want to pay attention to the rational thoughts his mind was telling him! Maybe he thinks it’s fun… you’re right, it is fun!




    “You got the wrong room.” Lu Shiqian calmly said.
    “Wifey, we’re husband and wife, no need to be so distant.” Qin Xingluo’s words were like silk, his hot breath blowing onto her sensitive ears. Her ears were so cute he couldn’t resist sticking out his tongue and licking it.
    “…” This guy is such a devil! Is he trying to tempt her?
    Lu Shiqian suddenly smiled charmingly, resembling a blooming flower. Like a rose, the form of ultimate beauty, stunned Qin Xingluo.
    Temptation, who’s afraid of who?! What kind of temptation had Lu Shiqian not seen in the other world? Compared to those XX films, boy, your temptation can’t hold a candle to it!
     True temptation is done like this!
    Lu Shiqian smoothly pushed Qin Xingluo onto the bed, her fragrant body pressed against his. Her eyes seductive, she put a finger into his mouth and lightly touched his pink tongue.
    As if struck by lightning, Qin Xingluo’s mind went blank.
    Lu Shiqian covered his mouth and licked it a few times, like a gourmet tasting food, and then parted his lips.
    “En…” Qin Xingluo released a low-pitched growl, his body numb! His eyes were filled with moonlight, but touching him would make him shake like clothes on a clothesline. 
    He was born in the palace and of course understands matters of love between men and women. But, he finds it extremely dirty. He had never let a palace lady touch him before and only allows men to surround him! Now, while being kissed by Lu Shiqian, he didn’t feel disgusted. In fact, he looked forward to it! His body also seemed to enjoy it since it was slowly heating up.
    Lu Shiqian kissed him and thought: oh man, am I going to become a cougar? If her colleagues from the Dragon Group knew, they would’ve laughed to death. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. It’s all this guy’s fault! She thought and squeezed his lower body.
    “Ah!” Qin Xingluo unintentionally let out a sound. Numbing pleasure pulsed through his body. He looked at Lu Shiqian with fascination, desiring more.
    Is he aroused? 
    Lu Shiqian’s scalp numbed. She was just following what she saw on videos and had never actually used it on anyone before. What is she supposed to do next? Step on the brakes or continue? She decided to step on the brakes just as the carriage was about to fall from the cliffside.
    Qin Xingluo felt Lu Shiqian stop moving and abruptly flipped over, pinning her beneath him. The youth’s red lips pressed onto hers. 
    Even though he was only 14 to 15 years old, his figure was very good. He was a whole head taller than Lu Shiqian so pinning her beneath him was a cinch! He was also very strong, rendering Lu Shiqian’s attempts to turn back around useless!
    She really made a mistake this time to have it turn against her like this. Lu Shiqian was conflicted. She wondered whether she should kick in in some place to cool him down a bit.
    During her dilemma, flames suddenly burst out in the inn and quickly crept towards their room.
    Outside, sounds of swords clashing and laughter could be heard. 
    What happened?




    Murder intent flashed across Qin Xingluo’s eyes as he draped a gray robe over his body. A strong fighting aura tempered from many battles emanated out from him. He grabbed Lu Shiqian and said, “Let’s go!”
    In the meantime, Wei Mo also rushed into the room and said, “A’Qian, there are a lot of people outside!”
    The three broke the window and exited, landing in the inn’s courtyard. 
    By this time, all the adventurers, owner, and his family had been slaughtered. The fire burned even more ferociously, particularly bright in the darkness of the night. Almost everyone in the town had been killed!
    Who was it that could be so insanely cruel?!
    Qin Xingluo cursed himself for his inattention: such a strong killing intent should’ve been felt by him! They took advantage of the time when I was mentally confused! He organized his robes, his face calm. Yes, this is his personality. The more dangerous it gets, the calmer he becomes. He glanced around and checked out the people surrounding them. They were all at least Rank 4 practitioners, more than a hundred people, but most dangerous of them all was a murder intent coming from a few dozen meters away.
    Standing in the light of the fire, Lu Shiqian’s hair was dyed red. How do we break through? From where? How can we suffer the least amount of damage? The worst case scenario is… Various thoughts ran through her mind in a very small amount of time. Since these people have such gathered such a big group of people, they are definitely here for their lives! But it’s impossible for her to offend this many people. She looked towards Qin Xingluo and immediately looked away. Now’s not the time to point fingers, we need to find some way to preserve our lives right now! She had battled with strong Rank 5 powerhouses before, but people even stronger than Changkong Nan and Chong Le He are hidden within their midst. Yin, Hong Jin, Shui Se were ready on standby in the magic beast space. They also understood they were going to be facing a desperate battle with their master!

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