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Chapter 46

Wei Mo looked at the enemies surrounding them and felt disgusted. He was soft-hearted and had never met such a mass killing. Most of the time, he didn’t even understand the true implications of being a Rank 7 High Mage. He gripped Lu Shiqian’s sleeve, unable to look at those people being slowly swallowed by the fire. 
    “That old Song bastard is sure going at it hard this time!” Qin Xingluo started laughing. These people aren’t even Qin people, their temperament different from the strength reverent citizens, and more sinister. The Qin Empire had fought many times with the Song Empire so they naturally understand each other well. That old Song bastard couldn’t hold back anymore. He’s really going all out to kill me this time around! His eyes turned cold, a sword-like killing intent buried deep within. These few ambushes, along with the ambush during the treasure snatching which only a few relatives and brothers know about, it was obvious enough: there was a traitor in his midst. As for whom that traitor is, I know even by thinking with my foot! You best not let me return alive, or else I’ll make you wish you were dead! 
    Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo turned over a thousand thoughts. She secretly commanded Yin to transform into boots and for Hong Jin and Shui Se to be ready. She’s about to charge through!
     The two people came to the same conclusion. Yin flashed through the battlefield like lightning, searching for the best place to break through from.
    “Follow me!” Lu Shiqian mouthed to Wei Mo. 




    The two started at the same time, sprinting towards the northwest. Wei Mo followed behind them. Relatively speaking, their combat strength and battle aura were significantly lower than the enemy. Thus, seeing through the enemy’s weak spot in the shortest amount of time is a valuable skill. Normally, if two people face off against each other, the victor would usually be the one who could size up the enemy better. But in these circumstances, showing one or two extra moves or expressions doesn’t change much.
    Lu Shiqian fast like the wind, shooting through the enemy like lightning, the dagger in her hand collecting lives as she passed. Shui Se waited for the right opportunity and accurately shot poison into the enemy’s eyes.
    Qin Xingluo emanated the strength of a Rank 5 practitioner. His moves were sharp, aimed specifically at their weaknesses.
    The two hit and ran, they didn’t stick around!
    Naturally, this made the enemy unable to react in time. However, they quickly recovered and sent reinforcements in that direction. The particularly strong aura also quickly charged over!
    As long as they can’t get into formation, the three will have a chance of surviving! 
    Without hesitation, the three attacked even more ferociously.
    Rank 4 practitioners have a large power gap from Rank 5 practitioners, you just can’t compare different ranks. In the face of Rank 5 geniuses or abnormalities, they can only sigh. Qin Xingluo quickly decreased their numbers. Lu Shiqian also merged with the six-star Wolf King so she also moved quickly. Not to mention Wei Mo!
    The three quickly escaped Yue Xin town and ran towards the north.
    Behind them, the dozens of people hidden in the large group of enemies earlier gave chase. Their stamina was very good. 
    To tell the truth, these people were quite embarrassed. They originally wanted to encircle these few brats and kill them while they were paralyzed from fear, but who knew they would be so sly? Breaking out without a single word! They were embarrassed, extremely embarrassed! 
    They had a grand total of 300 Rank 4 powerhouses, 120 Rank 5 powerhouses, 26 Rank 6 mages, 38 Rank 6 Martial Masters, yet they couldn’t even trap 3 people!
    If they knew that earlier, they would’ve used magic to kill them right away! Sadly, they could only think this now. 
    They were worthy of being Rank 6 powerhouses. They quickly caught up to Lu Shiqian and the others. Just when they were about to use magic to trap them, the three abruptly stopped and they also skidded to a stop. Rumors about Qin Xingluo’s scheming mind crossed through their heads. How many Song Empire soldiers have died at his hands?
    “I’m not running anymore,” Qin Xingluo said with a face full of desperation, “I want to buy my life with the Qin Empire’s greatest secret!” When he said the word ‘secrets,’ his face distorted in anguish and helplessness. 
    The Qin Empire’s greatest secret?
    Their greatest secret is definitely the Thorn Army!




    Five hundred years ago, the Grand Emperor swept across the war-torn land of Qin. Each one of them was powerful amongst powerful people! Every one of them was like an Asura from hell. They didn’t have a lot of people— only 77 people— but it was exactly these 77 people that conquered the entire country. They used their own hands to create legends of those war-ridden days! However, among those 77 people, other than the Grand Emperor and Lu Wushuang, their identities were unknown… The years passed by and whenever the empire faced a crisis, the Thorn Army would appear and save the day! For example, 50 years after the empire was first created, when there was a rebellion, the regular army couldn’t suppress the rebels and riots spread across the country. It was at this time that the Thorn Army appeared out of the blue, killing the main culprit and quelling the rebellion. 100 years into the Qin Empire, several smaller countries rallied together and attacked the empire. However, Qin Guo Jun was reckless and incompetent: he couldn’t hold a candle against the allied army. When the army made it past the border, he actually offered up the Qin Empire to save his own life! This was also the moment the Thorn Army appeared and killed Guo Jun, replacing him with Min Jun. Cleansing the inside also removes the crisis on the outside. 170 years into Qin, the Thorn Army was undoubtedly the Song Empire’s worst nightmare! 
    The Song Empire had always coveted after the Qin Empire. They planned for many years, but at the crucial moment, all their plans would be broken by that thorn in their sides! If… if they could unravel this mystery, how great would their contributions be? They could even be written down in history, no, they definitely would!
    The leader of those 64 people felt his voice shaking, “You… you talk and I’ll definitely let you go.” Speak first, then kill, isn’t too late after all.
    Qin Xingluo seemed reluctant but helpless. However, he still placed a bottom line: “You guys stand there and don’t move. Only send some people over to talk.” 
    The leader didn’t think Qin Xingluo was faking and sent four people over. Even if he was, he’s definitely not their match! The rank difference is just too big!
    “You guys come over and I’ll tell you.” Qin Xingluo’s eyes turned into narrow strips. 
    Suddenly, Lu Shiqian jumped up wielding the dagger with Shui Se’s poison on it and slashed their throats open! Her movements flowed like water, one dagger four people. All bloomed blood. All perished!

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