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Chapter 47

Four warm currents ran through her body. Yes, killing people can help you rank up! However, she had no time to ponder, no time to rejoice.
    This action stunned the enemy, who would’ve thought that an Apprentice Mage could be so strong? 
    Taking advantage of their shock, the three ran as fast as they could. Soon, they were a few tens of meters outside of the encirclement. The delay gave them some time to catch their breath and rest a bit. Thus, they ran with renewed gusto!
    After those people recovered, rage boiled up within them. However, those three were already 100 meters away by this time!
    Everything was a ploy by them! It was just to waste some time and put distance between them again! This Qin Xingluo must be removed!
    “Chase, don’t let them get away!” the leader shouted angrily. He was played by them! I won’t let that happen again!
    The 26 poor archmages who were usually pampered had never been tormented like this before. Their physical strength was worse than even a Rank 1 Trainee! They continuously used speed-boosting spells and scrolls, tired as a dog! They couldn’t recite spells while running, the sound of their panting louder than their breathing! However, they can’t disobey their orders. They could only draw on their strength again and again. They cursed Lu Shiqian to death in their hearts. Why are just a few pests giving us so much trouble?!
    In the end, it was the Rank 6 practitioners that caught up to them after running over 10,000 meters. 
    Qin Xingluo suddenly stopped again.
    The leader angrily thought: the same move won’t work on me twice! He was about to issue the execution order when Qin Xingluo and Lu Shiqian turned around and started running towards him!




    Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo had just began fighting when Wei Mo cast an offensive Rank 7 spell, Ice Seals a Million Miles. In Wei Mo’s view, no matter how much he hates killing, he’s willing to do so in order to protect Lu Shiqian.
    The three cooperated well together. Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo kept the leader busy, the others were afraid to attack lest they hit the wrong person by accident. Furthermore, Wei Mo’s spell temporarily restricted their movements. 
    In the fight, the Crystal Scorpion Shui Se was called out by Lu Shiqian, its poisonous tail’s tip dripping a blue-colored poison.
    The leader was stunned and quickly retreated 10 meters. Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo attacked with renewed frenzy!
    One after another, the three toyed with the powerhouses around them. You can’t deny their strength! 
    “Your road ends here!” a gloomy voice suddenly called out.
    A man clad in black appeared in the dark of night. His pressure was incredible, and only after he walked out did it lessen. He was actually a Rank 7 High Mage!
    Unlike Wei Mo, this person seemed extremely sinister. A few globes of fire floated around him.
    Who is he?
    As soon as that person appeared, the leader obediently handed over his position. He allowed him to command them. After all, the strong is respected!  
    However, they didn’t hold much respect for the man. Instead, they seemed fearful of him. 
    The man was clad entirely in black and it was impossible to tell his appearance, age, height, or stature. That black robe covered his figure too completely. Although the robe could obscure his looks, it couldn’t hide the sinister aura of death around him. Even his allies kept at least a 10 meter distance. He used that gloomy, death filled voice to say, “You three can’t escape!”
    Before he could even finish, Lu Shiqian and the other two turned around and ran away!
    You can’t escape? That’s not for you to decide!
    That Rank 7 mage never in his most wild imagination thought that those three would turn and run before he finished speaking. But then again, only a fool wouldn’t run! However, it was obvious he didn’t think like a normal person. Seeing the three people running away, he took it as a personal insult. He mumbled to himself and the ghost fire revolved faster around him. The air suddenly chilled as he waved his hand.
    Cha cha cha. The sound of bones creaking sounded out. At first, there was only one sound… then two… then three… countless amounts. A dry, withered hand suddenly reached out from the ground followed by its shoulder, head, and torso! It was a corpse! A soulless and fleshless corpse crawled out from the ground! It had been buried in the ground for too long. After awakening, it stared at this land with love and filled with murder intent. One word from the one who summoned them and their target would be ripped to shreds!
    One corpse may not be too scary. However, what if there were corpses everywhere?
    Moreover, these corpses continued to emerge. They even blocked their escape route! 
    If this is still not a desperate situation, what if they surrounded them as far as the eye could see? 




    The three were originally not familiar with the West County lands… Lu Shiqian came out to sightsee for the first time; Wei Mo journeyed outside for the first time; not to mention Qin Xingluo! If it weren’t for the Devil Fruit, he wouldn’t have come either! Their crazed sprint led them closer and closer to the cliffside. They didn’t know this and of course their pursuers wouldn’t reveal that to them.
    Behind them were soldiers, in front of them a dead end. There’s no way to retreat and no way to advance! 
    Lu Shiqian saw the cliff, clouds swirling around below it. The depth was unknown while the other side was as far away as the heavens! There is absolutely no possibility of crossing over!
    “A’Qian…” Wei Mo tugged Lu Shiqian’s side and said with a voice full of self-reproach, “That’s guy is a Necromancer, I can’t defeat him.”
    The Necromancer is a branch of the mage path specializing in controlling the dead. They use corpses as weapons and souls as shields, extremely powerful! Think about it, which place wouldn’t have one or two dead people? Whether they are humans or beasts doesn’t matter, as long as they use their summoning spell, their strength is limitless! The reason is because corpses won’t get tired. As long as their joints aren’t broken, they can fight on endlessly!
    Of course, not everyone can become a Necromancer. Only a few people with bodies close to death can practice it. Such a person may only be one in a million! Therefore, Necromancers are quite rare. In addition, Necromancers find it harder to advance than a regular mage. Those that can become a Rank 5 Necromancer can compete with Rank 7 mages! High Mage Necromancers are even more terrifying, literally the worst nightmare! Chanting the spell, wave the hand and you’ll have lots of soldiers. Once, an army of tens of thousands of soldiers were annihilated by a single Necromancer!

(DL Scanlations)

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