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Chapter 48

Do we need to break through them? Lu Shiqian recalled all those times on her missions where they were forced into a corner yet miraculously survived. At the crucial moment, she can usually turn the situation around. This requires great courage, skill, and an unyielding heart!
    The corpses creeped slowly towards them as did those 64 Rank 6 powerhouses and Rank 7 High Mage. However, they stopped around a hundred meters away, not taking another step forward! Fear was actually reflected in their eyes as they looked at the cliff, a fear that surpasses the norm! They are scared of the Necromancer, but they are truly terrified of the cliff.
    This cliffside is famous.
    Its name is Life Ending Cliff!
    If it was just bottomless, this cliff wouldn’t be known as ‘Life Ender’. If it was just a huge divide, it still wouldn’t be called Life Ending Cliff. It is called that because it literally devours human lives! There were once two kings and 200,000 soldiers having a battle on this cliff. Normally, you would expect there to be one victor and one loser; however, not a single person was seen walking out. They disappeared into thin air. Some people didn’t believe the rumors and went to investigate for themselves. Thirty or forty meters down the cliffside, the rope suddenly broke for no reason. They never returned. During these years, many people went to challenge this cliff. There was even a Rank 8 powerhouse among these people! The result was the same: no one returned alive. Therefore, calling this cliff Life Ending is very fitting!
    Their fearful look was noticed by Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo, who raised their guards. These two reached the same plan in their minds: they can take advantage of that fear! Since their enemies are scared of this cliff, they can use it to their advantage!




    The corpses charged forward. These dead things obviously won’t understand what fear is. They also don’t fear death. Since, you know, they’re already dead.
    Lu Shiqian brandished her dagger and struck powerfully, accurately, efficiently, not wasting an extra ounce of her stamina. Every strike hit a critical point, each slash taking care of one corpse.
    Qin Xingluo’s long and slender body contained unprecedented power. His fist was like wind, powerful without peer! Each swipe of his arm or leg would destroy a corpse, taking another with it through its momentum! He flew through the battlefield almost like a God of War! 
    Wei Mo bit his lips and cast Water Ring. He doesn’t have much combat experience and doesn’t have many offensive spells. Of course, this is also related to his personality but he stood his ground, using his strong shield to repel all the attacks! You could call him the ultimate guardian! 
    The three complemented each other perfectly. 
    “What is this sh*t?! I can’t use my poison at all!” Shui Se grew anxious as he watched on from the magic beast space. Both Hong Jin and Yin had entered the battle, only he was left behind, impatiently spectating. But those corpses aren’t afraid of his poison. He’s a hero that has no demon king to slay!
    The Crystal Scorpion Shui Se had just finished cursing when the Rank 7 Necromancer released a poisonous mist. The Necromancer is capable with poisons as well as raising the dead!
    “Impertinent!” Hong Jin snorted.
    Shui Se was overjoyed. Toxic and detoxification were its strong suites and quickly gave a poison immune blessing to the group. 
    The Necromancer saw his poison have no effect on them. This poison can erode a person’s flesh and blood in a minute! He then looked at the green poison immunity blessing shining on top of their heads. He started: I can’t believe someone has a 10-star or above magic beast in their midst! I definitely can’t leave them alive! I mean, they’re just a Rank 7 High Mage, Rank 5 Martial Master, and a little Apprentice Mage yet they actually have such high battle strength! In time, these people will definitely become the bane of the Song Empire!
    “You fools, what are you just staring for? Hurry up and attack!” The Necromancer angrily yelled at those Rank 6 powerhouses. Idiots, each and every one of them! Just standing there and watching!
    These Rank 6 powerhouses felt helpless: it’s not that we don’t want to fight. We want to beat these people to death very much, however, when Master you are attacking, we don’t dare to lest you find us irritating and get rid of us too! But since Master has sent down the order, then we can only attack! Chants were made, lines of fire dragons, thorns, wooden dolls… were sent towards the three! There are at least 26 Archmages in that group! Even though they were gasping for breath earlier, they were sufficiently recovered by now!
    Qin Xingluo yelled, “Get back!”
    Retreat! Retreat to the edge of the cliff! Although they don’t know why those people are afraid of this place, as long as they are, the three will have a chance to live through this!
    The three immediately retreated to the cliffside. As expected, those Song Empire powerhouses didn’t dare to get any closer and stopped their attacks.
    “Idiot, attack!” the Necromancer yelled, but he didn’t dare take another step forward himself!




    The powerhouses rolled their eyes. Are you mentally sane? You yourself don’t dare to move forward but you think we can? That’s the Life Ending Cliff for heaven’s sake!
    The two sides were thus stuck in a deadlock: one side refused to advance, the other cannot break through. Now is a test of patience!
    Lu Shiqian is a very patient person. She can handle more loneliness and isolation than most others, tranquil as a lake.
    Qin Xingluo glanced at the woman beside him with amazement. Under the moonlight, she was like a pearl, utterly peerless! Her face was calm, no panic visible on that beautiful face. She looked like she was admiring the night scenery instead of in danger of being killed at any moment! Such a temperament can only be gained after much killing and slaughtering. This woman… is she really the Lu family’s incompetent Lu Shiqian?
    Wei Mo also stared at her. As long as she is there, he will be fine no matter what lies ahead!
    Numerous counterplans flashed through her mind, she looked at the enemies and then at the cliff behind her. She suddenly laughed.
    “Hahaha, you idiots, you’re all way too stupid!” Lu Shiqian smiled as if she had a trick up her sleeve. 
    The Necromancer panicked seeing her laugh. He snorted, “Death is near at hand, yet you dare to laugh?!”

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