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Chapter 49

“Why wouldn’t I laugh? Why shouldn’t I laugh? You guys just wait there patiently to pay your dues!” Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes and grabbed Qin Xingluo, “Is he the one you guys are looking for? The Master is so smart, finding such a similar substitute!” She ripped open his clothes revealing his jade-white chest and rubbed her hands together sinisterly. She looked towards the Necromancer with cold eyes, “Do you see now? This guy’s just a substitute! I can do whatever I want with him!”
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes burned with fury: this b*tch! She dares?! But he suddenly understood when he saw her eyes. He can’t help but applaud her wits! He immediately weakened his voice and pleaded, “Please spare me! Don’t do this to me!” He wanted to pull up his clothes, but was scared to disobey Lu Shiqian’s orders. He could only hold onto it pitifully.
    The powerhouses stared at the scene incredulously. One word popped into their brain: tricked! The Qin prince they were trying to kill was a noble, revered as a God of War, how could he possibly allow someone to play with him? Furthermore, that weak and appeasing tone would never be used by that person! He was a strong, scheming, and proud person! 
    “Soon, Master’s people will arrive! You guys can go to hell together with me then! Hahaha, the lives of us three in exchange for your 64!” Lu Shiqian picked up Qin Xingluo ruthlessly. “Little beauty, your elder sister will take good care of you again after you hit the ground!” She applied some real force behind it. After all, if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be in this desperate situation! Ahead of them is a cliff, behind them an army. 
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes sank: this woman… But he couldn’t get angry and could only follow her plan. He screamed weakly, “Ahhh!” 
    The enemies were even surer of her words and flew into a frenzy. 




    “What do we do?!”
    “Let’s hurry up and leave, it’s not worth it to accompany them to their death!”
    “Yeah, that’s right!”
    By this point, their lives are naturally more important than others!
    The Necromancer became wary: these three are extremely sly! Could they be lying to them?
      As if she knew what the Necromancer was thinking, Lu Shiqian laughed again. She laughed arrogantly and conceitedly, as if she planned on dragging them down with her.
    The Necromancer decided to retreat. He’s unwilling to for the real prince, let alone a fake!
    Seeing that the enemy decided to retreat, Lu Shiqian’s heart was relieved. She had just prepared to scare them some more when a huge suction force dragged her down the cliff!
    “Crap!” Lu Shiqian cursed. Good heavens, why must you be so dastardly?! Actually driving me to death? I swear it was just a joke when I told them I’d drag them down with me!
    “A’Qian!” Wei Mo unhesitantly dived after her.
    Qin Xingluo hesitated for a moment before following.
    “…” The three powerhouses looked at each other. These three… why the heck did they jump?
    What kind of fall can take over an hour?
    Lu Shiqian looked at the Life Ending cliff up above her speechlessly. She had fallen over an hour ago! At first, she was scared but after a while, she started chatting with her 3 magic beasts. In the end, she looked towards the bottom which was still not visible and became impatient. Hurry up already!
    And then, unexpectedly, she landed. There was no injury; she didn’t even get a bruise! 
    She was caught by a layer of blue, crystal-like things. These things filled the entire canyon, flowing up and down like water. It was foggy yet clear, a dreamlike scene! The blue crystals could even light up the night sky!
    At the bottom, the magic power is several dozen times denser. Lu Shiqian had just landed when a large amount of magic power rushed into her body. 
    “Feels so good!” Hong Jin happily jumped out and took a long breath, bathing himself in bliss!
    The Crystal Scorpion Shui Se cooly picked up its claws, disdain written all over his face at Hong Jin’s overreaction. 
    “Master, this is a good place for you to train.” Yin said. As Lu Shiqian’s first magic beast, he was very considerate.
    Lu Shiqian nodded and leapt up onto a ledge. Wei Mo also fell down? A dried tear streak on his flawless face, Wei Mo was lying down peacefully on the blue crystals. It was a beautiful picture-like scene.
    Who did he shed his tears for? Lu Shiqian wiped his face and seeing that he hadn’t woke up yet, smiled and said, “Wake up, rise and shine!”
    Wei Mo’s fan-like eyes trembled, but he didn’t open them. He seemed to hear A’Qian’s voice! This must be a dream, an illusion…




    Lu Shiqian amusedly laughed, “I’m going to leave if you don’t open your eyes.”
    Wei Mo grabbed Lu Shiqian, “Don’t go, A’Qian! I’m scared by myself!” He hurriedly opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Lu Shiqian, “I’m not scared as long as A’Qian is by my side. Not even of death.” This is great! I can see A’Qian even on the way to the underworld!
    A heartstring was plucked: this kid…
    “Well, I’m sorry to say but we are still alive.” Lu Shiqian joked, a rare occurrence. 
    She just finished saying that when a whistle tore through the air. Lu Shiqian pushed Wei Mo to the side.
    The falling person is naturally Qin Xingluo. He looked at them with confusion. Alright, anyone falling for that long and finds themselves unscathed will feel like they are in a dream. The amount of time every person takes to wake up depends.
    “What kind of bad things did you do to be chased by such a huge army?” Lu Shiqian stared at the guy that dragged her into that mess angrily. “Speak, who are you?” Who were those people chasing him? Also, why is he so obstinate about getting the Devil Fruit?

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