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Chapter 50

Qin Xingluo quickly woke up from his daze. When Lu Shiqian asked him that, he quickly ran through several possibilities in his mind.
    “We are all dominoes lined up in a row. Brother, if I have to die, I want to know exactly what I am dying for.” Lu Shiqian naturally knew what he was thinking and knelt down, using a kind tone to talk to him.
    “I am the fifth prince of the Qin Empire: Qin Xingluo.” After considering it, he decided to tell them his true identity.
    Crown prince? Lu Shiqian took a step back. She had never liked to deal with nobles. After all, those people are so troublesome! If you slightly annoy them, they give you an endless stream of trouble in return. It seems to be true.
    Her alienation made Qin Xingluo’s eyes sink: what does she mean by that? How many people fawn over him, try to ingratiate themselves to him? Especially those women, which one of them doesn’t have her heart flutter when they see him? Be that way! This woman actually wanted to distance herself after hearing his identity? Hmph, the more you want to run, the more I want to catch you! Lu Shiqian of the Lu family, there is nothing I can’t do within this Qin Empire!
    Recalling her rough treatment and visible annoyance at him on the cliff, Qin Xingluo was even more enraged. From birth to now, he had never experienced such rude treatment! Even though it was an act to confuse those people, it still can’t be forgiven! After getting out of here, we will settle these accounts! I’ll show her! 
    “Why do you want the Devil Fruit?” Lu Shiqian coldly questioned.
    “Treatment for my imperial father, he was poisoned.” Qin Xingluo revealed a surprising fact.




    What kind of waves would this news cause if it were spread? The emperor of the country was actually poisoned! The people would be in chaos if this gets out, foreign nations would start eyeing them, they may even try to invade them! Such a big thing was met with a casual “oh” from Lu Shiqian.
    Qin Xingluo couldn’t help wonder if she really is a citizen of Qin.
    Of course she isn’t a Qin citizen: she’s thoroughly Chinese! The good and bad, life and death of the Qin Empire has nothing to do with her! However, this body and identity she was using is a part of Qin. With a guilty conscience, Lu Shiqian decided to help Qin out once. She took out the Devil Fruit and tossed it over to Qin Xingluo. Walking forward, she decided to find a way out first.
    Wei Mo immediately followed. Even though this place is filled with magic power, it was quite strange. He needs to protect A’Qian at all times! 
    Qin Xingluo stared at the Devil Fruit in his hand. This thing was so nonchalantly thrown to him? Does she know the value of this fruit? However, seeing how easily she gave it to him, he decided not to be too hard on her after they get out. Just a… small punishment would do.
    The three walked forward. Wherever they went, there were the mysterious blue crystals. The valley was also unexpectedly large. After a couple of hours, they still continued to see those crystals. They covered everywhere near and far.
    Staying in this blue atmosphere for too long may cause a person sink into a dreamlike state and hallucinate.
    This valley is definitely dangerous!
    At least Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo are mentally strong while Wei Mo’s pure heart was used to loneliness. They could withstand the allure of the blue crystals and not sink into a dream.
    The three continued walking for another 3 or 4 hours. Ahead of them, they finally saw a few purple spots that were different from the blue scenery.
    The further they went, the denser the purple lights and magic power. Lu Shiqian’s 100 magic seas began to rotate furiously and absorbed this concentrated magic power. Her contracted magic beasts also frantically collected magic power.
    Closer, closer, even closer. What appeared in front of them was a huge amethyst palace! 
    The palace occupied all of their sight from afar and the closer they got, the larger it seemed. 
    This purple palace has a total of 3 floors, standing over who-knows-how-many-million-miles-of-land. On the first floor, there were 1000 pillars with a width of more than 10 people to circle it. The second floor had many rooms scattered all over. On the third floor, 12 humongous statues held up the ceiling. The palace was not only huge but exquisite: the mysterious patterns, the lighting effects from the different shades of purple creating a dreamlike effect! This was literally a miracle! What’s even more amazing was that the whole palace seemed to be whole! You can’t see any breaks at all! As if it was carved out of one huge piece of amethyst! This palace was beautiful like a dream. 
    Such a palace appearing at the bottom of this cliff was already incredible enough, but it also added a touch of mystery to it.
    Moreover, amethyst is a very precious material. It has strong magic properties and equipment with an amethyst usually contain an extra attribute. Yet, there was someone who created a humongous palace out of it instead. If those Master Forgers saw this, they would either die from a heart attack or be enraged to death.




    The three were completely stunned and Lu Shiqian silently screamed. A palace of this size cannot be made in her world. Perhaps, such a beautiful and magnificent palace can only be constructed in this mysterious world. But when was this palace made and for what reason? Why was it built at the bottom of this cliff?
    Lu Shiqian sat down cross-legged in the corridor of the palace. She calmly took out two deer legs and started grilling it!
    Her behavior, especially when it’s in front of such a magnificent sight, was rather strange and out of place. 
    Qin Xingluo looked at her speechlessly: this person sure doesn’t know how to appreciate beauty! He was born in the royal family and naturally lived in luxury. He also has many requirements regarding food, clothing, and accommodations. His eye is many times sharper than others. Thus, he felt even more awestruck by this palace’s beauty and mysterious atmosphere! He almost wanted to stay here— at the bottom of this mountain— forever!
    The palace is of course beautiful, but after appreciating it you should just get over it. Life is more important. Who knew how long they’ll be stuck here? It’s most important they kept their strength. Eat when you need to, drink when you need to, these were Lu Shiqian’s thoughts.

(DL Scanlations)

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