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Chapter 6

Lu Shiqian gazed at Lu Caiyun very calmly, as if she’s looking at an ant. But it is this very look that seemed to cut like a knife through Lu Caiyun’s heart. “Second Sister, don’t think that I don’t know what you did in the dark. The things that you’ve done, I know very well!”
    Lu Caiyun’s body shook as she gazed incredulously at Lu Shiqian. There’s no way! There should be no plot holes regarding the things that she and her father have done.
    Xu Jun gaze Lu Caiyun a stern gaze: if you’re unable to maintain your composure over small things, then how can you accomplish big things? At the same time, his eyes that were watching Lu Shiqian turned slightly more sinister.
    “Are you going to admit your wrongs or not?” Lu Ningxiang angrily asked.
    “I am not wrong,” Lu Shiqian calmly replied.    
    “Guards, come! Drag this tramp away and give her 50 lashes; she’s also forbidden from leaving for one month!” Lu Ningxiang ordered.
    “Ningxiang, don’t be so angry… Qian’er, just admit that you’re wrong this time, please!” Zhang Jun was distressed. One wanted to punish the other while the other refused to admit that she was wrong.
    Lu Ningxiang stood immovably. Whether it’s hitting or yelling, she is not afraid to do either of them!
    “You all, you’re not allowed to harm Big Sister!” a small breeze blew following the eight-year-old Lu Xianghui as he burst in to protect his sister. His sister was usually soft so her performance today made him very happy. Whether it’s the past her or the current her, he will always protect his sister!
    Lu Ningxiang stared at her youngest son. His movement was very fast! Could he have already broken through the first-stage Practitioner to be at the second rank already? This little brat really is a genius! Three years ago, he was still a pile of meat. The Gods aren’t blind, there’s hope for the Lu family!
    “Hui’er, stand down. I’m just teaching her a small lesson,” Lu Ningxiang softly commanded.
      “No! I know that you’re going to hit her! If you want to hit her… if you want to hit her, then you should hit me first!” Little Xianghui opened his clear eyes wide to demonstrate his sincerity.
    How could Lu Ningxiang have the heart to hit him? Seeing that little kid resolutely standing there with no room for discussion, she relented: “Shut this broad up for 2 months! Someone come and bring her away!”
    Lu Shiqian managed to avoid being hit due to the benevolence of the Fifth Son. This set off alarm bells in Xu Jun. This kid… is trouble!
    Zhang Jun felt relieved seeing that his daughter had been spared and held his wife’s hand. They have not seen each other for a long time, and he can finally take a good look at her now. 
    The little guy clasped onto Lu Shiqian’s hand, afraid that their mother would go back on her words. His actions reminded her of a mother hen protecting her young making Lu Shiqian feel warm and happy. In her memories, only this little brat would stay with her and fight wholeheartedly for her. He is the only one willing to fight for her rights or to protect her. This boy is the most pure-hearted within the entire Lu family, and he is also the one that Lu Shiqian adores the most. 
    In her heart, there seems to be a little bird repeatedly chirping: “Protect him, protect him, protect him…” 
    In the Devil Dance Continent, the Practitioner path has multiple stages or levels. The first rank is known as the Trainee stage where practitioners have just touched upon the realm of martial arts. The second rank is the Fighter stage where practitioners build the basic body. The third and fourth ranks are the Warrior stage and are able to graduate and be recruited into the army. They are especially welcomed by aristocratic armies. The fifth and sixth ranks are known as Martial Masters and are generally very famous. They all have a certain amount of insight on martial arts and Lu Ningxiang is also currently at this stage. These people are often valued by the country for their deserved fighting prowess. The seventh rank is known as Wuzong and practitioners usually have extraordinary status. The eight rank is known as the Grand Wuzong and these practitioners generally don’t concern themselves with worldly affairs. The ninth rank is known as Martial Saint; they are extremely rare and are treated like national treasures. 
    Lu Shiqian’s body is weak, so her primary task is to build up her body.
    The book she is reading right now is “Astounding the Heavens,” and judging from its content, it is a martial arts book. 
    The opening line of the book is: under the heavens, I can accomplish anything! It then introduces the Natural Style, Natural Power, Natural Move, Natural Movement, and Natural Sword Style, containing a total of 128 different strokes. Every move and stroke contains the essence of the natural world creating a great connection to the heavens. This book made Lu Shiqian ecstatic. 
    The first move is called Moving Wind and Water. It concentrates on accumulation and an intrinsic formula to achieve natural, or smooth, execution, creating great power!  
    The book states to calm the mind and heart to feel the natural world around you and allow these elements to enter the body.
    Lu Shiqian followed the instructions and sat cross-legged to meditate. In a moment, she was able to sense many different colored elements moving towards her body. They entered her body and Lu Shiqian used the method written in the book and circled these elements around her body once. This method is truly refreshing and Lu Shiqian was overjoyed! With this method, she will definitely be able to overcome this weak body! She then induced her body to circle these elements around another hundred times. Her body gradually grew warm; her pores opened up; and a black substance was discharged from her skin. 
    The longer she cultivated, the more comfortable she felt. Lu Shiqian followed her circulation and entered into a subconscious state. After the fog dispersed, she arrived at an empty place.
    “Where is this?” Lu Shiqian felt worried, this book was just too strange. 
    Just as she finished saying those words, a butterfly, fluttering about, appeared in front of her.  
    “Child, catch that butterfly.” In the empty space, a voice suddenly rang out. 
    Lu Shiqian may have a rebellious streak, but deep inside she was an obedient child, especially to the elderly. So, she tried to catch the butterfly. 
    This butterfly is very strange, it seems to flutter about slowly but when you try to catch it, it suddenly becomes very fast. And it is usually at the moment when you think you’ve caught it that it miraculously escapes. After failing over dozens of times, the butterfly landed on Lu Shiqian’s nose as if it was mocking her. 
    Lu Shiqian calmed down. This place is very strange, if she does not take it seriously, something bad may happen. 
    She began to seriously analyze the butterfly’s movement patterns. Quick as lightning, she quickly intercepted the butterfly in the direction it was about to evade in. That slippery butterfly was finally caught by her!
    “Child, congratulations on passing the test, I will now formally teach you the Star Heritage.” An old man with a long white beard and white hair appeared in front of Lu Shiqian. The old man was covered in white and emitted a glow as if he were being bathed in light. 
    Seeing this old man, Lu Shiqian suddenly felt a vague sense of familiarity, but it went even faster than it came. 
    “Since you were able to find me, it means that you’ve begun to practice according to “Astounding the Heavens” but cultivating only it is useless. Without the Star Heritage, the book is merely an empty shell. By the time you reach the tenth stage, you will either explode and die or go crazy and become a demon. Child, since you are here, it means that we were fated to meet,” the old man amiably said. 

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