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Chapter 51

Fortunately, she had told Yin to hunt quite a few magic beasts in the Silent Forest and stored them in her interspatial bracelet. Now it has come in handy!
    Soon, the delicious scent of grilled meat spread. After putting on some seasoning, the smell became even more fragrant. 
    The three had just come out of Silent Forest and was ambushed before having time to eat. The running and fighting had thoroughly exhausted them, falling off the cliff and exploring the valley took another 6 to 7 hours, and they were always on guard. Thus, the smell of meat made them feel very hungry. 
    Unrestrainedly, the three buried themselves into the meat while the three magic beasts also came out to snatch food! Generally, the magic beast space is enough to satisfy all the needs of the magic beast, but who told their master to make such delicious food?
    “You seem to have a bit of skill.” Qin Xingluo ate elegantly, though his mouth was still quite sharp.
    “A’Qian is always very skilled!” Wei Mo carefully cut Lu Shiqian’s portion and wiped the residue off her face.
    These actions stunned Qin Xingluo and he inelegantly bit into the meat. A strange feeling rose in his heart. It felt like there were a ton of little bugs crawling over him. It must be because Wei Mo’s attitude towards Lu Shiqian is too lovey-dovey, making him uncomfortable. 
    After that disturbing scene, Qin Xingluo didn’t speak again until after the meal. 
    Lu Shiqian naturally didn’t care about Qin Xingluo’s feelings. Eat well and rest well. She lay on the amethyst floor and prepared to sleep.
    Wei Mo took off his outer robe and gently placed it on top of Lu Shiqian. His actions resembled a mother taking care of her baby.
    “You don’t have to do this for me, Wei Mo.” Lu Shiqian looked into Wei Mo’s eyes, causing him to blush. “I have Yin and Hong Jin, I won’t be cold.”
    Wei Mo refused to take back his robe. After all, he said that he would be the one to protect her!




    “Then you sleep here next to Yin.” Lu Shiqian suggested.
    Qin Xingluo looked on from the side. The more he watched, the more distraught he became. He yelled towards Lu Shiqian, “You mean we’re sleeping here on the ground?!”
    “Don’t be so picky. It’s good enough that we have a place to sleep,” Lu Shiqian lazily responded, “If you don’t like it, then just sleep standing up.”
    He knew about the current situation and actually isn’t a picky person. It’s just that watching Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo’s interaction irks him. He was a little angry: what’s so good about that guy? He’s just a little good-looking! Hmph, I’m also good-looking! I even have money and potential…
    He looked at Lu Shiqian again, she was already asleep. Wei Mo was also fast asleep on the other side of Yin.
    Qin Xingluo quietly scooted over to Lu Shiqian. His eyelids grew heavier and heavier. 
    The three had just fallen asleep when a terrifying scream echoed out from the palace, breaking the silence of the night!
    Lu Shiqian snapped awake, this was a habit she had maintained for many years. She can wake up immediately at the slightest breeze, not to mention such a loud sound.
    Yin furrowed his brows: the natural instincts of a magic beast are originally high. “Master, I can feel a very dangerous aura coming from there. It’s rather scary…” Yin’s voice slightly trembled. 
    “Master, I think so too… it’s very scary.” The lively Hong Jin also said with fear.
    Even though Shui Se didn’t say much, the signals he was sending to Lu Shiqian indicated the same.
    Just what is over there?
    Instead of shaking in fear, why not go confront it instead? Besides, we have to pass through that palace in order to leave this place anyways.
    “What is that sound?” Qin Xingluo also sat up.
    “I don’t know. I was just about to go check,” Lu Shiqian said and left.
    “A’Qian, I’ll go with you!” Wei Mo pulled Lu Shiqian’s hands and insisted. He wants to protect A’Qian and that palace doesn’t seem safe. What if something happens to her if she goes alone?
    “Hmph,” Qin Xingluo stood up, “There’s no window of opportunity to get rid of me.”
    The further in they walked, the louder the sound became. At first, it was just a cry, but after walking in, there were more and more screams! It also became more and more terrifying. It echoed within your eardrums, tensed your nerves, everything in this valley was strange and unpredictable. Everything was beyond your imagination; no one knew what’s ahead. In this quiet valley with the mysterious blue crystals everywhere, the sudden scream felt very human.
    Furthermore, those screams didn’t sound human, yet didn’t sound like a beast either. The sound contained a violent bloodthirst, but also felt empty. It sounded like a robot from the apocalypse. 




    The palace seemed even grander after walking in. The long columns whose top couldn’t be seen, if you looked down from there, those three that just walked in would look like three small points. The purple blended together to create magnificent scenes: purple water, purple flowers, purple springs, and purple drawings. Yes, purple drawings. The characters in the drawing seemed alive, extremely realistic carvings!
    In the palace, the screams became more terrifying. With the echo effect, these screams were even more nerve-wracking. 
    Lu Shiqian ignored it all and continued forward.
    How brave a person truly is will be reflected at times like these. Not facing something they know about, but something that is unknown! The unknown is usually the most terrifying, and being able to face it is the quality of the brave! Naturally, Lu Shiqian is brave!
    Opportunities are found by those who look for them, aren’t they?
    “A’Qian, look at this magic array.” Wei Mo pointed at an array composed of amethysts. These arrays aren’t easy to detect, but if you find one, you’ll realize that there are arrays everywhere. You can even say that the palace is one huge array! “This array is a forbidden magic; this one causes illusions; this one is a trap, I believe…” Wei Mo demonstrated his unparalleled knowledge on magic. He had a terrifying intuition, although there were many arrays he didn’t recognize, he could still accurately state its function.

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