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Chapter 52

Following those screams, Lu Shiqian and her entourage made their way forward.
    As they walked through the corridor, human-shaped figures gradually became clearer. They wore old-fashioned armor, leather armor. There were regular troops and even adventurers. These people carried an indomitable fighting aura. These were actually all people who fell or got swallowed by the cliff!
    If this is truly the case, it’s just a bit too much, isn’t it? Look at these people: there are around 500 to 600 thousand total! Why did they kill each other? Generally, after falling to the bottom of a cliff, you would team up or work together wouldn’t you?
    Wei Mo looked at this tragic scene and held onto Lu Shiqian’s hand uncomfortably. These people seemed to be taken over by some extreme emotions. There was a crazy madness on their face.
    What happened here?
    The cry also became louder and shriller. Coupled with this scene, it made the situation even more harrowing. It probably wasn’t something good either way!
    Going farther, there were less and less people but they emitted more and more powerful auras. Looks like the farther in you went, the higher the person’s strength.
    But what are they trying to gain? 
    Lu Shiqian continued moving farther until she saw a blue globe emitting dense magic power at the end of the corridor.
    Her body’s magic sea uncontrollably surged up and so did Wei Mo’s. Their face both showed a yearning expression. Qin Xingluo also stared motionlessly at it.




    This thing has a deadly attraction to both mages and practitioners!
    After seeing it, an uncontrollable desire would rise up in the person. Obtaining this item would greatly enhance a person’s power. Enough to topple kingdoms and sit at the top of the strength hierarchy!
    When Lu Shiqian saw it, even she couldn’t resist the urge.
    But when she saw Wei Mo’s yearning expression, she realized that something wasn’t right.
    She didn’t know since when, but they had been led by this strange force. First were the blue crystals, then the purple palace, and finally the fierce battlefield. These scenes all indicated a strange force working in the back controlling all these people. Only if you have power can you truly not fear!
    This was a trap, an elaborate trap, an inescapable trap! 
    Whether you can break through this trap or not will depend on your willpower. Everyone knows that the most reliable force will be a stable heart!
    Lu Shiqian is not completely fearless, but she does believe in herself. She is better able to evaluate herself, so she immediately snapped out of the temptation.
    Wei Mo is a simple person. Even in such a strange environment, his main thought was to protect Lu Shiqian. Thus, he was tempted because he wanted strength. 
    Qin Xingluo was a prince with many things on his plate. He knows the power of strength the most, thus, he was the most strongly tempted of them all.
    These two approached the blue globe in a daze, a voice in their heart telling them: “Fight! Only if you defeat the person beside you can you obtain that light! You’ll be able to get everything you had ever wanted if you obtain that!” 
    What does Wei Mo want? He wants to protect Lu Shiqian, stay by her side forever, and stare at her beautiful face. Yes, he didn’t ask for much, but such a pure thought led to more and more obsession, hurrying his steps towards the blue globe of light.
    But his hand was suddenly stopped and a fragrant smell was touching his lips. He felt his heart beat like a drum, immediately snapping out of the illusion and saw Lu Shiqian standing in front of him. His face blushed like a fire, his mouth numb.
    “A’Qian,” he quietly called out. All the illusions disappeared: only Lu Shiqian was in his eyes.
    Lu Shiqian took out her dagger and poked Qin Xingluo’s thigh. About 2 cm in, his nerves fired off pain signals and he also woke up from the illusion. He has too much to think about so only pain can bring him back. 
    “You bastard, what have you done?!” After being forcefully pulled out of the illusion, the Qin prince was in a foul mood. 
    Lu Shiqian looked slightly indignant as she said, “Don’t get angry so fast. Take a look at those people. Do you want to end up like them?”
    Qin Xingluo is also a calm and steady person, even more so than many adults. He looked at his surroundings and immediately expelled the illusion from his mind. He is a smart person: the same trick can’t be used twice on him.
    “Yin, Hong Jin, break that blue globe!” Yes, that blue globe is the origin of the illusion. It is the cause of the illusion.
    Yin and Hong Jin didn’t go easy on it. Yin spit out a ball of lightning while Hong Jin cast a rain of fire. The two spells stacked together and the blue globe that symbolized power was broken like a balloon carrying fantasies. 




    This is the correct approach: destroying the queen bee will destroy the entire hive!
    The palace shuddered as if a huge beast was trying to climb out. The speed was also extremely fast!
    Following, a gigantic mechanic beast appeared in front of the three people. Even worse, small mechanical beasts appeared along with it.  
    Okay, I must admit, even though it is a so-called “small,” they were all at least bigger than a lion. However, compared to the “big” mechanic beast, they were like rabbits and a domineering dragon!
    This was a shocking scene!
    The big mechanical beast was very powerful. It had the body of a lion, wings of an eagle, composed entirely of metal and had a beautiful black glow. At this point, it used its crimson eyes to stare at the foreign objects in its lair. 
    If you don’t die in the illusion, you get crushed in reality? Is that the meaning of this?
    Otherwise, how would this fearsome, giant beast show up right after they broke out of the illusion?
    Feeling the immense pressure it exuded, Lu Shiqian the Apprentice Mage felt f*cked!

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