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Chapter 53

Lu Shiqian stared at the humongous mechanical beast and said, “Hey pal, seems like I got the wrong room.” 
    You can’t really blame her for joking at this time. Usually, she is not a humorous person. In contrast, during fatal situations, she blurts out one or two jokes.
    But this humor didn’t earn the mechanical beast’s favor. It roared and the small mechanical beasts attacked like a small tidal wave.
    These lion-like beasts were at least Rank 6 magic beasts! Furthermore, they weren’t afraid of water, fire, and even poison!
    Lu Shiqian merged at her fastest speed with Hong Jin into a weapon, Shui Se with her soul. 
    A peerless being emerged in front of Wei Mo and Qin Xingluo’s eyes, a woman with white hair and white eyes, pure and innocent, wearing a silver piece of armor that outlined her sturdy yet curvy figure. She carried a red, fire-like weapon, resembling a Fire Goddess!
    The wind… began to stir!
    That’s strange: wind didn’t exist in this palace so how could there be wind?
     It was indeed the wind. The wind was gentle at first but soon became violent. It cut like a knife and under Lu Shiqian’s command, it turned into a tornado! With its extreme velocity, it instantly defeated the small beasts. One sword slays a hundred enemies. This one slash was very fierce!
    This sword’s power was quite shocking. Even the huge mechanical beast was stunned! It even felt slightly fearful!
    It was a pity that Lu Shiqian only learned the first of the moves from Xing Chen: Wind Splits the Sky. She had not learned the rest yet.
    You can’t blame her thought: how easy could it be to learn such a profound sword skill?




    Fortunately, after weapon merging with Hong Jin and boosting her speed with Yin, cutting down one beast after another was no problem. Shui Se was responsible for keeping an eye out and notifying his master of danger.
    Lu Shiqian found out after killing over a hundred of these beasts that each time she killed one, a warm current would flow through her body into her magic sea. Although individually, they weren’t a lot, but even drops would eventually fill an ocean. She put aside the distractions and sunk into a mysterious realm, just like when she’s studying under Xing Chen: blending with the wind.
     Wind: it’s sometimes fast and sometimes slow, continuously changing, sometimes gentle and peaceful, yet sometimes violent and destructive. It’s like a soft touch and a fierce injury. The faster the speed, the greater its power!
    Lu Shiqian slowly slew the beasts one by one, her actions fierce yet casual. Each stroke carried the destructive power of wind.
    Could this incompetent Lu woman actually be a hidden martial master? Qin Xingluo had some doubts. Watching her fight, she blew away his thoughts as he studied her. 
    Qin Xingluo analyzed the battle situation. He was originally a genius Martial Master and commonly turns a desperate situation around. He yelled and a strong battle intent emanated out from him. He used his hand as a blade, his fist as a hammer. Within the enemy horde, there was actually a faint respect for this man. No wonder why he is the respected God of War. Although he wasn’t as good as Lu Shiqian who takes two with one stroke, he also quickly destroyed the small mechanic beasts. He doesn’t even own a magic beast! He’s a proud person, the type that would rather not contract at all than contract with an undeserving magic beast. 
    Wei Mo also stopped hesitating and called out his red dragon. His dragon was ruby red and clear, white wings, all the more striking in this wholly purple palace!
    Even though it was not fully mature as of yet, even though it was only 10 stars, the mechanic beasts still felt an immense pressure. Wei Mo’s side was soon cleared.
    “Yan’er, Soul Merge!” Wei Mo said with his light and pleasant voice.
    The light of soul merging lit up beneath his feet and Wei Mo’s silky black hair turned into a ruby red. His eyes were also red, his body wrapped by a suit of red armor. His entire temperament seemed to change! Unlike the other frivolous and darker Wei Mo, he currently emanated purity. The desire to protect and seriousness within his peach-blossom eyes accentuated this strange and extraordinary beauty. It was an eye drawing scene!
    “Fire Scorches the City.” Wei Mo raised a hand and a blazing hot fire rushed towards the mechanic beasts. 
    The beasts aren’t afraid of fire, but they can’t stand high temperatures. Furthermore, dragon fire is many times more potent. 
    Soon, many mechanic beasts could no longer stand the heat and started melting. The other beasts didn’t dare get close to him and watched him with wariness from far away.
    Lu Shiqian gave him a thumbs up and praised, “Wei Mo, you’re so strong! You even know fire attribute spells!”
    Wei Mo became embarrassed and turned completely red from her praise, “A’Qian, I am a dual-attribute water and fire mage.” He doesn’t like to fight so he always used water attribute spells, but this does not mean that his fire attribute is weak. He just doesn’t like to use it.
    Dual-attribute water and fire, these two very different elements were both mastered by Wei Mo. This probably has something to do with his special soul: two souls, one body.




    “Hey!” Qin Xingluo dissatisfiedly cried out, “You tramp! I’m also very powerful, why don’t you praise me?” Is there something wrong with her? Is she f*cking blind? Can’t you see this handsome and elegant prince? Every time Wei Mo calls ‘A’Qian, A’Qian,’ he feels uncomfortable. Thinking about Lu Shiqian’s close actions towards him, he unintentionally blurted out ‘tramp’. Didn’t she kidnap young masters from other households before? Tramp is the perfect word for her!
    Tramp? That doesn’t sound very nice.
    “Can you not call me that? I have a name, you know,” Lu Shiqian said.
    “No,” Qin Xingluo stubbornly refused. 
    Lu Shiqian felt helpless: Wei Mo No. 1 calls her A’Qian, Wei Mo No. 2 calls her woman, and now Qin Xingluo is also putting up his stake and calling her tramp. Why do these men keep insisting on giving me these random pet names?!

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