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Chapter 54

The huge mechanic beast stared at the little pests happily chatting away below him. It became enraged. It had guarded this place for many years but this was the first time he was treated this way!
    Its body squeaked as many metal blades emerged from it and shot towards the three!
    Its huge tail was also swiped at them!
    It was angry, enraged!
    Wei Mo immediately cast Water Ring on the team, but the blades were too powerful and seeing its tail also shooting at them, Lu Shiqian immediately pushed Wei Mo and tumbled across the floor. They escaped by an inch, but her shoulder was scratched by a blade. 
    “A’Qian!” Wei Mo yelled anxiously, full of self-blame. 
    “Tramp, why are you so careless?” Qin Xingluo saw blood flow out of Lu Shiqian’s shoulder and angrily said.
    Lu Shiqian ignored her injuries and asked Yin, “Are you okay?” Yin was her armor so if she got hurt, Yin would be harmed too.
    “Master, don’t worry, I have a way.” Shui Se said and cast a spell on Yin and Lu Shiqian. Lu Shiqian’s wound healed at a visible speed.
    The Crystal Scorpion sure deserves its reputation! Not only can it poison and cure poison, it could even heal wounds! It is definitely a necessity when traveling. No wonder why everyone fights over it!
    The huge beast saw these three challenge his authority again and again and roared angrily. It rapidly changed its body from a lion into a pangolin. Its body curled up into a ball, exposing all the sharp blades, and rolled towards Lu Shiqian and the group!




    This was too stimulating! Would you be able to survive that hit? If you don’t turn into a pancake, you’d at least be skewered!
    The mechanical beast was originally large and took up all the space in the palace. When it moved, there really was nowhere to run!
    “How many stars is this thing? It’s so hard to shake off!” Lu Shiqian pulled the other two around the hall and asked her magic beasts. 
    “Master… h-he’s sixteen stars,” Yin answered with difficulty.
    The mechanical beast saw Lu Shiqian craftily avoiding him behind the pillars and went red eyed. It roared and the smaller mechanical beasts ran up to his feet and joined his body. These smaller ones were actually part of his body!
    The mechanical beast morphed from a pangolin shape to a robot. You must admit, this guy has pretty good foresight: in addition to turning a little rounder, it was also narrower! It really had the feel of a sci-fi robot apocalypse! It shifted its red eyes and jumped, kicking through a pillar that takes a dozen people to encircle!
    Now the three understood: this guy isn’t something they can face. 
    At this critical moment, Lu Shiqian’s interspatial bracelet started to shine!
    An extremely dark card floated in the space emitting earth-shaking power.
    She took out the card and placed her fingers on what looked like the magic beast contract array. 
    A shout rising up to the heavens sounded. It was a thunderous roar carrying an arrogance that stated that all under the heavens belong to me.
    The mechanical beast heard this roar and shivered.
    At Lu Shiqian’s feet, an exaggerated purple magic array that covered the entire purple palace’s floor lit up. She also felt an unrivalled surge of power through her body. The power was too strong and almost tore her body apart! A dark, completely black magic beast space appeared in her body.
    Not only she suffered the pain, her magic beasts did too.
    Lu Shiqian felt extremely painful. It felt like every single one of the cells in her body was about to explode. This was not something that normal people can stand.
    But she didn’t understand what had happened yet. How did she end up contracting with a beast?
    “A’Qian!” Wei Mo’s heart hurt. He wanted to rush over and comfort her. 
    “Tramp!” Qin Xingluo’s heart inexplicably throbbed in pain. He wanted to hold her hand.
    “If you guys want her to be fine, then it’s best to not touch her right now,” an enchanting and overbearing voice spoke. It was neither too slow nor too fast and carried an irresistible taste.
    One person, a man slowly walked towards Lu Shiqian. The first thing that would catch your eye was his striking silver hair, more radiant than the moon, brighter than the stars, wordlessly moving people. His hair grew down to his feet. He wore a light white robe, as if it didn’t weigh anything. The pattern on the robe was intricate and beautiful, but on this man, it only helped accentuate his beauty. His fingers were slender yet powerful but also beautiful at the same time. All of this was just like stones on the side of the road compared to his face. When you see his face, you can forget everything and only sigh. His face was the masterpiece of the heavens. His eyebrows formed a natural arch, his eyes dark like the night. They also slanted up charmingly at the ends. His nose was tall and straight, lips red, a black five-star pattern on his forehead. He was enchanting yet ruthless, pure yet arrogant, weak yet overbearing. These two extremes were both distinctly present on his person.




    His whole person could be described like this: devilishly handsome and evil, subjugating the heavens!
    He hugged Lu Shiqian and sighed, “How could you be so weak?”
    He used his pure hand to hold onto Lu Shiqian and an immensely powerful energy traveled within her body, guiding her chaotic magic power from contracting with him. Under his guidance, that unruly energy slowly calmed down and split into the different magic seas. 
    One magic sea was filled, then two, then three… until it filled a hundred magic seas! Even then, the power had no looks of stopping!
    A gorgeous golden advancement magic circle shone below Lu Shiqian’s feet. That extravagant magic array couldn’t be called anything other than number one. Following, Yin, Hong Jin, and Shui Se’s body all lit up with a golden light and the purple contract, flashing nonstop. 

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