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Chapter 55

Lu Shiqian, the one who usually does the scaring, was the one frightened this time around. She never thought that she would ever rank up in this lifetime, but now she has. Truly, indeed, one hundred percent advanced! She could feel magic power coursing through her body and looked at the man embracing her rather confused about the situation. 
    “Master, I’m actually… actually 10 stars now!” Yin excitedly yelled. Ten stars, my God, 4 stars in a row! I’m gonna go crazy!
    “Hmph!” Shui Se knocked this pig brain’s head. This idiot doesn’t get the current situation at all!
    “Oh, is this your magic beast?” The peerless man carried an unclear smile, “They are as weak as you.”
    Casually glanced at by the man, the three beasts felt great awe in their hearts unintentionally. The three beasts’ awe was akin to humans’ respect for their respective Gods!
    “Who are you?” Lu Shiqian asked dreamily. This man is too beautiful, like a messenger from heaven!
    “I am Bai Hu (White Tiger). You can call me Bai (White).” The man smiled, peerlessly beautiful at this moment, “We actually met a while ago.”
    “I don’t know anyone called Bai Hu…” Lu Shiqian said. She suddenly recalled that when she was playing “Magic World,” there was an extremely intelligent BOSS with similar eyes. Didn’t she also transmigrate to this world due to that game? Could it be… no way! Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched.
    “You are absolutely correct, my Master.” Bai poked her lips. 
    “How did you know what I was thinking? And what did you just call me?” Lu Shiqian cut directly to the chase.
    “I called you Master, you little fool.” Bai arrogantly stated the shocking truth.
    “You… you… you’re that White Tiger?!” Lu Shiqian gaped.




    “Exactly, you fool.” Bai smiled.
    Lu Shiqian was blinded by this smile, “Are you human… or beast?”
    “Foolish Master, this question is quite disrespectful. I am a beast, calling me human is an insult.” Bai drew little circles on Lu Shiqian’s mouth with his finger.
    Lu Shiqian choked on her saliva. She asked with great difficulty, “I contracted with you?”
    Bai heard this question and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh yeah! Let me check if Dumbo has signed the life contract!” He scanned her and nodded his head in satisfaction, “I want to sign a life contract with Dumbo!”
    “Life contract?” Lu Shiqian puzzled.
    “Contracts are divided into two categories. One type is the general contract: the magic beast and master share their magic power, and the death of either one would weaken the other party but not lead to death. But the life contract states… the master dies the beast dies, the beast dies the master also dies.” Shui Se respectfully explained, respect directed towards Bai.
    “Exactly, Dumbo, aren’t you happy?” Bai glanced at Shui Se with appreciation.
    “… Why do you want to sign this contract with me? It doesn’t benefit you at all, does it?” Lu Shiqian skeptically questioned.
    Bai couldn’t help but sigh and look towards the sky: anyone who can contract with a White Tiger always receives great blessings. Moreover, he’s the king of the White Tigers! Yet, this Dumbo actually doubts his purpose?! He dodged the question, “’Cuz I feel like it.” 
    He probed the other three beasts, “You guys have no problems with it, right?” Even though they are weak, they are still Dumbo’s beasts after all.
    The three beasts quickly nodded and felt like they were dreaming. Their Master is actually contracting with a White Tiger? Too… too too too exciting!!!
    “I still haven’t…” agreed. Before she could finish, Bai leaned down and sealed her lips. An extravagant, blood red contract pattern appeared.
    Only a long time later did Lu Shiqian ask whether the kiss was necessary for the contract. Bai only gave a pompous, “’Cuz I like it!” 
    Qin Xingluo stared at the mysterious white-clothed man who appeared at their time of crisis and saved them. He even helped alieve the pain of Lu Shiqian. Thus, he was grateful to the man, but when he saw him kiss her, his heart suddenly turned sour. He then saw the contract array at her feet and couldn’t help but stare with wide eyes: wait a second, a human-shaped magic beast?! Does something like that actually exist?!
    Meanwhile, on Wei Mo’s side, his red dragon Yan’er hid in the magic beast space and refused to come out. Heavens, the one outside it way too scary! After confirming that Lu Shiqian was fine, he began to comfort Yan’er. This is the first time he saw Yan’er act so terrified!
    “Dumbo, you’re still way too weak. I need to find some helpers for you.” Bai scanned the surroundings and found the still shivering mechanic beast. 
    “Hmm… this bug here seems a little durable, we’ll just use it,” Bai reluctantly said as if he finally picked a relatively good cabbage out of the rotten ones at the market. 
    Lu Shiqian’s mouth tensed, that mechanical beast was actually called a “little” bug! Is there such a large little bug in this world?
    “My family’s Dumbo wants to recruit you, are you willing or not?” Bai nonchalantly asked. 
    Bai acted like he was chatting about the weather, yet the mechanical beast felt like Mt. Tai was collapsing. Bai can kill him with a single finger, so of course he nodded vigorously. What a joke! Does he dare not agree?




    Lu Shiqian was speechless. She was rendered speechless many times today. She never said that she was going to accept the mechanical beast! That was all Bai! Of course, getting another strong magic beast wasn’t bad, but why does he have to keep calling her Dumbo? Does she look like a fool?
    She walked over and placed a hand on the mechanical beast’s large head. The contract was successfully signed and the mechanical beast jumped to 18 stars.
    There are three kinds of magic beasts that can be contracted: plants, animals, and function type. The mechanical beast is considered a function type.
    “You are too big, it’s uncomfortable. Turn cuter,” Bai unscrupulously said.

(DL Scanlations)

*I struggled a bit with whether to change Bai Hu to White Tiger. In the end, I decided to keep it as pinyin though. Is White or Bai better in your opinion?

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