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Chapter 56

The poor mechanical beast was chastised and immediately shrunk until it received Bai’s stamp of cuteness. Hehe, it was definitely cute. Anyone who saw this indignant little puppy would find it cute!
    Lu Shiqian felt her world expanding: such a huge beast can actually turn this small! God, where did the rest of its body go?!
    “Now then, let’s talk some business shall we?” After taking care of the mechanical beast, Bai’s face turned serious. His overbearing aura turned even more stifling. 
    “What is it?” Lu Shiqian also turned serious.
    “Dumbo, you must be aware that my strength is only 1/10 of my original and my body still has some heavy injuries. I will have to recuperate in the magic beast space for the following few days. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you. You must be careful,” Bai somberly said. Okay, even when he’s serious, he’s still rather overbearing.
    “That enemy… is extremely powerful?” Lu Shiqian sucked in a deep breath. What kind of person was able to seal 9/10 of Bai’s strength?
    “You can’t describe that person as merely powerful,” Bai Hu said, “My brothers were also hit hard by him and I still haven’t received news from them yet.”
    To be described this way by this arrogant White Tiger… that person definitely can’t be described as merely powerful.
    “I don’t have much time left so let’s end this conversation here for now.” Bai finished and entered the magic beast space. 
    Once he was gone, the other beasts evidently let out a sigh of relief.
    Hong Jin jumped onto Lu Shiqian’s shoulder, rubbing his head against her face: “Master, I’m 13 stars now.”
    “I’m 15 stars…” Speaking of ranking up, Shui Se was still in disbelief. In this short while he followed Lu Shiqian, his star rank shot up like a rocket!
    “I… I’m 18 stars now…” a hoarse metallic voice chimed in. Who would it be if not the mechanic beast?




    “Hey newcomer! You are our junior from now on, understand?” Yin arrogantly said. He hadn’t forgotten how ruthlessly this mechanic beast hit him earlier!
    “Okay.” Contrary to expectations, this mechanic beast was quite obedient and readily agreed!
    “What’s your name?” Lu Shiqian was still in shock.
    “I… I don’t have a name,” the beast sadly said.
    “Then we’ll call you Wang Cai from now on.” Lu Shiqian’s old dog was called that.
    “Thank you, Master!” The mechanical beast was happy: it finally had a name! It finally didn’t live only to guard this palace. It lived for its master!
    “Lead us out first,” Lu Shiqian said. This mechanical beast is much more familiar with this palace. 
    Wang Cai blinked his large eyes, “If Master wants to leave, then you need one more thing.” 
    No choice but to do it. Lu Shiqian was also curious as to what Wang Cai was guarding. 
    Looking at the mechanical beast leading the way, Qin Xingluo felt like he was still dreaming. This little dog is really that monster from before? Yet, it still became that tramp’s pet in the end!
    Wei Mo was beaming. This is great! A’Qian has another magic beast! She’s so amazing!
    The three humans and four beasts walked towards the second floor. What is the thing they must have to leave?
    As for Lu Shiqian’s feelings about reaching Mage rank… in one word: cool! In two words: very cool! In three words: very VERY cool!
    After advancing, Lu Shiqian seemed much more elegant and playful. Her skin was even tenderer and whiter, her eyes also much clearer. Her magic sea expanded, the magic inside her body yellow colored. She was still in awe at the strength of Bai Hu, to completely fill her 100 magic seas once and even bring her halfway through Rank 2! His strength is definitely unparalleled! 
    If you compare it like this, then Shui Se and Hong Jin’s contract was like a leaf while Bai Hu’s contract was like a forest! If you use leaves to fill a forest, how many leaves would you need? If Lu Shiqian wanted to advance by herself, how long would that take?! She was actually prepared to never advance in her life, so this advancement was a huge surprise to her!
    After advancing to Rank 2, she inspected her interspatial bracelet again and discovered that those gold rank pills were now open to her! If a deadly fight to the death occurs in the future, no matter how many injuries she gets, as long as she picks up those golden pills and throws them into her mouth, she’ll instantly be revitalized! She’ll be an undying warrior!
    Lu Shiqian felt light on her feet. She followed behind the mechanical beast and reached the second floor.
    The second floor was full of mechanic beasts. If Wang Cai wasn’t the one leading them, the three people would find it extremely hard to pass through. They would’ve had to sacrifice quite a bit.
    After contracting with Wang Cai, Lu Shiqian found out that Wang Cai was still in his infancy, his room for growth very large! In addition, as a mechanical beast, he could morph into various shapes. As demonstrated back in the hall, he can change into different shapes. 




    “I am daddy’s best work ever and gained all the advantages of mechanical beasts!” Wang Cai recalled how his dad spoiled him long ago, but then he died… wahhh. He cried. “Father told me to protect my family and told me to guard that strange thing. He told me that only the strongest person that can defeat me has the qualifications to get this item. Wang Cai is a good kid! Wang Cai misses daddy, wahhh…” he sobbed.
    “There, there, don’t cry anymore. I will take care of you in the future.” Hong Jin jumped off Lu Shiqian’s shoulder to allow the mechanic beast to walk next to her, a show of compassion.
    “Thank you.” Wang Cai used his large eyes to look at Hong Jin and gratefully said. Master is wonderful! To also bring him such good comrades! 
    Lu Shiqian warmly looked at the two little beasts in front of her. If her magic beasts get along with each other, that is also quite relieving for her. 
    From Wang Cai’s perspective, she can gain two things. First, the era Wang Cai was born in happened very long ago and extremely prosperous. Second, Wang Cai’s father was a genius amongst geniuses.

(DL Scanlations)

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