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Chapter 57

It’s reasonable, isn’t it? To construct such an enormous and gorgeous palace, an intelligent and functional mechanic beast, is something only a peerless genius in a prosperous era can achieve! Could it be… that legendary time period written in those books is true?
    “It’s here.” Wang Cai suddenly stopped in front of a door.
    This door seemed no different from the others, and there were millions of rooms on the second floor! There were also deadly mechanical traps behind every wrong door. Wang Cai’s father’s thinking was definitely out of this world.
    Wang Cai raised his paws and placed it on the door, veins of light spreading out along the door. There was a radiant blue light and the door slowly opened.
    Oh! That’s pretty advanced! It even has fingerprint identification!
    The three anticipated the item beyond the door. After all, a palace of this size, the strength of its guards, ingenious arrangement, what could possibly be hidden here?
    The door slowly opened, revealing a lone glass dome in the large room, a single bracelet inside of it.
    Just one bracelet?! You found so many guards just to protect this one bracelet?! Lu Shiqian found it rather absurd. 
    It was a female bracelet covered with intricate patterns, modern and beautiful.
    However, no matter how you look at it, it’s still just a bracelet in the end. Lu Shiqian couldn’t figure out why Wang Cai’s father was so paranoid about this bracelet.
    Wang Cai placed his little paw on the glass dome and it slowly whirled open while the paw still hovered in the air. It’s just that, as the dome opened, it slowly came alive, the pattern on it flowing with a blue glow. It was very beautiful. Right after, it released a flash of light, and all the blue liquid in the valley rushed towards the bracelet, instantly filling it up! 




    That blue liquid that contained such dense magic power actually came from this bracelet?!
    Lu Shiqian took the bracelet and studied it. Only then did she realize that this bracelet wasn’t made intentionally, it seemed more like a component of some other machine. But it was superb anyways. The inside was filled with dense blue veins, and under the lighting from the glass dome, it looked like a real bracelet. 
    “Daddy said that he never truly understood what this bracelet was for even after studying it for an entire lifetime, so he left it here in hopes that someone who could surpass all the challenges he left and solve the mystery.” Wang Cai clearly remembered his father’s words.
    Lu Shiqian felt ashamed because she didn’t truly overcome those challenges. She was brought here directly by Wang Cai.
    “Then why did you bring me here? I didn’t clear a single level,” Lu Shiqian asked curiously. 
    “It was for Master’s sake. Master is as important as Daddy in Wang Cai’s heart.” You shouldn’t hand things over to strangers, so he may as well give it to his Master! He takes Daddy’s words very seriously!
    “A’Qian, this bracelet… is the same size as your wrist,” Wei Mo pointed out. 
    Lu Shiqian was startled: it was true! This bracelet was the exact same size as her wrist! Could it just be a coincidence?
    She tentatively reached out her right arm and slowly put on the bracelet. A layer of blue fluid wrapped around her hand while the patterns glowed ever brighter on her wrist. It then turned into something like a tattoo on her wrist, a strange fit! She made a fist and felt comfortable; it felt just like her skin. She could feel the powerful strength coming from the bracelet but couldn’t use it. Maybe it was because this bracelet was only one part of the set so it wasn’t complete.
    Afterwards, she realized she got it on but didn’t know how to take it off! She can’t exactly have this strange tattoo on her wrist forever, can she? Lu Shiqian quickly discovered a problem.
    The bracelet seemed to understand her and the magnificent pattern slowly faded away, slipping off her wrist. 
    How mysterious!
    Seeing no conclusions could be reached as of now, Lu Shiqian put the bracelet into her interspatial bracelet. Perhaps, when she gathers more parts, she’ll naturally understand what this thing is.
    If you can’t think of a solution then you should just stop thinking about it. She always implemented this saying well.
    “Daddy still has a few other good things. Follow me,” Wang Cai saw Master happily take the bracelet and was happy she liked it.
    Eh, this unscrupulous son stealing from his own family… but she likes that.
    The ‘good things’ Wang Cai mentioned sure were good!
    Amethyst heart: an item Master Forgers don’t even dare about in their dreams! Made up of completely amethyst crystals, magic attributes were high, and easily gave high-level equipment extra properties! If applied to Silver or Gold grade equipment, then that equipment’s grade and value can be increased by more than a rank!
    Yet, there were mountains of amethysts piled up here!




    What else should you say? Take it all!
    The other two things were something Mages and Practitioners go crazy over: magic beast cores and magic stones. They were even turned into a liquid and can be directly absorbed into the body!
    Lu Shiqian looked at Wei Mo and Qin Xingluo and pulled the two over. Her eyes turned into slits as she smiled from happiness, “This is such a great opportunity! Quickly absorb it all!”
    Cores are extremely tough and the magic power stored inside disperses easily. It is very difficult to turn it into a liquid and the higher level the core, the harder it is. It could be likened to a huge, long-term project. Most people would choose to slowly refine it, but this process is not only slow but also wasteful. However, there was a whole tank full of this liquid and from its purity, it was made entirely of high level cores!
    Not to mention the magic stones! The magic power contained in it was dense and rich!
    “A’Qian, you go first.” The mere fact that A’Qian is thinking of him already made him very happy. 
    This idiot… can’t do a thing about him. This thing may be good, but it won’t have much effect on her. 
    “Didn’t you say you are going to protect me? If you don’t get stronger, how are you going to do that?” Lu Shiqian looked into Wei Mo’s eyes and said. Only by saying it this way will he listen.

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