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Chapter 58

That’s right! If I don’t become stronger myself, how can I possibly protect her? Thinking back on the dangers they met in this palace, if he was stronger, A’Qian wouldn’t have gotten hurt at that time! Wei Mo didn’t hesitate any longer and lifted the cup of core liquid and magic stone liquid she handed him and chugged it down.
    “Tramp, you…” Qin Xingluo found it unbelievable. How many people dream of getting their hands on this core liquid and magic stone liquid day and night? Yet, she was so easily pouring it for them to drink! Thinking about her attitude the past few days and when she gave him the Devil Fruit, she never had a shred of hesitation. This tramp, I can’t see through her more and more. He looked at Lu Shiqian’s peerless face carrying a tinge of coldness yet absolute sincerity. His heart became conflicted.
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes sank as he took the two cups of liquid and unhesitantly drank it. 
    This woman doesn’t seem to like weak people! Looks like I need to get even stronger!
    As for the remaining liquid, Lu Shiqian threw it into her interspatial bracelet. She will use it well sometime in the future. 
    After drinking the liquid, Qin Xingluo took 3 days to advance to the next level while Wei Mo took 5 days. The higher the rank, the harder it is to advance. Wei Mo was already a Rank 7 High Mage and generally speaking, it would take tens— if not hundreds— of years to break through! Even if, with his genius, he could break through in ten or so years, it definitely can’t match his current speed of 5 days! This crazy speed!
    The Devil Dance continent now has one more Rank 8 Great Mage, one more legend!
    After breaking through, Wei Mo became even more beautiful and attractive. Those peach-blossom eyes were more charming, filled with innocence but more determined than before. This inconsistent attitude and appearance gave him a mysterious beauty.
    And Qin Xingluo, the 15 year old, has successfully become a Rank 6 Martial Master! His temperament became more dignified and restrained, and his delicate face carrying an unclear smile made him appear even more extraordinary!
    To sum it all up, these people gained untold amounts of benefits from this palace. 




    It was time to leave.
    Speaking of leaving, they couldn’t help but recall the master of this palace: Wang Cai’s genius father!
    He really thought ahead: the thing that would take them away from here was actually a rocket!
    On the third floor, there was a rocket-like structure complete with a launch pad. Airbags would surround the person seated inside to withstand the impact when the rocket lands. They would die otherwise.
    The three squeezed into the rocket and under Wang Cai’s command, the rocket— powered by a magic beast core— shot up along the cliff wall. 
    The purple palace collapsed as if it had lost its main pillar, slowly turning into rubble. This stunning palace built by a peerless genius was thus returned to the dust. The only three that witnessed its existence were three young people who later carved their way into history.
    “Daddy once told me that if I leave here someday, then this place also no longer needs to exist.” Wang Cai climbed onto the glass window and looked at the crumbling palace sorrowfully.
    “Don’t be sad. After we land, I’ll take you out to eat delicious food and play fun games.” Hong Jin took his small paw and patted Wang Cai’s head in a brother-like manner.
    “Yeah, little guy! We’ll all be with you in the future!” Yin declared to Wang Cai. He had long forgotten how he was injured by Wang Cai earlier. 
    Even the level-headed Shui Se placed his large claw on Wang Cai’s head to comfort him.
    Wang Cai blinked his large eyes and looked at the comrades around him. He was touched. It’s great that I have so many good friends! This is all because of my new master! I must love Master as much as I love Daddy!
    They were about to reach the exit!
    “Oh yeah, what are you two going to do after we get out?” Lu Shiqian really wanted to know their feelings after being reborn.
    “A’Qian, I…” Wei Mo’s face was red as he looked at Lu Shiqian.
    Qin Xingluo’s eyes revealed intense murder intent, “Hmph! I’m going to pay back every one who dared provoke me one by one!”
    The rocket shot up until it finally reached the surface.
    “You guys, go and check out the noise,” a familiar and sinister voice ordered.
    Lu Shiqian and Qin Xingluo shared a look: what a narrow world we live in!
    The owner of the voice is none other than that Necromancer!
    He reviewed the events at the cliffside again and the more he thought about it, the more convinced he was that Lu Shiqian had played them for fools! They were also probably still somewhere nearby after falling off the cliff.
    Sure enough, he suddenly heard a loud sound and saw one woman and two men get out of this strange device shortly after. 
    Their eyes were naturally crazed at meeting their old enemy.
    The Necromancer simultaneously called for help while surrounding the three. This time, it would be hard to escape even if they grow wings. He sinisterly said, “You three won’t escape this time. Obediently hand over your lives!”




    Lu Shiqian wore a cold smile, her hair fluttering through the air, further enhancing her already beautiful face. Perhaps it had to do with contracting with Bai but her voice carried a hint of arrogance, “You old bag, we’ll have to see if you have skill first!” He showed up at just the right time since she was looking for someone to practice on. Aren’t these people literally sandbags delivered right up to her door?
    The Necromancer was enraged. Ever since he became a Necromancer High Mage, no one dared to even breathe loudly near him, not to mention insult him to his face! He looked at the arrogant woman and angrily said, “How audacious! Just a mere Rank 2 Mage actually dares to insult me?!”
    A Rank 2 Mage is literally trash in front of him! Even if she advanced from Rank 1 to Rank 2 in the few days they didn’t meet, she’s still just trash in the end!
    “Speak less and move more! Bring it on already!” Lu Shiqian armor merged with Yin and soul merged with Hong Jin. Like a flash of lightning, she charged towards the Necromancer!
    The 10-star Yin was more refined than his previous armor merge while the 13-star Hong Jin’s soul merge was a more flaming red and brilliant than before. Lu Shiqian appeared like a fiery red enchantress, here to steal away his life! 
    Magic beasts that are 10 stars or above can enhance the skills of their master and party.

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