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Chapter 7

For no clear reason, Lu Shiqian believed the old man. This decision surprised her because she almost never trusted anyone so much; this old man is the first!
    “Okay, I accept the inheritance. Senior, what is your name?” Lu Shiqian asked. After all, she can’t just keep calling the elderly old geezers forever. 
    The old man did not expect Lu Shiqian to ask him that. Surprised, he said, “You… you can just call me Xing Chen.”
    Xing Chen then placed his hand on top of Lu Shiqian’s head and said, “Relax and empty your mind.”
    Lu Shiqian followed the instructions and a rainbow-colored array flashed through her mind. There was suddenly an extra pile of information in her mind, and a rotating double-disc resembling the galaxy appeared on her forehead. It then sunk into her skin and disappeared.  
    “Today’s first lesson: feeling the wind!” Xing Chen announced.
    A gust of wind blew as his words fell. At first, it was small and could barely be felt, but it gradually grew bigger and bigger. Feel the wind lift your hair and try to sense the speed of the wind… the wind is sharp like a knife, blows heavily like a gale, and roars like thunder… 
    Wind, at different speeds and angles, evokes various feelings and produces different effects. A breeze soothes a person while a gale can level cities. 
    Understand it, and then control it!
    In the palm of Lu Shiqian’s hand, there is a small ball of wind. The elements of the wind are also entering her body.  
    Xing Chen was slightly surprised: this girl’s talent surpasses my expectations! He is very satisfied with the results of the first lesson.    
    “Big Sister, Big Sister, are you asleep?” Xianghui ran into the room carrying food. He wanted to share the delicious food with his sister.
    In her subconscious, Lu Shiqian awkwardly looked at Xing Chen.
    Xing Chen laughed heartily, “Go! Don’t worry! I will appear every day when you go to sleep." 
    Xing Chen and that strange world quickly faded away as Lu Shiqian returned to the conscious world. She opened her eyes to find Xianghui’s large, curious eyes staring at her.
    Wah, Big Sister seems to be a bit strange today. My hair is standing on edge even without any wind! A child’s feelings are very astute, especially this one. But after taking a closer look, this is still the usual Big Sister. 
    “Where’s the delicious food, I’m starving!” Lu Shiqian particularly adores this child. What a lovable child, he even remembered that she didn’t have lunch!
    Lu Shiqian has been quietly staying in the West Garden for two weeks now. Aside from her father, Zhang Jun, who visits her every day, only Xianghui makes regular appearances. She was being punished and her status naturally fell. Therefore, the servants also slacked off and often delivered meals late. When Xianghui found out about this, he severely reprimanded the servants and ever since then, he personally delivered all three meals for his sister.
    Lu Shiqian opened the food basket. Inside were hibiscus chicken, smoked meat, dumplings, and pearl fish. The delicious smell naturally opened her appetite.
    Pa! She happily kissed her younger brother before she chowed down on the food, all decorum and ladylike elegance thrown out the window.
    Lu Xianghui tenderly touched the cheek his sister kissed. Since he was born, he did not allow anyone to kiss him except for his sister. But before this, she had never kissed him and as he watched his sister wolf down the food, he felt happy. He doesn’t dislike it when his Big Sister kisses him. 
    Lu Shiqian is also very happy: she practiced a powerful martial art and got a mysterious master to teach her. A fire had been lit within her.
    “Let’s sneak out and go play. Staying here all day is too boring!” Indeed, in the other world, whenever she has nothing to do and felt bored she would play online games. The first thing she needs to do in this world is to gather more information about it. For the past two weeks, she has been diligently studying the three books she got. Now that she’s bored, she wants to go out and see for herself the world that is stored in her memories.
    This magic-filled world seems to be quite an interesting place.
    “Sneak out?” Lu Xianghui stared at his sister. She really is completely different from before. In the past, she would never have the guts to “sneak out.” But he also likes this sister filled with vigor and strength. 
    “En! This is an isolated courtyard, there won’t be many people coming by here. As long as we’re careful, no one should find out.” Lu Shiqian opened the door a crack and looked around a bit. After confirming that there were no people, she motioned for Lu Xianghui to follow. Right now, her actions resemble that of a clumsy burglar— a hilarious view.
    Seeing this funny and playful scenario, Lu Xianghui’s interest was piqued. Children love to play and seek out stimulating adventures. “Sneaking out” is definitely one of the most exciting! 
    You must know that in the Lu family, the words of Lu Ningxiang are absolute. Whatever she says will be done but today, there are two that dare to disobey these orders, albeit sneakily!
    Lu Shiqian was speechless at the sight of the three-meter-high wall. Why make the walls so damn high for a small courtyard? Did everyone learn to fly or something?
    “Sis, are we going to leap over the wall?” Lu Xianghui asked as he shook his head doubtfully.
    Lu Shiqian suddenly put her hand over his mouth and silently whispered, “Shh, pipe down a bit.”
    She moved closer to the wall. Ay, in front of this three-meter-high wall, her height of 165 cm is nothing!
    Lu Xianghui lightly laughed and jumped to the top of the wall with a small leap. He said to his sister below: “Run a few steps and then jump! I’ll pull you up!”
    Seeing how easily her little brother leapt over the wall made her feel vexed. She moved back a few steps and ran towards the wall and leapt. She grabbed onto her brother’s hands and scrambled to the top in an extremely ugly manner. At the top, she felt great sorrow at the thought of her weak body. Just like she thought, this body is no good! Thinking about how trivial three-meter-high walls were in her previous body made her feel even worse. Ahh, she must work hard! Must work harder!
    To commemorate the success of the wall-scaling operation, she looked back and made a victory sign. But who knew that the fourth son, Lu Yunxiang, would happen to see her at that moment?
    Lu Yunxiang just turned 10 this year and has a complexion like that of powdered fine jade. But don’t make the mistake of judging him from his age and appearance! This little guy is unpredictable and no one knows what he is thinking. It can be foreseen that he will grow up to be one of those disquieting people who die early. When he saw his eldest sister’s clumsy actions and ridiculous gesture, he couldn’t help but frown. He does not like his eldest sister, that woman is too stupid and ignorant to survive in a big family like theirs. She is also too weak, which is why she is trampled on by others.

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