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Chapter 62

Wei Mo immediately rushed up to Lu Shiqian’s side and checked her for injuries. He didn’t ponder over the matter because anything was logical if it was A’Qian. 
    Death was extremely confused. He was a god after all! Even if he may not be the most powerful one, he was still a god! And now he’s been… Alright, he’ll admit that he doesn’t feel turned off by her. Her body… Okay! He’ll also admit that that suspicious bulge felt good to touch! Strength… Sure, her strength was also quite shocking! He was contracted by such a strange species and suddenly had a master. 
    Too embarrassing! If the other gods find out, they would laugh to death! 
    The Death God touched his chest and once again reaffirmed the difference. He was even more interested now!
    Lu Shiqian looked at the silent Death God and dark robe hiding his body. She asked curiously, “Can I see what you look like?”
    Master’s words must be obeyed unless she tells them to go kill themselves. This is the law of the contract. 
    “Yes,” the Death God hesitantly said, “Master.” He then requested, “However, only Master can see my appearance.”
    Lu Shiqian respected this powerful Death God and turned around with their backs facing Wei Mo and Qin Xingluo. 
    The Death God quickly removed his hat and just as quickly put it back on. 
    Lu Shiqian saw his appearance and blushed, heart pounding in her chest. She was not shy or embarrassed, truly!  
    Ahh, this truly tested the strength of a person’s heart! If Death looked like this, then would anyone want to live? No wonder why he wraps himself in a black robe, he wasn’t just pretending to be mysterious.
    Fireworks suddenly lit up in the sky as she thought. 
    Qin Xingluo saw the fireworks and his face changed. He immediately took out a firework and purple fireworks bloomed in the sky. 
    “Tramp, I am going back.”
    Lu Shiqian nodded, “En.”
    She knew it was inevitable.
    Qin Xingluo was unreconciled, “You gave me the Devil Fruit. Don’t you want a reward?” He actually wanted to say, ‘You can come find me at the capital.’




    Lu Shiqian thought for a moment, “You can add some money into my Magic Crystal Card.”
    The sound of hooves sounded in the distance, and people soon arrived to escort Qin Xingluo back. His soldiers couldn’t be without this God of War.
    There were more than a hundred people, all Rank 4 and above. There were both practitioners and mages. They knelt on the floor 10 meters away from Qin Xingluo, “Your subordinates were late! Please punish us for our tardiness!” They never even glanced at Lu Shiqian, Wei Mo, or the Death God. Only Prince Qin Xingluo existed in their eyes!
    Qin Xingluo recovered his previous proud, elegant, and arrogant Qin prince attitude and his aura as the God of War. He was domineering and commanding of respect with a chilling calm demeanor. 
    He stepped into the purple sedan his men had prepared for him. Even though he looked like a mess, it couldn’t conceal his noble birth. He downed a glass of wine and ordered, “Let us go.” He needed to hurry and return to the palace as soon as possible in order to cure the Emperor! He had his responsibilities and obligations.
    His voice was lofty like a being from high above. He is the God of War to the soldiers; their pillar of support!
    Hooves pounded against the ground and left as quickly as they came. He did not say goodbye to Lu Shiqian, so Lu Shiqian naturally didn’t in return.
    But around 100 meters away, the purple sedan’s curtain lowered a smidgeon. 
    After parting with Qin Xingluo, Lu Shiqian and her entourage rode on Wang Cai, who transformed into a metal carriage, towards the East back to Anping Town. 
    Fengle Town lied between Yue Xin Town and Anping Town. Wang Cai ran quickly and saw some a smoke trail in the distance, signaling human activity. He followed his master’s orders and transformed into a little dog, jumping around happily. This was the first time he left the canyon and was curious about everything. 
    In addition to Wang Cai, the Death God was also curious about this world. 
    He saw the occasional women that left town and couldn’t resist comparing his chest to theirs. In other words, there are quite a few of this new species!
    After arriving at Fengle Town, there were even more women on the coming and going. He looked at those women’s chests and then looked at Lu Shiqian’s chest. He studied their hair, face, eyes, and figure and compared it to that of Lu Shiqian. He held his chin as he seriously pondered. Although the new species look roughly the same, it’s apparent that his master was prettier than the norm. Well, Master’s suspicious bulge also looks better than that of the others. 
    “Idiot, that’s not some suspicious bulge! That’s a chest, chest! Do you understand?!” Hong Jin could no longer stand the Death God’s serious consideration of this issue and opened his mouth, preparing to give the Death God a lesson on basic knowledge. 




    “Chest?” The Death God revealed a confused expression. 
    “That’s right, both men and women both have chests except the chests of men are flat while the chests of women protrude.” Hong Jin drew a circle on his chest. 
    The Death God looked towards Lu Shiqian’s chest and nodded, “Then what’s a woman?”
    “Those that have a protruding chest,” Hong Jin drew a semicircle, “are women while those that have flat chests are men.”
    The Death God pressed his chest and asked another question, “What does a woman with a round chest need it for?”
    “Not women with a chest, all women have chests. Of course, some women are flatter than others but they all have chests,” Hong Jin corrected. 
    “Oh, I see.” The Death God once again looked at Lu Shiqian’s chest. For some reason, Master’s chest looks the best. Touching it… also felt strangely satisfying. 
    Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. If she allows these two to keep going, she’ll lose all face!
    Wei Mo and Lu Shiqian had stayed at the bottom of the cliffside for a few days and even fought a battle. Their clothes were messy and dirty. 

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