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Chapter 63

What they needed to do now was buy some new clothes and find some inn to take a shower. 
    Lu Shiqian grabbed Wei Mo and marched straight to a clothes shop. 
    “A’Qian, so many people are staring at me.” Wei Mo frowned. He didn’t like being looked at by those people; he only wanted Lu Shiqian to. He also disliked how those men were looking at her. 
    Although you can’t exactly blame others for doing so, Wei Mo was devilishly handsome yet also seemed innocent. Lu Shiqian was peerlessly beautiful, her face cold and distant. The Death God was completely obscured in black and carried a terrifying black sickle in his hands. Add in Wang Cai and a fire red fox Hong Jin leading the party, that strange yet harmonious image naturally attracted people’s attention. 
    Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes and said, “That’s because you look like you could be easily eaten.” 
    “A’Qian, you…” Wei Mo’s face turned bright red. A’Qian is so mean, making fun of me!
    “Just ignore them. Since you’re handsome, you might as well proudly display it. Even if you are ugly, you should still have the determination to pursue a good life. No matter how strangers look at us, it’s not like we’ll lose a piece of meat,” Lu Shiqian held on to Wei Mo’s hand and said. 
    The three walked into a clothing store and Lu Shiqian said, “Take out your best clothes.” She was now a rich lady. 
    The clothing owner happily took out his good clothes. The material was good but the price was a ripoff, “These clothes, these fabrics, I sell one for one gold coin.”
    He guessed that these three were foreigners and were easier to trick. His asking price was naturally high. 
    How could Lu Shiqian not be aware of what he was thinking? She immediately said, “This fabric is definitely good. Selling it for one gold coin is too cheap. I will buy it for two gold coins if it is okay with you.”
     The owner heard these words and smiled widely. There was actually such a stupid person in this world! Buying things for more than the asking price! 
    Lu Shiqian searched her body and pitifully took out one gold coin, “But I only have one gold coin…”
    The owner’s face sunk a bit but he laughed, “One gold coin is also okay.”
    “Forget it, I won’t buy it. I think the other store is cheaper, I’ll go buy from there.” Lu Shiqian began to leave.
    Those clothes were actually only worth around 20 silver coins. The owner refused to let the hard-got fat sheep run away and yielded, “Forget it! Forget it! I’ll sell it to you for 50 silver coins!”




    “I’ll buy it for 30 silver coins.” 
    Thirty silver coins wasn’t a loss so the owner agreed, “Alright then! Thirty silver coins for you!”
    Lu Shiqian quickly paid and hurriedly grabbed over 10 pieces of clothing and left. 
    “Ai, ai ai! You guys stop right there!” The owner sent his workers to stop them. He had always been the one swindling others but he met three who weren’t afraid of death today!
    “What’s the matter?” Lu Shiqian coldly looked over causing the owner to stumble back a few steps. 
    “Put down the clothes!” The owner had more people on his side and screamed at Lu Shiqian.
    “I told you earlier. Thirty silver coins to buy your clothes, are you trying to go back on the deal?” 
    The owner said 30 silver coins for one; Lu Shiqian said 30 silver coins the ones on the table. There were more than 10 pieces on the table. He’s usually the one swindling and deceiving. When had he ever encountered a situation like this? Thinking about how her side only had three people, he coldly ordered, “Put all the clothes down and I’ll…”
    Before he could finish, Lu Shiqian landed a kick to his abdomen, sending him a few meters away. The owner screamed mournfully.
    This move stunned the people and they didn’t dare act rashly.
    “Let me teach you a lesson: you must be fair when conducting business. This kick was only a light punishment!” Lu Shiqian held the clothes and swaggered out of the store. Want to scam her? Maybe 100 years later!
    The owner screamed in pain for a long time. Whenever he remembered her kick, his hatred would grow: “Go find that beard and tell him I need him for something, oof…”
    Beard was the tyrant of Fengle Town and a Rank 4 practitioner. He gathered up a group of ruffians that specialize in killing people. There were many people who died in his hands every year. He was the ruler of Fengle Town. He was arrogant, often smashing and stealing and was good friends with the clothing store owner. The owner took advantage of this relationship and took over many other clothing stores. 
    Beard heard that his brother was bullied and immediately gathered a bunch of ruffians to confront Lu Shiqian who had already eaten and showered. 
    Beard was thick and wide, ugly without compare. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s peerless beauty, he harbored some wicked ideas, “Little beauty, this brother here heard that you’ve done some things you shouldn’t have done. How about it? If you follow me, I will forgive you.”
     “Master, what do they want?” The Death God looked curiously at the 30 people surrounding them.
    “They’re just being stupid.” Lu Shiqian didn’t spare a glance at Beard. 
    “Little b*tch, what did you just say?!” Beard’s voice increased by an octave, “I gave you some leeway but you don’t want it! Taking a fancy to you is a blessing to you, you know!” 




    Lu Shiqian grabbed Wei Mo, who wanted to step forward, and said, “There are many people available to punish these people. You don’t need to make a move.” 
    Wei Mo felt Lu Shiqian’s warmth on his hand and blushed, nodding towards Lu Shiqian.
    Punishing these people would, of course, be appropriately handed to the Death God!
    “Just a few puny bugs actually dare to insult Master!” The Death God slashed his sickle. Humans who scream at him, especially those that insult his master, are just seeking death! Even though she was now his master, in front of other humans, he was the lofty and insurmountable God of Death! Let them experience the fear of death. Let them get a taste of death! 
    “The door to hell has been opened for you all. You despicable bugs, get ready to burn in the flames of hell!” His sickle emanated the aura of death. It glowed a bloodthirsty red and one second later, Beard and the others’ souls were sucked into it! 
    In only one second, the tyrant of Fengle Town was taken care of!

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