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Chapter 64

Lu Shiqian looked surprised and asked, “Why didn’t you use this move against me?”
    The Death God’s expression was hidden within his dark robes. He couldn’t very well tell his master that he was curious about her figure… her chest in particular. 
    “There seems to be an ominous aura nearby. Sun Yi, go take a look.” A magic fluctuation transmitted over from the forest. 
    At the same time, the sound of crying children reached the three’s ears. 
    The Church of Light had developed quickly over the last thousand years and soon surpassed Pantheon, the Church of Light, and the Church of the Five Elements to become the number one religion on the Devil Dance continent. It was the power above imperial power with many churches spread throughout the continent. The three superpowers— Qin, Song, and Qi— had the most establishments. The Church of Light’s main church was also found in the Song Empire. Within the Song Empire, the church’s power was above that of the emperor and if the emperor wanted to pass an order, he would have to get the permission of the Pope first. The Qin Empire also believes in the Church of Light but has the fewest amount of believers than the other empires. This is related to Qin’s mindset, in particular, the modern generation Qin Feiran, who had intentions on fighting the Church of Light. 
    At this time, Lu Shiqian met a Rank 6 practitioner knight of the Church of Light leading a team of three. They claimed to be righteous, however, the things they did were not. In fact, they were kidnapping and shipping children right now. 
    These children were mostly commoners. Some of them were naturally talented while others had a physique suitable for practicing the Church of Light’s martial arts. The remainder was especially pure children. 
    These children were stolen or snatched away by the knights of the Church of Light!
    The Church of Light’s development was fast and they needed more talents to sustain their growth. Where would they get these people? Part of the children was voluntarily sent over by their families to train at the Church of Light but the larger part came from forcibly taken children and confined to the church. They would then train them to be loyal followers of the Church of Light. 
    Unfortunately for them, this team of kidnappers just happened to meet Lu Shiqian. They had gotten more than a dozen talented children and were just about to transport them out of the Qin Empire.
    Sun Yi was a Rank 4 practitioner. He was taken by the Church of Light from a commoner’s family when he was young. Now, he was 35 and is one of the most devout believers of the Church. He did the same sinful things the previous generation had done. He thought that the children who were forcibly taken were chosen by God. Their families should be grateful!




    The Church of Light and Church of Darkness’ teachings are complete opposites. The two churches were also like oil and water. In such a rural, out-in-the-boons town like this, sensing someone from the Church of Darkness, they thought they may as well fight it out with them. 
    Sun Yi turned around his head and saw two men and a woman. The woman was only a weak Rank 2 Mage; however, the two men’s strength could not be measured. Especially that man covered completely in black robes, he panted heavily as he stared at him. The man in black gave off an aura like that of the Church of Darkness. Only those fake bastards would dress up in such a strange way!
    Sun Yi didn’t say another word and unsheathed his sword, charging up. 
    Lu Shiqian saw a Rank 4 practitioner carrying intense killing intent attack, but didn’t find it surprising. 
    What kind of person shouldn’t retaliate when you bring a knife to their door? Lu Shiqian lifted a foot and, like lightning, kicked Sun Yi over 10 meters away. He fell on the ground and coughed up blood. 
    Sun Yi was shocked. A mere Rank 2 Mage kicked him 10 meters away? Who would believe that?!
    Those other three powerhouses heard the ruckus and rushed over to find the injured Sun Yi. They instantly took out their weapons and a Rank 3 Priest (Church of Light) treated his injuries. 
    These three belong to the Third Cardinal of the Church of Light and were extremely powerful. They hate the Church of Darkness the most and now that its supposed followers had harmed Sun Yi, their hatred ignited to a new level. 
    The three were called Xu Wen, Da Ming, and Song Che. In particular, Xu Wen was strong and robust, a power type. Da Ming was thin and lanky, a technical type. Song Che was short and small, an agile type. The three had cooperated for many years and had impeccable teamwork. Xu Wen was the leader of the three people. Lu Shiqian was only a puny Rank 2 Mage, how disdainful; Wei Mo looked feminine and weak, not very difficult to deal with; as for that man in black, he must be from the Church of Darkness! 
    As everyone knows, the Church of Light likes to wear white clothes while the Church of Darkness likes black clothes. His whole person was hidden in black, if he’s not from the Church of Darkness, then who could he be?
    Xu Wen grunted and charged forward. Da Ming and Xu Wen formed a pincer attack and the three surrounded Lu Shiqian and her group.
    “Minion of the Church of Darkness, this is divine retribution!” You can’t blame the three for acting righteous. Lu Shiqian was confused. Since the Death God was known as the “Death God,” he of course harbored an intense desire to kill. As for Wei Mo, he put Lu Shiqian’s safety first and foremost. Everything else was thrown to the side. 
    “Master, leave these despicable humans to me,” the Death God said to Lu Shiqian. These people had a scent he despised!




    Lu Shiqian also wanted to see the Death God’s strength and agreed. Was the Death God a god or just a title? She didn’t know just how strong he actually was. She had asked Death God before, but there was no way to compare because he didn’t know anything. 
    After receiving Lu Shiqian’s approval, the Death God’s aura suddenly changed!
    He emanated an intense, dark aura. Black lightning flashed around him. 
    He twirled his sickle which was shining a blood red!
    Around him, even the air seemed to turn black. Everything within twenty meters of him seemed to turn still and quiet like death!
    Xu Wen immediately felt a mountain-like pressure pressing down on him. It was difficult to even stand! He felt like he was moving through dark and thick blood. He couldn’t see the exit, couldn’t see the direction. He wanted to call for God, but only eerie laughter was heard in response. 

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