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Chapter 65

His body trembled uncontrollably; his fear of death surpassed his loyalty to the church!

“Hand over your lives to me, even though they are quite worthless. Sacrifice your souls to me, even though they don’t taste good.” The Death God’s voice seemed to come straight from hell, chilling them to their bone marrows!

The Death God was the origin of fear. He was created for the sake of retrieving lives.

Lightly waving his hand, the scythe swept across the sky and the three died immediately!

The Church of Light, huh, allow me to give you a baptism of darkness!

“So weak!” The Death God collected their souls and groaned in disdain, “The color isn’t good either. No wonder why I didn’t like them.”

Lu Shiqian started: this Death God sure has quite a strange hobby!

“How much stronger are you compared to those three?” Lu Shiqian pointed to the three he had killed and asked. The Death God didn’t know the ranking system on the Devil Dance continent. It didn’t apply well to him anyways though. 

The Death God thought about it, “A lot stronger.”

Lu Shiqian wanted to know if he was stronger than God Level magic beasts. She held up ten fingers, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much stronger are you?”

The Death God looked at her 10 fingers and pondered deeply. He lifted his head and looked up at the vast sky. 

Lu Shiqian followed his gaze and saw a large tree. She nodded her head, ‘so he is a lot stronger.’ He was probably on par with God Level magic beasts. How fortunate, she was able to contract with a God Level magic beast!

The injured Sun Yi watched as his three comrades were killed in one swipe by the man in black. He was both frightened and angry. The Church of Light’s teachings weren’t enough to wipe away their fear of death. He pointed to Lu Shiqian and the others, “Do you know who I am? Are you rebelling against the God of Light? Y-Y-You heathens!” 

He was cut off by a slash of the Death God’s scythe. 

God? He is God!

“This soul’s quality is higher,” the Death God said somewhat reluctantly. 

A soul that had more emotions had a higher quality. Take those other three for example. They didn’t even know what they themselves were thinking, how simple!

The Death God looked at his master, ‘What kind of soul does she have?’ That may forever be a secret. 

Lu Shiqian walked to the forest and checked out the sobbing and weeping children stolen by the Church of Light. She muttered, “Church of Light? Looks like the cat’s out of the bag.” She picked up her dagger and took the lives of over 10 guards. 

She wasn’t unaware of the Church of Light’s status on the Devil Dance continent. However, now that they’ve enraged her, then they should be ready to reap what they sow!

Lu Shiqian was the type to not strike back if you don’t provoke her. You provoke me? I’ll return it ten times back. Even though the matter rose from a misunderstanding, she didn’t have any qualms about blowing up the matter. 

Besides, even if Sun Yi didn’t attack her, seeing this cart of kidnapped children, she would still go save them. The result would’ve been the same either way. 

Wei Mo walked in front of Lu Shiqian and held her hand, “A’Qian…” He couldn’t bear it. He didn’t like to kill people and didn’t like to see blood either. 

Lu Shiqian looked at Wei Mo’s face and seemed to know what he was thinking. She looked into her eyes and said, “I know that you don’t like to kill people. But let’s say you meet a bad guy, if you don’t kill him, he would hurt many others. Would you kill him then? If you let him go, he would still go steal, kill, and plunder. Would you kill him then? There wouldn’t be a need for hell if everyone was good. If you condone the sins of the wicked, then we would turn evil too. We would also have to bear the evil person’s sins!” Wei Mo listened to Lu Shiqian and his mind suddenly became clear. Yes, A’Qian is right. If he lets go of a bad person and they come back to harm her one day, he would never allow that to happen!

The three took the crying children and handed them over to the village for the local officials to send them back home.  

There was one fish that escaped the net and returned back to the Church of Light to report. He quickly rushed to the nearest Church in the West County, reporting Lu Shiqian and her companions. He naturally concealed the fact that the man in black killed three of them in one strike. 

The Church of Light Bishop always desired the Pope’s recognition and be promoted to the main church. If he worked hard, he may even become one of the twelve Archbishops! Those children were also carefully selected by him and originally wanted to use this to gain a recommendation. He even sent Rank 6 powerhouses on the mission. Who knew that his wishful thinking would be destroyed in the hands of three nobodies? How could he not be enraged?

The Bishop was a Rank 7 mage and also a prominent figure in the West County. He heard his subordinate’s report and angrily declared, “Find out the whereabouts of these three people! Rally the troops! I am going to punish those three who don’t know the heavens!

The Bishop’s name was Zhang Xing and was very thin and weak. He had practiced the church’s magic for over 60 years and finally reached Rank 7. He could be considered talented, a difficult opponent.

He led the main forces from all the branches in the West County, a total of 35 people, to block Lu Shiqian on a secluded path. 

Lu Shiqian saw the white clothes the attackers were wearing and raised an eyebrow, “Church of Light?”

Zhang Xing was a cunning person. He saw Lu Shiqian at the head of the party and felt her extraordinary temperament, calm and unhesitant. He also couldn’t sense Wei Mo’s aura, his body overflowing with water attribute magic. He was very beautiful. Then he saw the Death God, who was covered from head to toe in black, his hand holding a large scythe. He couldn’t sense him either. His heart shook and he wondered if he met some nobles out on a trip instead. 

He didn’t want to sow resentment between the nobles and the church; those families tend to have deep reserves. However, since he already came all this way, he may as well teach this young lady a lesson. At the very least, he should give them a warning: “Are you all aware that I’m from the Church of Light?”

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