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Chapter 66

They did so many dirty things out of sight yet still pretend to be righteous. Lu Shiqian coldly smiled, “Church of Light? Yeah, I know all about that piece of shit!” Her attitude was overbearing; her eyes mocking the church. 

Zhang Xing and the others sucked in a deep breath. He knew that many in the Qin Empire don’t put the Church of Light in their eyes, but it was the first time he ever met someone who would so blatantly say it in front of a bishop no less! This woman was the first one! How arrogant, impudent! Zhang Xing originally wanted to frighten her a bit but hearing her words, his head went on fire. He angrily thought, ‘This woman not only ruined my masterplan but was also this ignorant! You can’t blame me for punishing you then!’

Zhang Xing pointed to the Death God and yelled, “You heathens are always doing evil! Today, I shall punish you in the name of God!”

Since you want to kill, you have to find a good excuse. Zhang Xing understood this concept. 

Lu Shiqian also understood this point. These Church of Light rabble want to kill her by calling her a heathen. If they’re going to play this game, “You group of apes pretending to be the Church of Light! I’m going to clean you trash up on behalf of the church!”

Represent the Church of Light in cleaning them up? Zhang Xing almost coughed up a mouthful of blood! He was the Bishop of the Church of Light, yet an outsider actually said that she’ll take care of him on behalf of the church! Was there anything more ridiculous than this?

The two no longer spoke and the battle began. 

Zhang Xing moved first, but Lu Shiqian was faster than him. During the verbal confrontation, she made Yin merge into a pair of boots. You want to find trouble? Then don’t blame me!

The 10-star Yin was very fast, making Lu Shiqian like the wind. She flew to Zhang Xing’s side and kicked, sending Zhang Xing into the ground. 

Zhang Xing angrily shouted, “You guys go block those other two! I’m going to take care of this bastard woman!” Ever since he became a Bishop, nobody had ever rebuked him, yet this woman had actually kicked him! 

Those 35 people were all Rank 4 practitioners. Hearing the Bishop’s orders, they divided into two groups, one surrounding the Death God while the other surrounded Wei Mo. 

The Death God was fuming: ‘These little insects aren’t enough to stuff one gap between my teeth!’

Wei Mo shook his hands, “I-I don’t fight!” Poor child, even if he doesn’t attack others, it doesn’t mean that others would let him go. 

Lu Shiqian’s long hair fluttered in the wind, her dagger flashing through the air. When it comes to close combat, no one understands it better than her! Fast, accurate, complicated!

That Zhang Xing dude was a through and through mage. How could he beat Lu Shiqian on physical prowess? He pathetically dodged a few times and grabbed a soldier, throwing him into her dagger. He exchanged his life for that of one of his soldiers, delaying Lu Shiqian for a moment. 

Lu Shiqian’s hand was coated with Shui Se’s venom. Seeing the dagger plunge into his body, the soldier’s eyes became bloodshot with fury. He hatefully glared at Zhang Xing who had damned him to death. So this is my worshipped Church of Light! This is the Bishop I believed in!

The most heartbreaking thing wasn’t the dagger but the betrayal!

Lu Shiqian’s eyes turned even colder. 

Zhang Xing retreated quickly, chanting a magic spell. A shining light appeared in his hands and he yelled, “Wrath of Light!” 

A blinding halo of light shot towards Lu Shiqian!

Wrath of Light does not cause any physical harm. It only causes sun spots when people are caught off guard by the intense light, temporarily losing their sight. It’s the attack afterwards that’s lethal.

This was an effective strategy but not when it comes to Lu Shiqian! How many bosses had tried to blind her when she was playing games? This little light was not worthy of mention!

Lu Shiqian quickly evaded and retreated out of the halo of light’s range. She sent a fireball towards Zhang Xing simultaneously. 

At the same time, a long whip composed of light appeared in Zhang Xing’s hands. He whipped it towards Lu Shiqian. It moved shockingly fast!

The wind… moved!

Lu Shiqian was carried by the wind back. The Heavenly Swinging Sword’s first style was used to counter the whip. The trees and flowers began burning as the whip passed through them!

She dodged the attack and the fireball also hit Zhang Xing!

The fireball was naturally very weak against a Rank 7 mage and Zhang Xing was too lazy to avoid it. However, Lu Shiqian’s fireball was not a normal one! Shui Se added poison; Hong Jin increased the temperature and power; Yin added lightning; and Wang Cai insisted on increasing its sturdiness. 

This fireball that shot towards him was terribly lethal!

The poor Rank 7 High Mage was actually pushed by a Rank 2 mage’s fireball back 3 meters, burning up and screaming pitifully!

“Someone come, you trash, hurry up and lift me up!” Zhang Xing angrily shouted once again to the soldiers. 

However, not one person responded. 

He realized the abnormality and turned his head stiffly. He saw all 35 subordinates lying on the ground!

A certain man dressed in black stood in the middle of them holding balls of light and suddenly swallowed them!

Zhang Xing’s eyes widened as he gaped at him, fear crushing his heart.

He, if he wasn’t mistaken, that man in black was swallowing their souls! Consuming their souls?!

God of Light, please save me! I’ve met devils from hell!

“You all… Do you dare to be enemies of the Church of Light?!” he threatened to Lu Shiqian who slowly walked over to him. He hoped he could stop her by reminding her about the Church of Light. 

“The Church of Light, huh…” Lu Shiqian tilted her head. 

Zhang Xing hurriedly nodded, “Yes, that’s right! If you kill me, the Church of Light will not forgive you!” 

Lu Shiqian was confused, “Look, we’ve already killed all of your companions, if you don’t go to accompany them, they will be very mad.” She continued, “Besides, if I kill you, no one would know that I did it. On the other hand, if I let you go, that would be the dangerous option.”

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