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Chapter 67

Zhang Xing looked at his hands in despair. He gritted his teeth and cried, “Praise the Lord!” 

A large ball of light appeared between his hands. This was a life-saving technique that used up 80% of his magic power. If those three are hit by this, he may be able to live!

This move was very powerful. It could destroy everything within a 30 meter radius. People couldn’t defend against this explosive power unprepared!

His calculations were accurate, but he still used the wrong move against the wrong opponent. 

The Death God drifted over, squeezed the ball of light, and it shattered into pieces. 

This powerful move was so simply destroyed!

Zhang Xing’s face paled, “The God of Light will not forgive you all!”

Lu Shiqian shook her finger, “Too bad for you that your so-called God is blind.”

Lu Shiqian’s hand fell, decisively ending his life. 

A warm current flowed through her body. 

Zhang Xing’s death would definitely attract the attention of the Church of Light. Even though the Qin Empire had the intentions to attack the church, they still hadn’t made a move yet. Lu Shiqian killed the Bishop which was like hitting a beehive. The string of trouble probably won’t end anytime soon. 

The enmity with the Church of Light was decided!

Lu Shiqian didn’t regret this. She would’ve done the same thing even if she had another chance. 

She was just this kind of person: unhesitant, unregretful, and determined. Even if she slams head first into a wall, she wouldn’t shake her head. 

They were now almost at Anping Town. Yin sniffed around restlessly: it was here he got a home. 

Hong Jin was also excited: it was here he met Master! This was also his home! 

Shui Se acted cooly, but his face contained a tinge of excitement all the same. 

Wang Cai turned into a small dog and stood in the palm of her hand, desire reflected in his eyes. It once had a home with Daddy. After Daddy died, that home turned into a huge cage. 

The Death God was confused, “What is a home?”

“Home is the harbor for a weary heart. It’s a warm place you can relax and rest in,” Lu Shiqian explained. 

The Death God stared seriously at Lu Shiqian, “What is warmth?” 

This poor child, the only thing the Death God knew was battle and death. He never had a concept of home. In that world without a sun, the thing known as ‘warmth’ also eluded him. 

Lu Shiqian grabbed his hand with her slender and warm fingers. She asked, “Do you feel anything?”

What feelings? There’s a very strange feeling. He could accurately determine her hand’s temperature; however, her warmth was warmer than what he thought. It was so hot it could burn his hand. Her warmth even traveled through to his hand. He felt electric shocks where it passed. Master’s hand was very soft, very soft. Being held by this hand, he felt like he was floating with clouds…

The Death God stared at her hands, pondering about a great mystery: ‘Why is Master’s hand so warm, so soft?’

His interest in his master grew even more. Why was Master’s hair so black? Why were her lips so red? Ahh, what would it feel like to touch her face? 

Lu Shiqian wasn’t aware the Death God’s thoughts had long wandered off to something else. She was still waiting for an answer. 

“Eldest Young Miss, you’re back?” Fu Bo originally came out to check on the restaurants when he suddenly saw the Young Miss’ figure. He was so happy his old face trembled and, unbefitting his age, ran towards Lu Shiqian. 

Lu Shiqian took away her hand from the Death God and supported the over-excited old housekeeper. “Yes, I am back.” 

She never thought someone would be waiting for her to return home. Unexpectedly, she finally experienced it in this world. 

The Death God felt suddenly empty when Lu Shiqian took away her hand. The warmth was gone, and the cold once again pervaded his hand. If this is warmth, then… “Master, the place you are is my home.”

“Ah!” Lu Shiqian was startled by the Death God’s earnest words. She didn’t carefully consider the hidden meaning behind those words and was happily carried by the Lu family soldiers into the Lu ancestral home. 

Their Eldest Young Miss has returned!

Wei Mo followed behind Lu Shiqian sullenly. He used to have a family. If that family that called him a monster was a home, if that family that abandoned him was a home… He looked at Lu Shiqian’s beautiful back and ran up. He secretly thought, even if he only chased her back for the rest of his life, as long as he could be by her side, he was willing. 

The place she is at is his home!

Fu Bo smiled as he looked at the Death God and Lu Shiqian. He thought, ‘Our Eldest Young Miss is sure extraordinary. She went out for a bit and a beautiful man back with her.’ Even though the other man was covered in black, judging by his demeanor, he must also be quite special! 

The more he looked, the more satisfied he was. The more he looked, the happier he was. He smiled and said, “I’m going to call a servant to clear up a room for these two gentlemen!” Perfect timing! There was an empty room in front of Young Miss’ room right now! Fu Bo smiled contentedly and chuckled to himself. 

After eating and bathing, Lu Shiqian lay on her bed and gradually fell asleep.

Xing Chen stood in front of a large sea with his back to her, the waves surging and undulating. 

The sea, clear sky, this scene was moving. Pride that couldn’t be suppressed was born from this scene. 

Xing Chen turned around and smiled with great satisfaction at her. This woman was smart and talented, calm, and had a suitable temperament for learning Heavenly Swinging Sword. In just a few short months, she had mastered the first step of the style. 

This surpassed his expectations. 

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