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Chapter 68

“You will be studying the second move of Heavenly Swinging Sword from today onwards: Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds.” Xing Chen smiled as he spoke.

“Yes!” Lu Shiqian responded. 

Every time she sank into her unconscious, she would meet Xing Chen and be under his tutelage. To her, Xing Chen was both her master and closest friend. 

“Go into the ocean!” Xing Chen pointed to the vast sea. 

The sea transformed as Xing Chen spoke. The waves were fiercer, more pressuring. One after another wave crashed against the shore, sending sprays of water through the air. 

Lu Shiqian didn’t hesitate for a moment before jumping into the water!

Xing Chen’s words naturally have some point to them. His teaching methods may be unbelievable, but Lu Shiqian was willing to accept them!

The sea was like the real sea. Seawater rushed into her nose and mouth, carrying a salty taste. 

Lu Shiqian calmed herself down. 

“Conquer this sea. Conquer water. When you can do that, then you would have mastered half of the second step: Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds.” Xing Chen’s calm voice floated into her head. 

The sea churned endlessly, crashing against Lu Shiqian’s body. It carried her like a toy, tossing her about. 

All of her senses screamed out in pain. This all felt completely real!

Xing Chen frowned as he looked at Lu Shiqian. Were the waves too big? If she can’t pass the test, how would it affect her future training? The shadow of failure would definitely linger in her heart, hindering her future progress. It would be difficult for her to achieve more. 

However, thinking back on it, if he didn’t use such a harsh method to train her, there wouldn’t be any effect. 

Xing Chen stared at the surface of the ocean. 

Once again dumbstruck by Lu Shiqian submerged within the water. 

The wind drove the water: the wind shifted, the water shifted. Wind shift, water move… The wind was invisible, but it moved the water causing wave after wave, boundless power contained within those waves. 

It took advantage of the strength to create more waves. The cycle was never ending: Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds!    

Lu Shiqian seemed to realize it. Wind swirled beneath her feet and slowly pushed apart the water. 

Xing Chen stroked his beard, ‘How exceptional, this girl…’

“Carefully feel the sky and sea and meld together with it. Find the source of power,” Xing Chen continued. 

Lu Shiqian closed her eyes. She was the wind; she was a drop of water drifting through the sky and falling into the ocean. 

In the real room, she suddenly felt someone touch her hand. Picking up her hand and twirling it around, occasionally poking it, as if it were a curious item. Her hand was sniffed from time to time and even licked!

After playing around with her hand, they were interested in her face. First, they touched her gently and as if it felt good to the touch, got closer and touched her again. With curiosity, they traced her contours and touched her eyelashes. Then, they made small circles on her nose and made their way down to her lips. Like they found a point of interest, they lingered there, unwilling to part. 

Lu Shiqian was helpless. Who is this? Their hand’s so cold. Also, was she some kind of toy?

She was at a critical juncture right now and couldn’t divert her attention. She cast aside the distracting thoughts and sunk into a deep meditation. 

The hand’s owner saw that Lu Shiqian had no reaction and grew more courageous. He carefully compared chests with her and finally pressed both hands up to it. 

Two currents rushed through his body electrifying him. He was startled and quickly ran out of her room. The disturbance finally ended.

Not much later, Lu Shiqian woke up and didn’t see anyone else. She wondered who the person could’ve been.

Her eyes grew cold, ‘Was she so easy to play with?’ Next time she met him, she’ll whack him to the North Pole! 

She gently closed her eyes and fell asleep. The first night after returning to Anping Town thus passed. 

“You are the little girl who led my beloved student astray? At least your looks are okay!” A lazy and magnetic voice spoke, disturbing Lu Shiqian’s sweet dreams. 

Is everyone allowed to barge into her room now? Lu Shiqian frowned before even opening her eyes. 

But who came?

Lu Shiqian sat up like the wind, dagger in hand. 

Who cares who it is? Whoever sneaks into her room deserves to get a beating!

“What a temper,” the man’s long white finger stretched out and Lu Shiqian suddenly couldn’t move!

How powerful! She could defeat even a Rank 7 High Mage! Who was this strange person? Lu Shiqian then looked at him for the first time, the first thought she had: charming!

This person was a man beyond doubt. The reason why he was charming was due to his temperament. 

He looked around 20 years old, his long hair pinned with a silver pin scattered on his light blue robes. His eyes were green, nose straight, lips red, lips slightly lifted in a smile. There was a charming atmosphere around him. His light blue robes only further embellished his beauty!

The lowest grade equipment he wore was Gold Rank. Which nook or cranny did this person crawl out from?

He picked up a cup of tea and nonchalantly drank it. Seeing Lu Shiqian stare at him, he threw a wink at her. 

He stood up and walked towards the frozen Lu Shiqian, praising, “No wonder why my student obediently followed you. Even I would be moved!” He reached out a hand to pat her. 

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