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Chapter 69

“Hey!” Lu Shiqian’s room door was kicked open. Wei Mo rushed in and shouted, “You old coot, let go of her!” 

Wei Mo, naturally the silver haired and red eyed one, exuded a sinister and overbearing aura. He quickly ran past the young man and pulled her into his embrace. 

Looks like these two know each other!

“Wei Mo, is this the correct attitude you should have towards your teacher?” The charming man’s lips twitched slightly, dissatisfied. 

A cold shiver ran down his back, goosebumps rising on his arm. “You old coot, what are you doing here?”

This charming man was Wei Mo’s master!

Looking at Wei Mo hold her in his arms, he joked, “No wonder why you don’t want to come back. So you got a wife and forgot about your Master! I’m so pitiful! Where is the Devil Fruit your Master wanted you to get?” 

Wei Mo’s face was suspiciously red and his voice was not as fierce anymore, “W-What wife? Old coot, don’t joke around! As for that stupid fruit, I gave it away!”

What a once-in-a-millennium sight! Wei Mo this brat actually blushed! Hehe, this sure makes Master happy! He smiled and said, “You gave it away? Master is so sad.” He said that he was sad, yet his expression had no trace of it at all. He smiled charmingly, “But, your wife is too strong. You still need Master to help you tame her!”

Wei Mo embarrassedly yelled, “Who wants you to tame who?! You better stay far away, the farther the better!”

“Can you let go of me first?” Lu Shiqian coldly said. She didn’t intend on interrupting the two, but this position was rather uncomfortable. 

Wei Mo’s face turned red again and he quickly let go. He shouted at his master, “Hurry up and release her!”

Looking at the rare blush on his student, his heart was happy. This silver-haired Wei Mo was too strong, has too much killing intent, it was rare for him to have other emotions. Now he was finally acting like a normal person. He better quickly undo the restriction or else he’ll get mad for real!

The restriction was released and Lu Shiqian immediately brandished her dagger. 

Even if this person is Wei Mo’s Master and is unimaginably strong, she still wanted to challenge him at least once!

This person randomly entered her room and even restricted her! If she doesn’t give him a taste of her strength, she would feel too sorry for herself!

“Shui Se, prepare poison. Yin, give me a speed boost.” Lu Shiqian secretly ordered. 

Lu Shiqian was fast, but he was even faster. He dodged the killing attack and twisted his body to fall directly onto her body, “Ah! I twisted my ankle!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, this guy was even more shameless than her! She lost her motivation. The only way to deal with a wily old fox was to ignore it!

She coolly turned around and downed a cup of tea. 

“Ai!” he screamed.

Lu Shiqian ignored him.

“That cup has my saliva on it!” Li Jing hurriedly said with a red face. 

Pshh! Lu Shiqian spit out the tea and stared at him speechlessly. ‘What the hell are you blushing for?!’ 

Wei Mo looked at his master dissatisfiedly, ‘How embarrassing.’ He kicked him, “Old coot, are you done playing around? What did you come here for?”

Li Jing quickly avoided the kick indicating his long training in martial arts. He smiled and said, “You should know what I came here for. You’ve been gone for a while now.” Naturally, he was happy that his student advanced. In the first place, he sent him outside to gain experience; the Devil Fruit was just an excuse. Wei Mo’s advancement was a pleasant surprise. “The Hundred Year Pact is coming. You should return with Master to train.”

Wei Mo’s face sank. Sure enough, his master came to take him back.

Lu Shiqian listened and asked, “Are you going back?”

He looked at Lu Shiqian, waves surging about in his heart. He didn’t want to go back, didn’t want to leave her. 

Li Jing could see the turmoil in his student. He pointedly said, “She’s not weak. If you don’t work hard to improve yourself, how could you possibly help her in the future?” He knows his student best!

Wei Mo’s heart shook, ‘Yes, I have to become stronger!’ Recalling how Qin Xingluo had threatened him, he clenched his fists. 

Only if he were stronger, much stronger, can he protect her!

“I’ll return with you,” Wei Mo firmly replied. His heart was no longer wavering. He found his cause. 

For her, I’ll do anything!

Li Jing said to Lu Shiqian, “Little girl, this world is vast and very dangerous. If you don’t train hard to improve your strength, you will be killed one day.” This girl… I actually can’t see through her abilities. It was amazing, but she’s still only a Rank 2 Mage. How strange! She intended on fighting him; that was good. She has potential. There are people outside of people; heavens beyond the heavens; only if you continue to endeavor can you remain undefeated! 

Lu Shiqian silently thought to herself. He’s right. He only used a single move to restrain her earlier. This degree of power was beyond her. At the very least, she can’t fight against it now.

Li Jing smiled and said to Wei Mo, “I’ve said all I needed to say. Let’s head on our way now, shall we?”

“Wait a moment.” Wei Mo looked at Lu Shiqian, “I want to say my farewells first.”

Li Jing nodded and became curious. What did his student want to say to that little girl?

Wei Mo sighed, “What are you still here for? Get out already!” 

Li Jing rubbed his nose and looked at his student pitifully before slowly crawling away. 

“Woman, I am leaving now.” Wei Mo didn’t want to say goodbye. He looked up at the ceiling, unwilling to meet her eyes. 

Lu Shiqian held Wei Mo’s hand and said, “Go. This is just a short parting to make future encounters.”

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