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Chapter 70

Wei Mo abruptly lifted his head, ‘Yes, that’s right! Isn’t the parting today in order to have more strength to walk by her side in the future?’ He looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, eyes glittering like stars. 

“Woman, I am leaving now. Are you going to give me a present or something?” Wei Mo became more arrogant ever since Li Jing left the room. He looked at Lu Shiqian’s red lips and lifted the corners of his lips. 

“Uh…” Lu Shiqian was confused, unsure what he wanted from her. 

Looking at her stupid expression, Wei Mo no longer hesitated and kissed those long coveted red lips. He wasn’t that fool who could only think about it but never dare to do it!

He then immediately got up and left.

Soon after, there were the sounds of wings flapping in the courtyard. 

“Woah, what a huge dragon!” 

“My God! This is the first time I’ve seen a dragon!”

“There are two people on the dragon!”

“There are! If only I could also be up there…”

“Dream on!”

“Oh! The dragon’s taking off!”

There was a lot of noise in the courtyard, yet Lu Shiqian merely sat in her room. 

“Am I weak?” Lu Shiqian asked the Death God through mental communication. 

The Death God didn’t speak for a long time. He finally said, “Yes, you are weak.”

“How weak?”

The Death God thought and then said, “Very weak!”

The Death God wouldn’t say comforting words. Weak was weak and strong was strong! Even though he was very curious about his master, he wouldn’t lie to her. 

He wanted to say that if he hadn’t touched her chest, he wouldn’t have contracted with her. Speaking about the chest, that deadly current made the Death God restless. He had been flying around the sky for an entire day already!

Lu Shiqian stood up and clenched her fists.

She came to a decision. 

“I heard that Canglong and Crimson Wolf are recruiting?”

“Yes, I am also going to apply.”

“You? Stop daydreaming! The lowest rank they are accepting is Rank 3!”

“So what? I still want to try.”

The two conversing at the table gradually turned towards the peerlessly beautiful woman wearing black robes. The black, cloud-like hair was simply tied with a jade pin. Her cold face carried traces of a smile giving off both an enchanting yet dangerous feeling. There was a red Fire Fox standing on her shoulder, a small, palm-sized dog ran around on her hand. A man covered completely in black sat next to her, a wicked scythe in his hands!

Her arrival had long attracted the attention of all. Both men and women stared at her in amazement. 

This stunning woman was naturally Lu Shiqian.

Three days ago, she said her goodbyes to Fu Bo and came out alone. She was now at the Great County. 

She already made up her mind to come out to train. Travel through thousands of mountains; experience all kinds of things to improve herself! To train herself!

“Hmph, she only looks slightly better than the norm. What kind of important figure did you think had come? This place is for men. Skedaddle home and find some man to marry!” An ugly man stood up and ridiculed. 

Lu Shiqian continued to calmly drink her clear wine, unmoving!

Let this dog bark. If a dog bites you, are you going to bite back or something?

“Heh, Young Miss has quite the temper!” The ugly man saw the surrounding people all looking at him including the women. He became increasingly proud. He was a Rank 3 practitioner and the woman in front of him was only a Rank 2 mage. Bullying her was only right! He threw a knife onto Lu Shiqian’s table, causing some wine to spill out.

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly.

Other people saw this scene but no one interfered. The reason was simple: the strong rules. Since they came out to test their abilities, they should be able to bear it! People who aren’t tolerant, no matter how beautiful, will never rise to the top. They are just a beautiful skin without substance, suitable only for having a family and raising children. 

“Little girl, you…” The ugly man saw her not say a word and raised a hand towards her shoulder. 

“You frucking X thingymajigy! Just because Grandpa Wolf decided to lay low, you take me for a cat?” Yin angrily roared and wanted to charge out of the magic beast space. He was angry. Master said that his large size would frighten others so he reluctantly stayed inside. He was only being obedient to Master! However, now there’s this guy that doesn’t know his limits mocking his master, how could he not be angry?! Seeing him bully Master, he was enraged!

However, someone was even faster than Yin. 

A red line drew across the air and accurately hit the ugly man’s hand, sending him flying across the floor. His hand was swollen like a pig’s face. 

“W-Who was it? Get out!” The ugly man screamed at his surroundings while getting up and picking up the knife on the table. The knife didn’t budge. He took a closer look and found Lu Shiqian holding her cup on top of the knife. Her fingers twirled the cup around. Her movements were gentle and playful, yet her hand felt like a mountain pressing upon his knife! His heart cried out in fear. When he looked into her eyes, he didn’t feel like he was facing some weak Rank 2 Mage! What an unbelievably terrifying monster! He broke out in cold sweat, regretting his earlier actions. What was wrong with him? Provoking such a terrible person! 

“It was me!” The voice arrived before the person could be seen. A charming and playful female voice sounded at the door of the room. Then, a charming red figure entered. 

Lu Shiqian looked towards the door and couldn’t help but praise. 

A gorgeous woman quickly made her way into the room. She looked around 17 or 18 years old with red eyes and curly red hair. Red armor wrapped around her body, highlighting it and causing blood to surge to everyone’s head.

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