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Chapter 8

But, is this Eldest Sister really that weak and stupid girl? Seeing her smiling and laughing while sitting on top of the wall, he wonders just what she is trying to do. Is she trying to flip over the wall? But that is defying the orders of the Matriarch! Should he tell on her?
    Lu Shiqian does not know what Lu Yunxiang is thinking about. She smiled at him and jumped off the wall.
    What is she doing smiling at me like that? Is she not afraid that I will tell on her? Lu Yunxiang was in disbelief, but soon, the corners of his mouth lifted into a wry smile. Fine, I will pretend that I saw nothing today.
    The scenery beyond the walls is beautiful and the outside air is really fresh. There is no pollution and each breath makes you feel really comfortable!
    Lu Shiqian held onto her little brother’s hand as she strolled around and observed the people in this world. 
    No wonder why it’s the center of martial arts: even the average person carried a few weapons with them and walked fast and steadily. 
    Like the capital of heaven or prosper street, there were all kinds of people gathered.
    From time to time, Lu Shiqian even saw a couple of people bringing their magical beasts onto the street. 
    These magical beasts were also varied, but in general, there were a lot of average rank Swift-Wind Dogs. 
    On the Devil Dance Continent, the number of magical beasts is 10 times that of humans. These beasts are usually first trained by Beast Tamers before being contracted. Therefore, getting a contract with a magical beast is difficult. 
    Getting a magical beast, especially a high-quality one, is definitely something that most long for. 
    Lu Shiqian is now intrigued by magical beasts. Once a contract is formed, the magical beast will forever protect its master. These kinds of things always move a woman’s heart.
     Sadly, her magic power is too low. Even if the Lu family manages to get a high-quality magical beast, she won’t be able to form a contract with it. 
    She is aware of this and thinks this is regrettable. How good would it be if she could sign a contract with a magical beast? 
    She is now very envious of those people who have a magical beast contract.
    Witnessing his sister staring at those magical beasts, Lu Xianghui can’t help but feel sad. Sis is just too pitiful! How wonderful it would be if Big Sister could sign a contract with a magical beast! I must think of a way to help Big Sister!
    After strolling around for a few hours, Lu Shiqian decided to rest at a hotel. 
    Speaking of hotels, the largest hotel in the Imperial City would obviously be Bai Jia Hotel on Wu Luo Street.
    It was quite coincidental that Lu Shiqian would step into the hotel while Yu Qingchen was there.
    Who is Yu Qingchen? He was the notorious son of the Yu family that publicly humiliated Lu Shiqian and is also the one that she liked!
    According to the rumors, the incompetent Lu family miss took a fancy to the Yu family son and shamelessly stuck onto him. The Yu family son was not afraid of her powerful backing and did not submit to her temptation, truly a respectable gentleman! Once, at a poetry recital, that incompetent miss unabashedly followed him incurring his anger. In a fit of anger, he severely insulted the useless miss with sharp words. With this start, all the words that were held back were said at once, the heart that was bursting but dared not to burst at that moment. After his outburst, the incompetent miss turned into dirt and didn’t dare to speak a word even if she was trampled all over. At the same time, he shot to fame overnight and was even summoned by the Grand Chancellor who rewarded him handsomely and even decided to let him marry his daughter!
    But is the truth really like this?
    This Yu Qingchen and Lu Shiqian actually knew each other from very early on. Lu Shiqian loved him for his handsome looks and talent, while Yu Qingchen just wanted to climb the huge tree known as the Lu family. He was always reluctant to admit his relationship to Lu Shiqian as her lover. One is because he is afraid that others will mock him and he will lose face. Two is because he looks down on Lu Shiqian. After finding out that her position in the Lu family is not as high as he thought, he broke up with her! Lu Shiqian truly loved him, so how could she accept it just because he cut it off? The next part is where the rumors came from and Yu Qingchen would rather use this part for news. One day, he invited her to a poetry recital and poor Lu Shiqian thought that he wanted to mend their relationship. Who knew that what would come next is the most painful betrayal ever? Her heart was dead to emotions at that moment.   
    However, Lu Shiqian is a passionate and forgiving woman. Even after being humiliated by her lover like that, she still wished that Yu Qingchen would have a change of heart!
    The moment Lu Shiqian, leading her brother Lu Xianghui, stepped into the hotel, all went silent. The hotel was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. There are several reasons for this. One, she is infamous and there is not a single person that has not heard of her. Two is because of the strained relation between her and Yu Qingchen. After all, for a woman, being publically humiliated is an extremely shameful thing. 
    Lu Shiqian’s face was cold and she looked at Yu Qingchen contemptuously. So this is the person you are constantly thinking about? It seems so to me. 
    This Yu Qingchen was a bit handsome, but his eyebrows were too thin, making him appear frivolous; his mouth was too small, resembling a playboy; his body was slim giving him dreamy tinge but it he looks too proud. Holding a fan in his hand, he vainly attempts to look smart. 
    This kind of man is not even qualified to hold her shoes!
    Yu Qingchen was also surprised to see Lu Shiqian. Today, she did apply any powder yet she still showed a peerless beauty. The raven-black hair was just simply tied with a hairband, giving her a simple yet elegant look. She wore a light-blue dress, making her look free and unbounded. Her eyes seemed to be endlessly deep, adding a beauty the past her couldn’t compete with. At this moment, she looks like a celestial being! 
    Yu Qingchen was stupefied for a moment.
    However, he quickly recovered by reminding himself that Lu Shiqian is stupid and incompetent. Where does she have anything that can move people? He made up his mind and decided to scold her for still chasing after him; but in private, he is willing to talk about their “old love.” 
    “You whore! You still want to follow me around?!” Yu Qingchen coldly and proudly questioned. He was sure that this woman came to find him.
    The people in the hotel began laughing after hearing these words. This woman sure doesn’t want face; she even chased him to a hotel. She’s asking to be reprimanded. The people looked on with interest.
    Lu Xianghui looked at Yu Qingchen with disgust. His gaze was like he was looking at maggots. He hates this person because he’s the one that made his sister cry from being heartbroken. Making his sister sad is to make an enemy out of him!
    “Big Sis, let’s go!” Lu Xianghui tugged on Lu Shiqian’s sleeve.
    “What’s the rush, we just got here so why do we have to leave? Or is there someone that I’m not supposed to see here?” Lu Shiqian smiled and said. That smile was like thousands of flowers had bloomed at once, shocking everyone there.

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