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Chapter 71

Everything on her was red. She was burning like fire.

The surrounding men gaped with wide eyes while the women looked at her with envy. 

She saw Lu Shiqian, undisguised admiration in her eyes. 

This was a straightforward woman. She did whatever she wanted to do! A good feeling rose in Lu Shiqian’s heart and she nodded slightly towards her. 

The two peerless women acknowledged each other while the men brought the house down.

“Heavens, that’s the Crimson Wolf deputy head Qiu Di!” 

“I heard that she’s a Rank 5 Martial Master!” 

“Really? Amazing!”

“Woah, she just looked at me!” 

“Stop daydreaming! She was obviously looking at me!” 

The ugly man swallowed. Today was such an unlucky day. He provoked someone he shouldn’t have and out pops up another one he shouldn’t have provoked. The Deputy Head of Crimson Wolf! He wanted to apply to Crimson Wolf! He wanted to run away, but he suddenly found himself unable to move. A palm-sized dog held onto his clothes and refused to let go. It was small, yet contained great strength that couldn’t be budged!

“Bullying the weak?” Qiu Di’s beautiful round eyes narrowed and she angrily began walking towards the ugly man. She lifted a foot and kicked him, making him knock down several tables. 

Qui Di was only 14 when she first joined Crimson Wolf and was also ridiculed by these types of men. Therefore, when she saw the ugly man bullying Lu Shiqian, she recalled the past and couldn’t help retaliating. 

Before Qui Di lifted her feet, Wang Cai quickly let go and jumped onto the table. He looked lovingly at his master with his big, round eyes. His little tail was wagging, seeking a reward. 

Lu Shiqian flicked his head, ‘This little guy… how mischievous!’

The Death God waved his sickle and said, “Master, do you want me to dig out his soul?” He guarantees: if that man had actually touched her hand, he would’ve instantly taken his life! Master’s shoulder… he hasn’t even touched it himself yet!

Lu Shiqian was speechless, ‘How boorish are you?’ She shook her finger, “You don’t need to dig out his soul. You only need to beat him until he’s half dead.” 

The two unscrupulous people were currently discussing how to take care of that ugly man. On the other side, Qui Di had already taken care of him.

After beating the ugly man up, Qui Di wiped her hands and walked over, “Little Sister is also here to join a mercenary group?”

Participate in the mercenary group to become a mercenary! It was a good idea. 

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Big Sister is right. I want to sign up, but I’m only a Rank 2 Mage. I’m afraid…”

“Really?!” Qiu Di happily held Lu Shiqian’s hands and said, “Since my sister wants to join a mercenary group, why don’t you join my Crimson Wolf instead? Even though we’re not Canglong’s match right now, we will surpass them one day!”

Looking at the passionate and confident Qiu Di, Lu Shiqian couldn’t refuse her goodwill: “Since you put it that way, little sister me has no choice but to accept.”

The longer Qiu Di saw Lu Shiqian, the more pleasing to the eye she became. The two felt like longtime friends. They walked out together. 

Some people just have affinity for each other. The first time they meet, they would feel close to the other. If you don’t have affinity for another, even if you’re together for a long time, you will never be close. It was like being familiar strangers. 

“Little Sis, your fox is so cute.” Qiu Di’s beautiful eyes were happy as she praised.

Hong Jin heard the compliment and boastfully wagged his two tails. He crawled onto her arm and rubbed his head against her. 

Lu Shiqian was speechless, ‘This damn fox!’

Qiu Di was flattered. She didn’t think that Hong Jin would take the initiative. She excitedly stroked his fur, ‘So fun!’

Crimson Wolf deserved their spot as the Rank 2 mercenary group. Their base of operations at the Great County was very large. The number of people applying also wasn’t small. There were hundreds of people just waiting in line!

Qiu Di led Lu Shiqian directly to the registration counter. With her help, the registration clerks were more than happy to help. She quickly received her application. 

“Our mercenary group also has a ranking system. New recruits are generally One Star Mercenaries. After completing two missions and accumulating some experience, they will be promoted to Two Star Mercenary. Completing three B-Rank missions would promote you to Three Star Mercenary; Four Star Mercenaries have to complete at least five A-Rank missions or forty B-Rank missions. I am a Four Star Mercenary,” Qiu Di proudly said as she lectured, “Of course, the highest rank is Six Star like our team leader. Haha, I need to work hard!”

Qiu Di pointed to the name spot on the registration form, “That’s right, Lil’ Sis, what’s your name?”

“Ren Woxing,” Lu Shiqian said with no hesitation and promptly wrote it down. 

Eagles soar through the sky; fish swim through the ocean; Ren Woxing of the Devil Dance continent! Since she’s out to train herself, she should take a false name. She had liked this name since a long time ago. 

“What a strange name,” Qiu Di pouted cutely. 

Lu Shiqian filled out the registration form and was about to go check with the registration desk when she heard a voice say, “Crimson Wolf is really becoming weaker and weaker! Even a woman can be deputy head now! Now they’re even recruiting garbage for their team! Weak, so weak!” (副团)

The man’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough for the nervous applicants outside to hear. They saw deputy head Qiu Di lead Lu Shiqian in but didn’t say anything out of respect for her. Now that this person spoke up, somebody immediately followed up, “Yeah, that’s right! She’s only a Rank 2 Mage! She doesn’t meet the standards!”

“What can a Rank 2 Mage do? Defeat the enemy with a fireball?”

“This is too unfair! Your daddy is a Rank 3 practitioner, but I’m waiting here in line!”

“Crimson Wolf needs to explain!”

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