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Chapter 72

Qiu Di looked at the oily-headed man who walked in with his cronies disgustedly. She coldly asked, “Wu Fu, what do you want?”

This Wu Fu guy was the son of the governor of the Great County. He plainly wore the hat of the county on his head and flaunted his Rank 4 practitioner status. He suppressed men and bullied women. He saw Qiu Di a few months ago and coveted after her beauty, coming over to create trouble at Crimson Wolf frequently. Crimson Wolf can’t treat him too badly on his dad’s property so he only became more and more unscrupulous. 

Wu Fu lecherously looked at Qiu Di, “What do I want? I want you to marry me!”

This thing already had six or seven wives, now he wanted another one!

Qiu Di shifted her eyes away with disgust. Just a single glance made her feel sick, but she had to draw the lines clearly, “Scram! Stop making a ruckus here.”

Wu Fu drooled after Qiu Di and pretended to not hear her. He then took a look at Lu Shiqian who he termed ‘garbage’ and suddenly widened his eyes. He was shook and dazzled by her beauty!

“Who is this girl? She’s f*cking pretty!” He gave a look to his cronies and they immediately surrounded her. 

Qiu Di screamed inwardly, her lil’ sis’ beauty drew the attention of that dog shit! She stood in front of her and declared, “Wu Fu, you listen to me. I don’t care if you come to Crimson Wolf to create trouble, but if you dare touch a hair on my lil sis’ head, I won’t forgive you!”

Wu Fu turned a blind ear to Qiu Di. He was accustomed to being a bully. The only woman he had ever suffered setbacks from was this fiery one here. In his opinion, how big of a wave can a mere woman create?  Qiu Di was Crimson Wolf’s deputy head and also a Rank 5 practitioner. He may be a bit more careful and try not to cause too much trouble, but for a Rank 2 Mage, who has no status or power, isn’t that just placing a toy in his hand to knead?

Thinking of this, he let loose and didn’t think of it any longer. He ordered, “Bring this little b*tch to me!”

Qiu Di harrumphed and prepared to unsheathe her sword when her hand was held down by a pair of warm hands. Lu Shiqian quietly whispered into her ear, “Big Sis, if you make a move here, then the matter would definitely blow up and damage Crimson Wolf’s reputation. Leave it to me.”

‘Lil’ Sis wants to take care of it alone?’ Qiu Di looked worriedly at Lu Shiqian. Lil’ Sister was only a Rank 2 Mage! If she goes up, wouldn’t she just get bullied? “No, I won’t let you put yourself in danger as long as I’m here!”

Lu Shiqian smiled at Qiu Di, “Big Sis doesn’t have to worry. Who’ll be bullying who still isn’t known yet!” Her mouth curled up revealing a wicked smile. Paired with her beauty, there was an enchanting kind of beauty. 

Qiu Di worried no longer. Perhaps this sister has some tricks up her sleeve. 

“You want me? Fine, let’s fight. If you win, I’ll go with you.” Lu Shiqian proudly said, “Okay?”

“Sure sure sure. Let’s do it that way. You all testify to it! She said so, I can take her away if I win!” Wu Fu smiled pitifully and announced to everyone. As a Rank 4 practitioner fighting against a Rank 2 Mage, this was just too easy! There is no suspense at all!

Some of those who came to Crimson Wolf to sign up were straight-laced. They were angry at Wu Fu’s deceitful and arrogant ways. 

“Come on, beauty! We support you!”

“Beat him up!” 

Lu Shiqian coldly smiled and said, “However, if an accident occurs during the fight…”

“This young master will take any accidents upon himself!” Wu Fu proudly declared, “Don’t worry! I won’t harm you! Aiyo, what a beautiful face and body…”

“Then I will make my move.” Lu Shiqian’s eyes chilled, “Yin, come out.” 

There was a flash of white and a giant silver wolf jumped out. There was a 10-star pattern dazzling everyone at the bottom of his foot. 

This was out of everyone’s expectations. Who would have thought that a Rank 2 Mage would contract with a 10 Star Wolf King? Both mages and practitioners contract with magic beasts according to their power. It would already be pretty good if a Rank 2 Mage could contract with a one-in-a-hundred 1 Star beast, yet she actually contracted a 10 Star one! Ten stars!! Heavens, most of them old coots had never even seen a 10 Star magic beast!

“This is too much, isn’t it? Where did she get a 10 Star magic beast from?”

“No wonder why the deputy head gave her special treatment during the sign up! My daddy, this is sick!”

“That wolf is so powerful!” 

Qiu Di was also stunned. This little sister was quite the faker! With a 10 Star magic beast, even if she was a Rank 2 Mage, she was still on par with a Rank 5 mage or practitioner! She smiled happily and watched the show. 

Yin had been discontented with the man since a while ago. ‘Who does he think he is? Acting so arrogantly in front of Master!’

Faster than lightning, Yin ran over and leaped up, launching a few wind blades. 

When Wu Fu saw this 10 Star Wolf King, he thought, ‘My God, can I beat this thing?’ Seeing Yin charge up to him, he panicked and yelled, “What are you fools doing? Hurry up and come!” while hiding beneath a table. 

Those cronies were all quite average. They usually helped him during his daily bad deeds, but those were all things they could carry. Watching this Wolf King that radiated power, who would dare move? All of them hid far away.

Contempt flashed across Yin’s eyes. He swung a par and whacked away Wu Fu’s table. The forest was ripped away, and a chill ran down Wu Fu’s back. 

This weak and cowardly bastard! However, it was exactly this weak and cowardly scum that constantly bullied those weaker than them! This type of scum can often push the word “bullying” to its limits. Lu Shiqian’s eyes chilled. 

“Stop, tell this beast to stop! I am the son of the governor!” Wu Fu threatened as he ran.

Lu Shiqian only returned a cold smile in response.

Wu Fu’s bladder almost burst! He never expected to end up in such a situation when he came out for flower picking today! What flower is this? This is a f*cking demon! Even if she is a flower, she’s a carnivorous one!

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