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Chapter 73

Yin stopped circling around him and lunged at his pants!

“Ah!” Wu Fu let out a dying pig’s squeal, holding his bloodied pants and rolling on the floor screaming. 

Everyone present looked at the bloody scene in amazement. They were dumbfounded as their eyes widened. They heard Wu Fu’s terrible screams and backed up, chills running through their hearts. 

Qiu Di looked at her lil sis and her red mouth formed an ‘O’ shape. Too much! I can’t believe she looks easy to bully on the outside, yet her personality is like a bomb! Not only is she a bomb, but also a dynamic one!

Wu Fu screamed for a long while until he finally lifted his head. He gritted his teeth and glared at Lu Shiqian with red eyes, “You… You b*tch! Just you wait, I’m goi—” Before he could finish, he was kicked a few meters away, smashing a couple of tables in the process!

“Come whenever you like, any way you want! I’ll be here any time!” Lu Shiqian’s hair fluttered through the air as she arrogantly said. Evil, cold, yet still containing an enchanting beauty. This kind of beauty transcends gender and was created by charisma! It moved people’s hearts.

I’ll do as I like! Who gives a sh*t about you? Whatever tricks you have, come at me! 

Lu Shiqian’s actions were bloody yet justified. First of all, Wu Fu wasn’t in the right bullying others. Secondly, they said that any accidents during the fight would be bore by Wu Fu, so he deserved such an end. These hot-blooded men weren’t strong, yet they acted rowdy like they owned the place. 

And a single woman, one that was beautiful and had strength, became the focus of everyone. In an instant, men’s passionate eyes all fell upon Lu Shiqian. 

As for Wu Fu, his cronies had long since dragged him away.

Qiu Di pulled on Lu Shiqian and smiled wickedly, “My sister is so strong! Look at these men, they are all infatuated with you!”

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly and said nothing.

The Death God was puzzled and asked, “I could feel the man’s pain from his soul. Master, why did it hurt so much when he was bit there by Yin?”

Lu Shiqian felt a headache. The Death God’s question was a little too… incisive.

“Stupid!” Fire Fox Hong Jin began to lecture the Death God on basic knowledge again, “That is a man’s little bird. The man can’t bear to see his little birdie fly away so of course he would be in pain!”

“Oh,” the Death God nodded like he understood, “So it was like that.”

Lu Shiqian held her hand to her forehead. How shameful. This was just too shameful. Thankfully, they only communicated mentally or else how could she ever bear to show her face?

Crimson Wolf saw her strength and happily helped her with the registration process. 

It was said that there was a storm brewing within the county.

The governor smashed the expensive cup on the floor in front of Wu Fu. It smashed to pieces, yet didn’t seem to release enough. He ruthlessly kicked down a servant and furiously glared at his useless son!

“That f*cking woman not only beat you up but also insulted me?!” Wu Da’s face was purple and he trembled from anger. 

He married three wives, but only had Wu Fu this one son. Thus, he naturally spoiled him and let him do whatever he wanted. That is, until just now. His son was just ruined by a wolf! How could he not be angry? He was 53 years old this year and only had one son and a couple daughters that were turned into laughing stocks by their peers. The word ‘incompetent’ was a thorn in his heart!

He fumed and broke another cup, ordering, “Someone come! Go get all the information on this ‘Ren Woxing’ you can! I want every single thing you can dig up about her!’

Wu Fu looked at his angry father and thought, ‘Just you wait, you b*tch! I’m going to make you beg for death!’

Today, Lu Shiqian and the Crimson Wolf team worked together to complete a delivery mission. This task was simple and was only D-Rank and could be done by one person. However, Qiu Di was uneasy since her little sister beat up Wu Fu, there should be some retaliation but these past few days have been eerily peaceful. When she goes out in the morning, Qiu Di insists on going with her in case something happens. That way, the provincial official will also give face to Crimson Wolf and not be overly difficult. 

Lu Shiqian was thankful for her kindness but the things she did should be bore by herself. She declined Qiu Di. 

Qiu Di was helpless and could only send another member with Lu Shiqian. 

That team member followed behind the peerless beauty with a red face. He thought he was in a dream: it was too good to be true! These past few days, Lu Shiqian had already won the hearts of most of the men in Crimson Wolf. She does things fast and efficiently, even though she was a little cold, it didn’t annoy people. In fact, it only served to enhance her beauty. 

The two walked forward quickly and were almost at their destination when they were stopped. 

About 300 people wearing the same uniform with the Wu family emblem blocked their way. They were all around Rank 2 or Rank 3. They stared at Lu Shiqian with murder intent; they were probably waiting here for a while. 

Every county on the Devil Dance continent could recruit so they typically had their own private armies. 

This was the boundary between the two towns in the Great County. Usually, aside from adventurers, few people come by here. It could be called a perfect place to kill someone. 

This group of people thought so, and so did Lu Shiqian!

Lu Shiqian deliberately looked at the gloating Wu Fu, ‘So he’s finally making a move. Good.’

“You are Ren Wuxing?” a gloomy male voice said. The one who spoke was Wu Da. He used his relations to find out that Lu Shiqian was delivering an item and passing through here today and sent his soldiers here early on. A mere Rank 2 Mage, even if she has a 10 Star magic beast, how powerful could she be? As long as they trap the magic beast, then catching this b*tch is a piece of cake.

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