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Chapter 74

“Father, please let me take care of her after you catch her!” After becoming impotent, Wu Fu acted more and more like a nanny. His psychology itself began to distort. He was going to humiliate this b*tch and make her beg forgiveness. He’ll turn her into neither human nor ghost!

Wu Da snorted and ordered, “Catch her!”

“You, you can’t do this!” The Crimson Wolf member opened his arms and defended Lu Shiqian, “The young master vowed that all accidents would be bore by himself before the fight. How can he go back on his words?”

“Crimson Wolf?” Wu Fu was slightly better before he recognized the Crimson Wolf member. Now that he thought about it, it’s all that b*tch Qiu Di’s fault that he’s in this mess now! “Charge! All of you, charge! Kill this damn Crimson Wolf member! Hmph, I want to see what Crimson Wolf can do to me!” He had lost everything and wasn’t afraid of anything anymore. 

Wu Da didn’t prevent his son from venting. No one would be any the wiser if they kill this member. 

Those 300 soldiers weren’t good people. They did many bad things under Wu Da’s name. Their task this time was just to catch some mysterious beauty, kill a Rank 3 mercenary group member. This was too easy! They charged forward.

That member saw the soldiers charge up and realized they really planned on killing them and took a step back. The governor not only violated the law but committed the sin himself! God!

Lu Shiqian smiled coldly and moved like the wind, flying through the air. “Yin, call the wolf pack. Don’t let a single one escape.” She was like a demoness, beautiful and enchanting. 

Yin jumped out of the magic beast space, the 10 Star pattern glowing beneath his feet. He howled towards the sky and into the forest. Soon, near and far, the sound of howls and wolves running spread to the ears of everyone present. 

10 Star magic beasts had the right to summon other beasts. If the Wolf King summons them, the wolves must obey. 

Quickly, big and small wolves surrounded the army. They growled and howled, fulfilling their duties as they trapped the 300 soldiers. 

This was just too stimulating for the heart! The Crimson Wolf member’s eyes widened. Wolves, wolves everywhere! He had never seen so many wolves in his life! Furthermore, all of those wolves were obedient! They all surrounded the army but didn’t rashly attack. 

The Wu family soldiers panicked. Forest Devil Wolves were hard to handle by itself, not to mention a pack! They immediately turned from a knife to a fish; their roles swapped in a moment’s time!

Wu Da had some more experience than the others and talent so he could become the governor. He angrily screamed, “What are you fools doing? The pack will naturally scatter after the woman is dead! Kill her!”

The soldiers heard this and hesitated no longer; they charged forward. Originally, they felt some pity for her but now, they needed to kill her in order to survive. 

“Come!” Lu Shiqian smiled, “Wang Cai, it’s your turn now!”

Wang Cai’s large, round eyes looked at Lu Shiqian trying to curry favor but when he turned to the soldiers, there was only a cold and fierce look in his eyes. He looked like he did back in the purple palace! 

Wang Cai’s body rapidly enlarged, the black metal separated and in the next moment, the thing standing in front of the army was no longer that cute, little dog but a huge lion with eagle wings! His body shone with a metallic luster. He glared with his red eyes and was about to trample the army with his feet. 

“Oh…” the Crimson Wolf member felt his jaw hitting the floor. He slowly looked up and looked up and up. His neck was going to break from the strain. 

This terrifying beast was humongous! It’s huge enough for people to forget about the 18 Star pattern shining at his feet. 

Wu Da’s teeth chattered. Looking at this huge beast, he felt an instinctive fear. God, what the hell is this? So large, fierce, and scary… He violently killed the people surrounding him. Those good-for-nothings, he told them to collect information on her yet they never mentioned that b*tch had such a huge magic beast! “Damn it all! Retreat, retreat!”

“Ahh!” Wu Fu cried out in fear and fell of his horse, ripping his pants. He was scared out of his wits. 

Wu Da looked at his son with irritation. That useless thing, if it weren’t for him provoking this terribly frightful woman, he wouldn’t be in this situation right now!

Three hundred people quickly retreated in fear. However, they quickly realized, to their despair, that they had no escape route! The wolf pack stared at them greedily. The moment they retreat will be the moment those wolves attack them. Someone was already ripped to shreds by them. 

The end, this was the end for them!

Lu Shiqian took a step forward and laughed reminiscent to a devil. She already plotted everything to send these bastards on their way to hell!

“What do we do now, commander?” The soldiers despairingly looked at the governor, their commander. 

“Everyone charge together!” Wu Da took out his sword and shouted, taking a step back himself. He prepared to take advantage of the chaos when the others attacked to run away. 

Let those fools send up their lives! Let that stupid son die! As long as he himself can live on!

Wang Cai looked disdainfully at the people and swiped a paw, killing tens of people in an instant! He swept his tail and killed hundreds! They dropped dead like flies!

What is strong? This is called strong. What is an overwhelming victory? This is an overwhelming victory.

Want to bully someone using more people? Want to bully someone using your higher status? None of that matters in the face of Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian walked towards Wu Da like a demon straight from hell, flipping the dagger in her hand. 

“R-Ren Woxing, d-d-don’t come any closer! I am the governor…!” Wu Da trembled in fear. Looking at Lu Shiqian now, he found her more frightening than that humongous beast!

“That expression's good. If you used that pitiful expression from the beginning, I might’ve considered letting you go.” Lu Shiqian’s voice was soft but sounded more like a curse to Wu Da. 

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