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Chapter 75

Originally, if she wasn’t this strong, if she was only at the level of a true Rank 2 Mage, then her fate would’ve been miserable. People like Wu Da and Wu Fu would’ve put her through hell. If he let her go, he definitely would’ve found trouble with Crimson Wolf and cause an endless string of misery for them. Who knows if he would suddenly put an arrow in her back one day and make her suffer a big loss?

It was better to keep it simple.

“Governor?” Lu Shiqian pursed her lips, “Sorry, I don’t know what a ‘governor’ is!”

Her hand fell and took his life. The governor thus left for the underworld. 

Wang Cai’s side was even more brutal. In just a few moves, he killed everyone present! Wang Cai was born as a killing machine. These people weren’t nearly enough!

When Wu Fu saw his father die and Lu Shiqian walk towards him, he shook from fear. He was a cowardly person that feared death. Terror clutched at his heart and he finally couldn’t resist and fainted.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. She never expected Wu Fu to be so useless and faint from seeing her. 

Besides, is she really that scary?

However, it doesn’t matter whether she kills him or not anymore. He was swallowed by fear today and can’t cause any big waves anymore. 

The saying: ‘If people respect me, I’ll respect them. If people don’t attack me, I won’t attack them. If people attack me, I’ll pay them back by ten times!’

The Crimson Wolf member was experiencing the greatest shock of his life. An extremely unscrupulous woman used her two strong magic beasts to kill the tyrant of the county! His eyes were filled with admiration and respect. The woman with black hair fluttering behind her would be his venerated goddess from this point on! 

After finishing up, Wang Cai changed back into a little dog and jumped onto Lu Shiqian’s hand, happily licking his master’s fingers. 

“Hmph, one suck-up and now another suck-up.” Yin ‘hmphed hmphed’ all the way over to his master’s side and butted his head against her. After receiving the reward of a head pat, he contentedly closed his eyes. 

The Death God also waved his scythe and collected the souls. It was a good harvest this time around, and some souls were particularly delicious!

The poor Crimson Wolf member’s heart was once again shook by the Death God’s actions. 

“Who’s there? Come out!” Lu Shiqian called out loudly. 

A strong magic fluctuation spread out from the direction of the woods. 

There was someone there!

And she actually didn’t realize at first!

The hierarchy in the Church of Light is like this: the Pope is at the top, the three Archbishops follow. The Archbishops are in charge of finances, forces, and personnel. Below them are the 12 Bishops who are in charge of Priests and other church branches. At the bottom of the pyramid are the Priests. The hierarchy was strict, and the Church had thousands of people yet was managed by only a few at the top. 

But one of them within the Church was special. He could not be ordered around by the Bishops or Archbishops and was not controlled by the Church rules. He was directly below the Pope in rank, the next leader of the Church: the Son of Light!

The Son of Light, as the name implies, he is the child of God and the one closest to God and His teachings. Every Pope was a Son of Light before becoming the leader. After rising up, they must raise a new Son of Light and teach them the best martial arts and, preferably, light magic. They must give everything the next Pope should have to them. 

The Son of Light must be holy and his appearance must be outstanding. Talent is also a must. There is no upper limit to the assessment of the Son of Light. 

After the Bishop of the Qin Empire was killed, the whole thing blew up into a huge mess and spread into the ears of the Pope. After hearing about it, the Pope was enraged. The Church of Light had never received such an insult for a long time and he immediately sent someone to check who the one that dared to rip the fur off the back of a lion was. At the same time, he sent the Son of Light to kill the heathen. 

This Son of Light is the most talented and beautiful in history. Sometimes, even the Pope thought when he saw him that he must be what the God of Light would look like if He were to take on the form of a person. He is undoubtedly the masterpiece of the heavens! The Pope was extremely pleased and began training him 15 years ago. He had never let the Pope down once the whole time. 

It was time for him to gain some practical experience. This was something he had to do. 

At this time, this outstanding Son of Light passed by a bloody road while in the West County. 

He didn’t really mind the brutal killing and also had no intention to help. He coldly watched the beautiful woman massacre the people. 

Personal disputes have nothing to do with him!

He didn’t realize that that woman was the target of his mission, the person he was supposed to kill. 

Destiny was strange in this way. Sometimes, it would play a huge prank on people. 

He was actually about to leave when he saw the Death God eat the souls of the people.

The church members around him immediately released magic power like they met their archenemy. Their faces were that of rage. 

The Church of Light and Church of Darkness have battled in a life-or-death battle for over a thousand years now. The hate was deeply ingrained in both sides. Whenever they meet a person of the other side, fighting would ensue. He was aware of that.

However, what does that have to do with him?

“Your Majesty, that is a crony of the Church of Darkness. Should we…?” his knights asked him. 

At the same time, the beautiful woman found them and shouted, “Who’s there? Come out!” She also quickly flew over. 

The woman was naturally Lu Shiqian. 

She quickly ran over to see who was so good she couldn’t sense them. Also, was that person friend or foe?

Afterwards, she saw the Church of Light’s Son of Light. At this time when they first met, he was indeed still the Son of Light. Their eyes studied each other, sizing each other up. 

Lu Shiqian sighed, there was such a figure in this world. Fortunately, she had seen Bai Hu’s appearance and dealt with many charismatic people already so she developed some resistance. Yet, the man in front of her eyes still dazzled her. Yes, dazzled!

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